Lord of All Realms - Chapter 1513: Pei Yukong

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An opening suddenly appeared in the thick mists that enshrouded the floating continent.

Pei Qiqi and the Voidspirit descended onto the floating continent through the opening, which looked like a heavenly well.

As soon as they did, the Ripper Behemoth ended his soul communication with Nie Tian and stopped telling him about the secrets and the past of their race.

It didn’t even get to why that battle had broken out between the Bone Emperor and the owner of that bone.

Nie Tian suspected that even though the Ripper Behemoth had some agreement with this Voidspirit, their relationship hadn’t reached the point where they shared their secrets.

Apparently, the Ripper Behemoth attached more importance and felt closer to him than the Voidspirit who was related to Pei Qiqi.

Tears could still be seen at the corners of her eyes as Pei Qiqi said with an excited expression, “Nie Tian, this is my family who I’ve spent many years looking for.”

“Congratulations,” Nie Tian said immediately. “I’m very happy for you.”

With a faint smile, the man introduced himself. “My name is Pei Yukong. I’m Qiqi’s father.”

After that, he reached out and made a grabbing motion down towards an isle on the black sea.

Pulled by his unusual spatial power, the isle rose from the black sea.

The isle looked like a piece of a large landmass to Nie Tian. Upon closer examination, he came to the speculation that it was a fragment of the shattered top continent that had crashed into the bottom continent.


Dazzling silver light blades rapidly cleared the sand and soil that veiled the isle.

By the time they finished, the isle was presented before Nie Tian as an enormous Space Spirit Jade!

“A Space Spirit Jade!” Nie Tian’s expression flickered with astonishment as he recalled the time when he had searched for Space Spirit Jades in the depths of the Void Illusion Mountain Range with Li Ye and Pei Qiqi.

In fact, they had found quite a number of them.

However, he had never seen a single Space Spirit Jade that was as large as a piece of land.

Space Spirit Jades could be used to establish teleportation portals, forge spatial tools, and practice cultivation. Their importance to those who practiced spatial power far surpassed that of other spiritual materials.

Pei Qiqi had searched for them in the Shatter Battlefield, hoping to fuse them into her Space Boundaries Crystal in order to accelerate its growth.

Now, streams of mysterious spatial light could be seen flying around inside the translucent jade.

“Bloodline...” Pei Yukong mumbled something in a low voice.

In the next moment, wisps of flesh aura that carried spatial wonders flew into the Space Spirit Jade, giving rise to ripples that spread through it, which made it seem to have a lake inside.


As the ripples calmed, the image of a vast open area filled with unusually violent spatial power emerged.

In the middle of it stood a figure Nie Tian found familiar: Xuan Guangyu, the vice sectmaster of the Void Spirit Society!

Nie Tian’s expression instantly turned cold, flames of fury almost spewing from his eyes.

Xuan Guangyu had killed Xie Qian, along with a large number of Qi warriors in the Domain of Vast Darkness.

In order to avenge them, he had even destroyed the Realm of Looming Shadow and killed Duan Hongwen and Song Chequan.

However, their crime wasn’t the most unforgivable. Xuan Guangyu’s was!

Even though he knew that Xuan Guangyu had been holed up in the space disruption zone trying to break through to the late God domain with the help of the three drops of Soul-cleansing Origin Elixir he had stolen, there was nothing he could do. After all, he wasn’t skilled in spatial power, and Pei Qiqi’s cultivation base wasn’t high enough.

Who would have thought that Pei Yukong would be able to find Xuan Guangyu so effortlessly?

“Xuan Guangyu!” Nie Tian bellowed with a ferocious expression.

“Easy, Nie Tian,” Pei Qiqi said softly.

“Leave him to me,” Pei Yukong said in a gentle and calming voice. “Consider him a gift to you at our first meeting.”

Nie Tian went blank. “What?”

Pei Yukong smiled without saying anything.

It showed in the Space Spirit Jade that Xuan Guangyu had activated his god domain in the depths of the space disruption zone. With the profound truths of space flowing through it, his god domain looked like a small independent world, which was similar to the one Master Voidspirit had created back in the day. The only difference was that his was larger and more mysterious.

That small independent world continued to gather fragments of spatial power from the space disruption zone.

Glittering, silver creatures that bore a resemblance to both dragons and snakes could be seen swimming around Xuan Guangyu’s god domain and breathing power towards it from time to time.

“Those are spatial creatures, Silver Domain Snakes!” An exclamation escaped Nie Tian’s mouth.

Silver Domain Snakes were very scarce, as they could only be found in the space disruption zone. Spatial power experts from the Mortal World and the Spirit World would all go to the space disruption zone in attempts to capture them after their strength rose to certain heights.

