Lord of All Realms - Chapter 1501: Grand Monarch Eternal Purgatory

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In the Second Demon Realm.

A massive 10,000-meter-tall figure slowly rose from the turbulent Blood Purgatory Sea.

As it surfaced, the surface of the Blood Purgatory Sea lowered quickly.

It had two ferocious Demon horns, purple tentacle-like whiskers on the sides of its nose, and a pair of deep purple eyes that burst forth with cold, ferocious, and heartless light.


His flesh aura spread, and countless Bloodline Crystal Chains seemed to be instantly condensed and formed.

Like swimming dragons, strands of sharp purple light from the bottom of the Blood Purgatory Sea flew into his nose and mouth and became part of his Bloodline Crystal Chains to help him regain his strength and awaken his bloodline talents, which had been dormant for years.


Pure Demon Qi converged like a rushing river.

The Demon’s body was still expanding!

Countless Demons and grotesque demonic beasts knelt by the Blood Purgatory Sea.

Looking up at the stalwart Demon figure that was full of explosive power, towering muscles, and seemingly boundless magic power, both the Demons and demonic beasts looked very fanatical.

Ophelia raised her head. “Grand Monarch Eternal Purgatory!”

Despite her high status, she was so suppressed by the billowing Demon Qi that her heartbeat quickened as the Demon body emerged from the blood sea.

“Even if he hasn’t fully returned to his peak strength, the strength that he can display will surpass any other grand monarch in our race!”

Ophelia took a deep breath and suddenly felt that the Demons’ crusade against the Mortal World would have a breakthrough because of Grand Monarch Eternal Purgatory’s awakening.


Suddenly, a deep purple hole appeared in the sky of the Second Demon Realm.

Grand Monarch Bloodlust stepped out.

“Greetings, Grand Monarch Eternal Purgatory!”

Grand Monarch Bloodlust, whose bloodline was advanced and whose status and strength was only inferior to Grand Monarch Primal Demon in the Demons, had hurried to leave the First Demon Realm to come here upon learning that Grand Monarch Eternal Purgatory had awakened.

“Our race needs your guidance!” Grand Monarch Bloodlust said in awe.

As a senior Demon, he had known from birth that Grand Monarch Eternal Purgatory had been very strong.

In his opinion, Grand Monarch Eternal Purgatory, who had died together with Ice Emperor of the human race and used only a drop of Blood Essence to revive himself with the Blood Purgatory Sea’s help, was even stronger in his heyday than their current chieftain, Grand Monarch Primal Demon.

Although Grand Monarch Eternal Purgatory had just awakened, and his boundless magic power hadn’t recovered, he was still stronger than Grand Monarch Bloodlust thanks to his mighty bloodline talents and countless years of combat experience.

When Grand Monarch Eternal Purgatory’s strength returned to its peak, perhaps even Grand Monarch Primal Demon would have to show humility if he returned.

“Take me to the Mortal World.” As Grand Monarch Eternal Purgatory spoke, the magic power veins in the depths of earth in the Second Demon Realm seemed to rumble.

Because of his awakening, many of the profound laws and meanings that had existed in this realm since ancient times were undergoing subtle changes.

Every member of the Gaytons Clan felt that the Demon Qi of the Second Demon Realm had become much agreeable and closer to them.


In the depths of the heavens, the heart of the earth, and certain desolate places in the realm, miraculous streaks of Demon light flashed across from time to time, as if they were cheering and greeting Grand Monarch Eternal Purgatory.

Purplish-red Demon light burst forth in the depths of the Blood Purgatory Sea he had walked out of, like precious crystals.

Outside the realm, even the tiniest traces of dissociative Demon flesh power that had been dead for thousands of years were channeled by the Blood Purgatory Sea, and merged into the sea of blood with a swish.

Eerie rumbles echoed from every corner of the sea as it started expanding.

“I’ll show you the way, my lord,” Grand Monarch Bloodlust said aloud.


In the broken Realm of Looming Shadow, Nie Tian spread his saint domain and his figure became gigantic.


Stray star, wood, and flame power in this whole area of the starry river was all being absorbed by his saint domain.

With his eyes closed, he was comprehending the Fragmentary Star Incantation, Heavenly Wood Heal, and Wood Thriving Formation, as well as various true meanings of flame.

At the same time, he activated a talent that had awakened when his bloodline had broken through to the ninth grade — Life Purification!


There were a lot of dust and dregs that contained weak flesh auras in the depths of the starry river.

However, the flesh auras had long been contaminated, so they were difficult to absorb to begin with.

However, after Nie Tian had activated Life Purification, the dross in the flesh auras that had existed for countless years after being contaminated by toxins and various supernatural evil forces was magically melted and dissolved into fine wisps of power that merged into his body.

As this happened, all his viscera and limbs were cleansed by his flesh aura again and again.

Strange fiery light would sputter from his pores from time to time.

Feeling comfortable, he let out a low moan inwardly, subconsciously twisting his neck. “Life Purification!”

The most important bloodline talent that he had awakened when his bloodline had broken through to the ninth grade was Life Purification.

This talent enabled him to absorb various stray energies in the vast starry river and extract the flesh auras that fitted him.

Advancing from the ninth grade to the tenth grade would likely be a long, endless process.

Perhaps the existence of Life Purification was to enable him to absorb and convert flesh auras wherever he was.

Wherever there was life, there would be flesh auras.

After so many battles with the outsiders and Ancientspirits, the vast Mortal World contained much flesh power.

Some had dissipated into the starry river, or returned to heaven and earth.

Some had been changed by the environment and contaminated by other energies, and had been retained forever. It was just that such flesh power couldn’t be absorbed directly with Life Drain.

The awakening of Life Purification had enabled Nie Tian to find and use flesh auras in extremely harsh environmental conditions, or when he didn’t have any dead giant beings.

In addition, Life Purification could also help him sharpen his body again.

“Soul-cleansing Origin Elixir can cleanse the soul so that the impurities in the soul will be discharged from the body. My Life Purification works in a similar way! The only difference is that Life Purification is aimed at the fleshly body instead of the soul.

“What will happen if my fleshly body is strengthened to the extreme once again?”

As he thought of this, he focused on cleansing his body repeatedly with Life Purification.

Life Purification’s tempering made him feel that the density of his bones had been increased, and his veins and blood could contain even more powerful force!

“It turns out that my fleshly body has been flawed the whole time, but Life Purification can perfect its defects and give it the most perfect form!”

Surprisingly, as he used Life Purification to perfect his fleshly body, his giant body slowly shrank instead of growing larger.

However, the smaller his body, the more dangerous Yin Yanan and the Frost Blood Python felt he was!