Lord of All Realms - Chapter 1507: Sword Qi Shoots Up Into The Sky

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A sea of clouds surged where the Streamcloud Sword Sect’s headquarters stood.

Pavilions stood atop lofty mountain peaks that rose above the sea of clouds.

All of a sudden, a grand pavilion that looked simple and unsophisticated blossomed with blinding light, beams of sparkling sword lights bursting forth like frosty spider threads.

Skilled Qi warriors that were practicing cultivation in sky-reaching pavilions, on sword-like mountain peaks, and in sword ponds looked up and saw the amazing phenomenon. They all sensed Yin Xingtian’s advance in cultivation base from the unusual changes.

“Sectmaster has ended his secluded cultivation!”

“Sectmaster has made his breakthrough in cultivation!”


Wisps of sword intent suddenly shot out from the depths of the earth, the sea, and frozen mountain peaks.

Such sword intent carried the Dao of the sword that the brilliant scholars of the Streamcloud Sword Sect had derived from and then returned to heaven and earth to allow disciples of the Streamcloud Sword Sect to derive enlightenment from it.

This was similar to the purpose of the profound truths of the five elements that had been branded in the five different regions of the Realm of Shattered Earth.

At this moment, all the sword intent and lifelong understanding of sword cultivation the brilliant scholars of the Streamcloud Sword Sect had fused into the earth and the sea somehow flew out simultaneously.

Old cultivators from the Streamcloud Sword Sect looked up at the sword lights that were converging on the tallest pavilions that sat in the sea of clouds, their eyes brimming with tears of excitement.

“His breakthrough has spurred myriad swords to come greet him!”

“Sectmaster’s talent is peerless indeed! Our sect might rise to a whole new level because of him!”

“I’ve lived ten thousand years. And today, I finally get to see the so-called ‘greetings from myriad swords!’”

It was said that only those who sought the Dao of the sword wholeheartedly and had derived the ultimate truths of sword cultivation could inspire the sword intent in their surroundings to go pay homage to them on their own.

It seemed that only the Heaven Span Pavilion had witnessed such amazing phenomena throughout human history.

Who would have thought that Yin Xingtian, the current sectmaster of the Streamcloud Sword Sect, would trigger the resonance of the sword intent, making them come greet him from all directions, right after he had merely broken through to the early God domain?

Floating by a spatial rift, Chu Rui, Ye Wenhan, and the others gazed down at the realm wreathed in seas of clouds with complicated expressions.

“Yin Xingtian!”

“I can’t believe it’s him!”

The whole realm was enveloped in thick clouds, making it look like a huge sphere of clouds.

The headquarters of the Streamcloud Sword Sect sat here.

After casting profound soul magics, powerful experts like Chu Rui could see the realm as clearly as the palm prints on their hands.

Every blade of grass, tree, and Streamcloud Sword Sect disciple in the realm were displayed before their eyes with incredible clarity.

“I still can’t believe it’s him,” Ye Wenhan said in frustration.

The Heaven Span Pavilion led the entire human world in sword cultivation. The Streamcloud Sword Sect was noticeably weaker in comparison.

For hundreds of thousands of years, the Heaven Span Pavilion had maintained its lead in sword cultivation. There wasn’t a single period of time when the Streamcloud Sword Sect had been able to challenge the Heaven Span Pavilion in that area.

That was mostly because the Streamcloud Sword Sect hadn’t witnessed a single late God domain expert in their history.

However, the moment Yin Xingtian had broken through to the early God domain, he had not only triggered resonance in the wisps of sword intent in the Streamcloud Sword Sect, but also the sword intent that had made up the Godspan Sword Formation in the Realm of Heaven Span.

Ye Wenhan found this hard to accept.


Pei Qiqi spun her Space Boundaries Crystal and created another spatial rift that connected this place to the shattered Realm of Heaven Span.

The rivers of sword intent that had sensed Yin Xingtian’s changes shrewdly discovered the spatial tunnel, flew through it one after another, and headed towards the lofty pavilion where Yin Xingtian had practiced secluded cultivation.

