Lord of All Realms - Chapter 1505: The Place Where Mighty Ones Died

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The river of time continued to fade.

Every being in this area of the starry river, whether they were humans or spirit beasts like the Frost Blood Python, seemed to be frozen by time right after their initial astonishment.

At this moment, there wasn’t any change of emotions in Yin Yanan and Mu Biqiong’s eyes.

This indicated that they were frozen at this moment.

Nie Tian was the only one in this entire area whose calls could spread into the distant void like ripples.

Glorious light could be seen interweaving in the depths of the river of time. Each and every ray of it seemed to record what had happened in the past, a history.

Countless sparkling particles could be seen at the bottom of the mysterious river, like sand that flowed with the river.

All of a sudden, the flowing sand at the bottom of the river seemed to be channeled by some power, as it swirled and morphed into an illusory shape.

It was Wu Ji!

The illusory shape only presented Wu Ji’s face, not his body.

However, his pupils manifested the alteration between day and night, the change of eras, and the reincarnation of all lives.

As Nie Tian looked into his eyes, he felt as if he were looking at images of what had happened in the Mortal World, the Spirit World, and even the Void World over the past hundreds of thousands of years.

Seeing this, Nie Tian shuddered violently. “I can’t believe there are even images of the Void World!”

He had always assumed that the unsearchable river of time only recorded the history of the Mortal World and the Spirit World.

Did the fact that he could see the past of the Void World in the river of time mean that it ran through the Void World as well?

Only that would explain why he could see the changes and countless lives in the Void World through the river of time!

All of a sudden, the illusory shape of Wu Ji’s face that had manifested in the river of time turned to look at him.

He had a feeling that Wu Ji’s gaze had pierced through layers of space and reached him.

“Master!” He called out once again, gazing unblinkingly at Wu Ji. “Where are you, Master? Where does this river of time come from? Where is it going to return to?”

With his divine abilities, Wu Ji’s soul seemed to have traveled through numerous spatial barriers to this place, and manifested in this form.

They looked into each other’s eyes.


Huge waves suddenly rose in Nie Tian’s sea of awareness as his soul power started hemorrhaging like water flooding through a broken dam.

At the same time, messages came through from the depths of Wu Ji’s illusory eyes.

The conveyance of messages suddenly made Wu Ji’s illusory shape in the river of time more ethereal and visionary.

Within a very short time, Wu Ji’s shape dissipated along with the river of time.

Their communication also made Nie Tian lose his soul power at an uncontrollably high rate.

Despite that, the messages from Wu Ji’s illusory shape transformed into images in his sea of awareness, even though they were somewhat disorderly.

“Communication that defies space!”

The moment the images entered his mind, Nie Tian realized that Wu Ji had consumed a significant amount of his power to convey those messages through boundless space, as they might very well be in two different worlds!

It was the wonders of the river of time that had bridged the space between them!

Images emerged in his sea of awareness one after another.

It was an area of the starry river that was dotted with countless dazzling stars. Multiple blazing suns and chilly moons could be seen in the distance.

An enormous Floragrim was floating quietly, bereft of any flesh aura.

He could see the face and the figure of the Floragrim clearly.

After examining it for a few seconds, he came to the conclusion that this was the Floragrim high chieftain and Fata’s father, Grand Monarch Life Wood.

According to Grand Monarch Primal Wood, he had received the third-generation Tree of Life’s summons and guidance, which was proof that Grand Monarch Life Wood had died.

It was said that Grand Monarch Life Wood had crossed the Doomed Star Sea into the Void World to seek the method to transcend the limits of the tenth grade, along with the other late tenth grade Ancientspirit grand monarchs.

“So it’s true. Grand Monarch Life Wood is dead. Could this be the image of a forbidden place in the Void World where he died...?

“Or has this not happened yet?

“My master is well-versed in time power. With the help of the river of time, he can look into the past as well as the future.

“So is this in the past or the future?”


Another image entered his sea of awareness.

It was the image of a Phantasm.

The Phantasm bore a great resemblance to Froste, but his rich flesh aura with the Phantasms’ unique features was gradually dissipating.

He was in his true form, yet his dispersing flesh aura spurred an uncanny manifestation of profound soul wonders in that area around him.

Nie Tian found many of the soul wonders and secret magics familiar, as he had seen them in the Nether River.

Nie Tian stood aghast once again. “That’s the Phantasms’ high chieftain, Grand Monarch Nether River!”

Both Grand Monarch Life Wood and Grand Monarch Nether River had been late tenth grade overlords whose strength had been unmatched in their vast domains.

What on earth had happened after they had crossed the Doomed Star Sea? What had killed them?

All of a sudden, another image entered his mind.

An image of Gupi, which had been wrapped up and taken away from the human world by the river of time, manifested with incomparable clarity.

No one throughout the entire human world had been able to kill it, which had reached some mutual agreement with Jiang Yuanchi.

However, at this moment, it looked like a giant multicolored maggot that had been cut to pieces.

Apparently, this was its true form.


It was hard to believe that Gupi, which even Ji Cang, Qu Yi, and Chu Yuan had been unable to defeat, had ended up like this after being taken away by the river of time.

Gupi’s true form was every bit as large as a mighty dragon.

As powerful as it might have been, it had been ripped apart, seeming to have lost all of its regenerating power, along with the toxic power it had relied on to terrorize the Mortal World and the Spirit World.

Nie Tian couldn’t help but exclaim in astonishment.

Immediately afterwards, he discovered that he had drained all his soul power within such a short time.

No more images entered his mind.

He looked around, and realized that the river of time that had appeared out of nowhere had long since disappeared.

Frustration filled his face as he cast his gaze down and muttered, “Grand Monarch Life Wood, Grand Monarch Nether River, and Gupi all died in that peculiar place where numerous suns and moons shone, along with countless dazzling stars? If Gupi was ripped apart and killed there, does that mean my master is there too?”

“Is that some mysterious forbidden area of the Void World?

“Since it’s appealing enough for both Grand Monarch Life Wood and Grand Monarch Nether River to go there, does that mean that it really hosts the supreme power that can help late tenth grade grand monarchs transcend their limits?”

He suddenly realized that Grand Monarch Ice Bones of the Bonebrutes, who had been taken away by the river of time, had a good chance at dying there as well.

Gupi, Grand Monarch Life Wood, and Grand Monarch Nether River... Any of them had been stronger than Grand Monarch Ice Bones.

Only at this moment did Yin Yanan and Mu Biqiong’s shocked cries echo out. “Nie Tian!”

The two of them felt bewildered, as if they had just awoken from a strange dream. As hard as they tried to recall what had just happened, they could only remember that Grand Monarch Ice Bones had imprisoned them in ice, and that they had seen the mysterious river of time manifest out of nowhere when they had flown into Grand Monarch Ice Bones’s huge hands.

They could remember nothing after that.

“Where’s Grand Monarch Ice Bones?”

At the same time, the Saint domain experts that had been frozen by cold currents also broke free of their ice prisons and returned to their senses due to Grand Monarch Ice Bones’s disappearance.

They glanced around for Grand Monarch Ice Bones with panicked looks on their faces.

Gazing up into the boundless starry river, Nie Tian seemed to see through spatial barriers into the curious place that had just appeared in his mind. “I’ll visit that place someday! Master might be waiting for me there.”