Lord of All Realms - Chapter 1506: It’s Not Fair

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The Ripper Behemoth had long since left the Realm of Heaven Span, which it had reduced to scattered and broken pieces.

Many Qi warriors from the Heaven Span Pavilion flew back and forth between the broken pieces and floating lands to sense sword intent and search for spirit swords that were buried in them.


Glorious sword lights would flash across from time to time.

As sword lights branded within the Godspan Sword Formation, they contained deeply-refined sword intent, even after the grand spell formation had fallen apart.

These sword lights were spiritual, and currently unclaimed. As long as those Heaven Span Pavilion Qi warriors matched their attributes and temperament, they would be able to win their favor easily.

Since each and every one of these sword lights was a legacy from the most powerful experts in the Heaven Span Pavilion’s history, anyone who could find and refine them into themselves would receive a strong boost in their strength and cultivation base.

For that reason, these Qi warriors, who had lost the Realm of Heaven Span, were all trying hard to find and fuse sword lights into themselves, hoping that they would be able to rebuild the Godspan Sword Formation in another realm someday.

An early Void domain Qi warrior from the Heaven Span Pavilion sensed a strange flesh aura as soon as he landed on a brown piece of land. “There!”


For some reason, the floating land suddenly exploded.

Streams of flesh aura that carried intense tearing power burst forth from within the shattered land, and shot up like lightning bolts.

High above this area filled with drifting realm pieces was a vast area that was enshrouded in thick darkness.

An enormous being could be seen looming behind the darkness.

The Qi warriors from the Heaven Span Pavilion didn’t know what was happening. They only glanced up in its direction from time to time with confused looks on their faces.

Their cultivation bases didn’t allow them to see through the darkness. What they didn’t know was that important figures from across the human world were floating above the darkness-enveloped area.

God domain experts such as Chu Rui, Ye Wenhan, Ji Yuanquan, Chu Rui, and Dou Tianchen were among them.

From their point of view, they could see that the Realm of Heaven Span had been reduced to close to a hundred large pieces that were scattered over a large area.

The distances between the pieces varied, but they all contained residual spiritual energy of heaven and earth.

However, at this moment, they spewed strange flesh power every now and then.

All of the flesh power rose and fused into the darkness like wisps of smoke.

Enveloped in the darkness were Dong Li and the black tortoise, which was trying to break through to the tenth grade.

After examining them for a long time, Ye Wenhan said, “I’m afraid that spirit tortoise of Dong Li’s is a hybrid with Star Behemoth blood running through its veins! I doubt that it\'s the Ripper Behemoth’s direct descendant, but its ancestor and bloodline origin probably have a close relationship to it!

“Perhaps that’s why the Ripper Behemoth left it some of its flesh aura after sensing the aura of an old acquaintance, hoping that would help it break through to the tenth grade.”

Ye Wenhan was a man of high learning.

He had conducted painstaking research to learn everything about Star Behemoths since the dead Star Behemoth in the depths of the Shatter Battlefield had shaken the heavens and toppled the earth, causing serious trouble.

His gut had told him that the Star Behemoths that had ruled the starry river during the Primal Era hadn’t died out completely.

Perhaps one day, they would reappear in this starry river and make all beings tremble before their devastating might again.

Now, his suspicion had proven to be true.

Looking deeply surprised, Chu Rui asked, “Are you saying that a Star Behemoth and some powerful spirit beast made that black tortoise? And that Star Behemoth knew the Ripper Behemoth? That’s why the Ripper Behemoth left some of its flesh aura here to help the black tortoise break through to the tenth grade?”

Ye Wenhan nodded. “That Ripper Behemoth must have learned of the existence of the black tortoise long ago, because from you, I learned that Nie Tian and Dong Li had visited the floating continent together. They had killed Demons with the black tortoise’s help there, helping the dormant Ripper Behemoth remove these annoying ‘ticks.’”

Ye Wenhan referred to the Demon grand patriarchs that had intruded into the floating continent as ticks.

“If that’s true, will the black tortoise be able to help return the Ripper Behemoth to its senses after breaking through to the tenth grade?” Chu Rui asked, his heart filled with anticipation.

“That’s actually possible,” Ye Wenhan said.


Wisps of flesh aura continued to rise from the broken pieces from the Realm of Heaven Span to help the black tortoise and spur wondrous changes in the mysterious patterns on its vast shell.

Many patterns that were originally separated from each other suddenly magically linked together.

At the same time, the Bloodline Crystal Chains within the black tortoise’s heart burst forth with pure black light that only Dong Li could perceive.

It broke through to the tenth grade!


All of a sudden, the sword lights that had shot in every direction after the explosion of the Godspan Sword Formation and become very hard to find seemed to be attracted by something, as they flew out from different areas, cheering as they did.

Then, the countless sword lights came together to form rivers of sword intent in a splendid way.

Each and every river was a condensation of numerous sword lights, vested with the Dao of the sword and the wonders of the Godspan Sword Incantation.

The Heaven Span Pavilion Qi warriors that were still seeking to find and fuse sword lights into themselves were flabbergasted, looking blankly at the sword lights that flew into the distance.

Ye Wenhan was also at a loss.

Even the sword lights that had been found and were warming towards the Heaven Span Pavilion Qi warriors that agreed with their attributes and temperament suddenly flew away, joining the rivers of sword light that flew off into the distant starry river.

“Those sword lights are the core of the Godspan Sword Formation, but now they...” Chu Rui said with wide eyes, confusion filling his face. “Brother Ye, those sword lights are very spiritual. Can you tell me why they’re all flying off, seemingly in the same direction now?”

“They’re the scattered Godspan Sword Formation, for heaven’s sake!” Ji Yuanquan exclaimed.

Ye Wenhan thought hard for a while before suddenly realizing something. “Those sword lights have their own awareness. After the explosion of the Godspan Sword Formation, they became independent and free to choose their new masters. If someone with shocking talent in sword cultivation came into being during this time, they would sense it immediately even if they were separated by hundreds of thousands of kilometers.”

“What does that mean?” Chu Rui was still confused.

Ye Wenhan took a deep breath before saying excitedly, “Someone must have mastered the Dao of the sword, and thus triggered a resonance in them, making them fly to greet their new master! Don’t tell me that Brother Fan has broken through to the late God domain already?!”

“That might be it!” Chu Rui said, looking greatly spirited.

Suddenly, a cold, untimely voice echoed out. “It’s not Fan Tianze.”

Floating over the darkness-enveloped area and spinning the Space Boundaries Crystal, Pei Qiqi took a glance at the fleeting rivers of sword intent with her bright eyes before saying, “The new master they’re attracted to and flying to greet is Yin Xingtian from the Streamcloud Sword Sect.”


“That old eccentric has broken through to the God domain?”

“Even so, he must only be at the early God domain! I can’t believe the wisps of power that are vested with the true Dao of the sword, the foundation of the Godspan Sword Formation that we’ve spent tens of thousands of years to build, are actually throwing themselves into his arms! It’s not fair!”