Ji Yuanquan from the Void Spirit Society sighed in admiration and said, “Yin Xingtian was going to reach the end of his lifespan not so long ago. It’s true that his whole life has revolved around his sword cultivation, and he hasn’t deviated from that path or had doubts about it for even a second. He’s not younger than you or me. However, while our peers attempted to advance to the God domain, successful or not, he took his time to deepen his understanding of sword cultivation and sharpen himself.

“Who would have thought that he would keep a low profile before stunning the whole world with a single brilliant feat!”

All of the powerful experts from the four great sects who had come from the Realm of Heaven Span showed great respect.


The sea of clouds seemed to be pierced and scattered by the countless wisps of sword intent from all directions, revealing the lofty pavilions to the powerful experts within and without the realm.

Over the loftiest pavilion atop the highest mountain peak, the sword intent interwove and let out low, cheerful whizzes.

Upon closer look, one could see that countless glowing sword lights gradually formed a hemispherical ward that enveloped the pavilion, as if to protect Yin Xingtian.

“That’s the Godspan Sword Formation!”

“Exactly! That’s a downscaled Godspan Sword Formation!”

“I can’t believe the divine formation built by our generations of brilliant patriarchs has become Yin Xingtian’s!”

“Now that Yin Xingtian has entered the God domain and gained control of the Godspan Sword Formation, doesn’t that mean his battle prowess outmatches that of anyone with his cultivation base now?”

“You’re underestimating the Godspan Sword Formation. I think that unearthly grand spell formation built by generations of brilliant members of the Heaven Span Pavilion can annihilate even middle God domain experts under Yin Xingtian’s control!”

A clamor burst through the crowd as soon as they heard these words.


Inside the Realm of Looming Shadow.

After Grand Monarch Ice Bones had been taken away by the river of time, all those he had frozen regained their freedom.

Yin Yanan and Mu Biqiong were still in a state of shock as they talked about the might of Grand Monarch Ice Bones and the wonders of the river of time.

Nie Tian, however, had already taken out soul crystals to replenish his soul power after thinking things through.

Only after recovering his soul power with a large number of soul crystals did he take a deep breath and mutter, “I’ve almost drained this area of the starry river around the shattered Realm of Looming Shadow of its mixed energies. It’s about time I moved to another location.”

He flew off into the distant starry river before Yin Yanan or Mu Biqiong could say anything.

A few days later...

He arrived at the Domain of Illusory Abyss, where he slew two ninth grade Phantasm grand patriarchs and a large number of eighth grade Phantasms.

After that, he moved on to an area that was infested with Bonebrutes, where he killed a Bonebrute grand patriarch and close to a hundred Bonebrutes at lower grades.

Then, he sought out a place where a company of Demons was holed up, and killed every one of them.

All of the Ancientspirit and outsider invaders had pulled out of the Domain of Heaven Span after the Ripper Behemoth had appeared.

Most of them hadn’t returned to the Spirit World, but rather spread out to scout some of the medium and advanced human domains for realms that suited their needs, and clean out the humans in them as they did.

The humans were consumed with internal strife, and thus didn’t have the time to deal with them.

Now, after the crisis with Grand Monarch Ice Bones and witnessing the incredible scenes through the messages Wu Ji had conveyed to him, Nie Tian’s desire for power had grown higher than ever.

The strengthening of his flesh aura, the upgrade of his bloodline, and the purification of his body all required a tremendous amount of flesh power.

To him, the outsiders were a decent source of flesh power.

Therefore, he traveled from one domain to another to hunt the outsiders in them.


A Demon grand patriarch with black wings growing out his back flew for his life towards the realm barrier of a bright yellow realm.

“Don’t waste my time.”

A crimson divine spear flashed across the heavens.

In the next moment, blood spilled from the chest of the Demon grand patriarch, who was about three thousand meters tall and enveloped in a dark purple flesh aura sea, as he seemed to be pierced by a bolt of red lightning.

Nie Tian then flew over in his enlarged form. With an expressionless face, he grabbed the Demon grand monarch’s black fleshy wings with his huge tong-like hands, and pulled.

The grand patriarch’s black wings were ripped off, blood spilling everywhere.

“I’ve got to further my body refinement after Life Purification. I’ll return to being nine thousand meters tall.” While muttering, Nie Tian activated Life Drain, and the flesh power of the Demon grand patriarch on his last gasp started pouring madly into him.