Lord of All Realms - Chapter 1499: Fire from Flame’s End

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Multicolored frozen strings densely filled the space between Nie Tian and You Qimiao.

Wherever the glowing silver sphere flew, extreme coldness followed, freezing everything, tangible or intangible.

Soul awareness, spiritual power, space, and even sound...

Even after all of the spiritual energy balls Nie Tian had condensed exploded, the silver glowing sphere still pressed on, as if it was completely unaffected.

The fully-crystallized sphere looked like a spherical realm or a sparkling and crystal-clear star.

Only by looking at the glowing sphere, Nie Tian had wisps of icy light flying from the corners of his eyes.

As the icy sparkling sphere continued to approach, Nie Tian sensed its frigid aura hitting him like crashing waves. He couldn’t help but shudder. “Such extreme coldness! If this is the ultimate coldness, then...”

With this thought, his life bloodline suddenly burst forth. Blood started running through his veins like surging rivers.

Rich flesh power poured into the Flame Dragon Armor as it descended and clad itself on his enlarged form.

Wreathed in raging flames, he looked like a fire god from ancient times.

“Saint domain, unleash!”

His flame domain, star domain, and wood domain were unleashed simultaneously.

Bits of dazzling starlight emerged in the void before a sphere dotted with stars soon came to form, enveloping a large area around him.

Like a burning shield, raging flames closely enveloped his huge form as he stood towering on a piece of land that was exuberant and full of life force.

The Godspirit Tree and the seventy-two tree branches could be seen growing on the land that was the manifestation of his wood domain, breathing pure wood power.


All of a sudden, the countless multicolored strings of light that had been frozen by You Qimiao’s cold power snapped and exploded all at once.


The star, flame, and wood power within them became tiny crystalline fragments that naturally fused into Nie Tian’s domain.

In his glorious, mysterious star domain, the Heavenly Stars Flower could be seen slowly growing taller.

Its sparkling leaves and branches seemed to be channeling bits of star power from even the remote depths of the boundless starry river.

Enveloped in his star domain, an extremely complicated spell formation that was a replica of the grand spell formation in the Flame Land could be seen rotating slowly inside his flame domain. With every rotation, it seemed to manifest a profound truth of flame power.

At the same time, strange scenes emerged in the depths of You Qimiao’s pupils as he wielded the Yin Yang Chaos Mirror.

His pupils, one gold and the other silver, seemed to suddenly become a window through which he could observe the entire starry river.

Through it, he could see the rotation of night and day, the change of seasons, and the life circle of all living beings.

All those who observed You Qimiao could also see the peculiar changes in his eyes.

“You Qimiao...”

“I can’t believe the Remote Beginning Heavenly Chaos Incarnation is actually so unfathomably profound!”

“It seems that their incantations are every bit as profound as those of the four great sects. Perhaps the only reason why they haven’t joined the ranks of the most powerful sects despite their long history is because they didn’t have a mighty figure like You Qimiao.”

“Now they do.”

None of them had ever seen anything like it before, not in the eyes of any peak human expert.

They hadn’t expected You Qimiao to be so incredibly powerful after advancing to the late God domain.

Chu Rui, Ye Wenhan, Ji Yuanquan, and many others didn’t dare to move a hair as they watched him launch his strike against Nie Tian.

After all, he had condensed two strange glowing spheres, one gold and the other silver.

The one he was attacking Nie Tian with was silver, and contained frigid power that could freeze all things.

He was a man of his word, as he didn’t cast the other golden sphere at Nie Tian as well.

The golden sphere had been floating beside him and releasing extreme heat the whole time, as if to tell Chu Rui, Ye Wenhan, and the others to stay out of this.

The terrifying might of the silver glowing sphere, which could freeze the void and any tangible and intangible thing, had dropped Chu Rui and the others’ jaws.

Considering this, the blazing flame power within the golden glowing sphere couldn’t be weak.

Ji Yuanquan sighed in frustration and gave Chu Rui, Ye Wenhan, Dou Tianchen, and Zu Guangyao a meaningful gaze. “Forget it. Let’s wait and see how things go.”

By that, he meant that You Qimiao’s gold blazing sphere was there to prevent their interference, so they had better stay put for now.

Dou Tianchen, who had been observing with rapt attention, said, “Given Nie Tian’s peculiar incantations and freakishly tough body, even if he can’t shield off You Qimiao’s strike, I’m pretty sure that he’ll survive.”

Everyone was slightly spirited to hear these words.


The sparkling icy sphere finally reached Nie Tian after floating ethereally for a while.


It exploded violently, countless rays of icy light bursting forth.

A marvelous firework show seemed to instantly take place within Nie Tian’s star domain. The intense clash between the starlight and icy light created light so bright that no one could look directly at it.

While the Heavenly Stars Flower continued to expand and sparkle, without being frozen by the extreme cold power, Nie Tian’s star domain failed to withstand the piercing rays of frigid power and shattered like ice in the blink of an eye.


A terrifying aura that could burn down anything in this starry river burst forth from Nie Tian’s flame domain as the spell formation replicated from the mighty grand spell formation in the Flame Land operated madly.

Both Nie Tian’s flesh power and flame power poured into the ‘eye’ of the complicated spell formation.

All of a sudden, he sensed that a profound connection was established between his flame domain and the Flame Land in the Domain of Flame’s End through that spell formation.

Also, that grand fire spell formation in the depths of the Flame Land was activated.

Immediately afterwards, a small cluster of orange-red flame slowly manifested inside the ‘eye’ of the spell formation.

The cluster of flame exuded the same aura as that of the Divine Flame from the Domain of Flame’s End!

Apparently, this cluster of flame had been vested with the Divine Flame’s power.


The cluster of orange-red flame suddenly flew towards You Qimiao’s glittering icy sphere.

They instantly slammed into each other. Countless mysterious magical laws that carried the profound truths of fire and ice burst forth from them to clash and neutralize each other.

The light created by their collision lit up that entire area of the starry river.

None of the powerful experts present could see how the cluster of flame and the icy sphere were fighting each other. They could only vaguely perceive with their soul awareness that hundreds of different magical laws of fire and ice were entangling in a fierce manner.

During this time, Nie Tian lost his flame power, flesh power, and soul power at an alarming rate.

It was hard to believe that the cluster of flame that had come from the Flame Land was actually consuming his power in a drastic manner to contend against You Qimiao’s icy sphere.


It wasn’t very long before the icy sphere cracked and exploded.

Countless ice shards shot in every direction towards the broken pieces from the destroyed Realm of Looming Shadow like tiny stars.

All that was left in the place of their collision was a flame spark the size of a fingernail. Like a crystal made of fire, it flew into Nie Tian’s flame domain with a sharp whoosh, and disappeared into the ‘eye’ of the spell formation.

Having been practically drained of his flesh power and soul power, Nie Tian had to return to his true form.

“That was the most mysterious flame in the Domain of Flame’s End, the legendary origin of all flames!” You Qimiao said, staring blankly at Nie Tian, who seemed to be as small as an insect after resuming his true form. There wasn’t even the slightest disdain in his eyes now. “You and your flame domain can actually summon and power it with your flesh and flame power?!”

Nie Tian tilted his chin slightly and asked, “Do you want to have another go with that blazing gold sphere of yours?”

You Qimiao shook his head. “No need. I said that I’d only launch one strike, and that’s what I’ll do. To be honest, I really thought I could freeze and shatter your body with this strike. Who would have thought that you could establish a connection with the Divine Flame that’s all the way in the Domain of Flame’s End, and fight with its power?

“Anyways, this matter with Duan Hongwen ends here.”