That was because Silver Domain Snakes contained pure spatial power that could be refined by them directly.

Pei Qiqi was also flabbergasted. “There are so many Silver Domain Snakes, and from the look of it, they’re all at the eighth or ninth grade.”

Pei Yukong smiled and nodded slightly. “Those Silver Domain Snakes swimming around his god domain are helping it gather spatial power more efficiently. Xuan Guangyu has entered the space disruption zone dozens of times during the past thousands of years. He went to great lengths to capture and tame those Silver Domain Snakes, which he then reared in his private realms. Now, he’s finally taken them all out.”


With these words, he flashed into the enormous Space Spirit Jade in a confident and unrestrained manner.

In the next moment, his image manifested in the Space Spirit Jade, and he was in the space disruption zone.

Even though the space disruption zone and the floating continent was separated by infinite space, his voice came from within the enormous Space Spirit Jade with incredible clarity.

Floating outside Xuan Guangyu’s god domain, Pei Yukong took out an earthenware pot from within his sleeve and said, “Come here, all of you.”

As soon as he did, countless ancient mysterious symbols rose slowly from the mouth of the pot. Each and every one of them shone as dazzlingly as stars, as if they had been vested with the ultimate secrets of space.

Who knew how many years Xuan Guangyu had spent taming those Silver Domain snakes, and how many Space Spirit Jades and other spatial materials he had fed them? However, as soon as the earthenware pot was taken out, they flew cheerfully into it one after another.

They even took upon themselves to cut their soul connections with Xuan Guangyu, abandoning their master at the first possible moment.

Their abandonment was so abrupt and unhesitant that Nie Tian found it unbelievable.

Naturally, Xuan Guangyu let out a heaven-shaking howl from the depths of his god domain. “Those are my Silver Domain Snakes!”

Originally, he had captured a dozen seventh grade Silver Domain Snakes from the space disruption zone.

As the vice sectmaster of the Void Spirit Society, he had taken a tremendous amount of the sect’s cultivation resources to feed and breed them over the past three thousand years.

Now, there were forty-five of them.

After being showered with precious spatial materials, all of the Silver Domain Snakes had reached the eighth grade. Some had even reached the ninth grade.

They helped channel spatial power from the space disruption zone into his domain, providing him with sufficient power for his effort to break through to the late God domain.

But now...

Pei Yukong took his time to seal the earthenware pot, then sneered. “Your Silver Domain Snakes? All Silver Domain Snakes belong to my people. We were born in this space disruption zone. We are the true masters of this special domain between spaces.

“You, on the other hand, are a thief who stole our domestic spatial creatures and attempted to make your breakthrough with our property in our domain.”

“Who are you?” Xuan Guangyu asked furiously.

With a derisive smile, Pei Yukong said, “Qu Yi knows very well who I am, but since you’re not the sectmaster of the Void Spirit Society, you’re not qualified to know certain things. You’re trying to solve the mysteries of spatial power and advance to the late God domain here, but you didn’t ask for the master’s permission.”

Flabbergasted, Xuan Guangyu asked, “You’re the master of this place?”

“As the current chieftain of the Voidspirits, I’m of course the master of this space disruption zone,” Pei Yukong said with indisputable certainty. “That’s acknowledged by the Mortal World, the Spirit World, and the Void World. However, of course, only a handful of peak experts know it. And you are not one of them.”

By taunting him in the most hurtful way possible, Pei Yukong shook his self-confidence.

Stroking the earthenware pot and looking at the Silver Domain Snakes slithering inside of it, Pei Yukong continued with a smile, “However, I’ve got to thank you for helping me feed them so well. Even though we’re the masters of this space disruption zone, thieves like you have stolen too many spatial materials from us, causing us to have less than enough to feed our pets.

“In that regard, I should thank you.”

As he spoke, Pei Yukong moved his splayed hands across the air towards Xuan Guangyu’s god domain, as if he were scraping a piece of paper with his fingers.


Rays of sparkling spatial light suddenly merged into Xuan Guangyu’s god domain.

The incomparably pure spatial power in the depths of the space disruption zone instantly fused into the mysterious light.

In the blink of an eye, Xuan Guangyu’s god domain was cut to pieces.

The moment that happened, Xuan Guangyu, who had his Silver Domain Snakes taken from him, realized that the efforts he had expended over the past thousands of years had been ruined minutes after Pei Yukong’s appearance.

In an icy cold voice, Xuan Guangyu said, “I don’t care who you are. I’ll find you and kill you one day.”

Pei Yukong looked at him with a puzzled expression, as if he were looking at a fool. “Xuan Guangyu, don’t tell me that you think you still have a chance to get out of here alive? Do you think you’re Qu Yi? Even if he were here, he’d have to humble himself before me on my turf. You’re nothing.”