Lord of All Realms - Chapter 1498: Freeze

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Since Chu Rui had fought You Qimiao in the Realm of Maelstrom years ago, he was well-aware of how powerful he was.

Besides, just recently, he had witnessed the brief confrontation between You Qimiao and Fan Tianze outside the Realm of Heaven Span.

He was convinced that You Qimiao, who had entered the late God domain, was now an unmatched force throughout the human world.

As strong as Nie Tian might be, he hadn’t entered the God domain yet, and his bloodline was only at the ninth grade.

Grand Monarch Chaos Demon and Duan Hongwen’s strength weren’t nearly comparable to You Qimiao’s.

Not to mention that Nie Tian had relied on the five evil gods and multiple powerful tools to slay them.

What kind of impact would his tools and the evil gods be able to make on someone with You Qimiao’s cultivation base and strength?

Also, You Qimiao’s Yin Yang Chaos Mirror had advanced to the level five Immortal grade when he had made his breakthrough in cultivation, which meant it was at a much higher level than his Flame Dragon Armor, the Spirit Pearl, and that Star Behemoth bone.

You Qimiao had an overwhelming edge over him in cultivation base, tools, and battle experience.

Because of this, the result of a single strike from You Qimiao would be no different from the result of a prolonged battle with him.

What did Nie Tian have that could possibly help him survive a strike from him?

Dong Li and Pei Qiqi’s soft cries suddenly echoed from Song Chequan’s location.

“Darkness: Devour!”

“Space Split!”

Immediately afterwards, Song Chequan’s life and soul auras scattered and dissipated.

Song Chequan seemed to be pulled into the deepest part of the endless darkness, where his fleshly body was dissolved bit by bit.

At the same time, Pei Qiqi’s spatial power shattered that area of the void, preventing even a wisp of his soul from escaping.

“Song Chequan died.”

“After Duan Hongwen, this sectmaster of the Jade Heaven Sect, a God domain expert, also perished like smoke in the wind.”

“The Jade Heaven Sect is also a major sect that has stood tall in the human world for hundreds of thousands of years, and had great prosperity. However, just because of Song Chequan’s wrong decision of joining with the Shadow Society and the Remote Beginning Heavenly Sect, it came to its destruction.”

“What a pity!”

Many knew that since Nie Tian had destroyed the Realm of Jade Billows of the Jade Heaven Sect, Song Chequan had placed all of his hopes in Jiang Yuanchi.

He had hoped to reestablish the Jade Heaven Sect and reclimb the peak with Jiang Yuanchi’s help.

However, after Jiang Yuanchi had entered the Void World and lost contact with him, he had lost his backer, and thus had to focus on himself. That was why he had aspired to steal the Soul-cleansing Origin Elixir from Master Blood Spirit, and seek his breakthrough to the middle God domain.

He had assumed that after he entered the middle God domain, he might have a chance to make the Jade Heaven Sect thrive again.

However, all of his illusions burst at this moment.

Someone sighed in frustration. “With all of our peak experts away, we have very few God domain experts left to begin with. Now, Duan Hongwen and Song Chequan have died. We’ll be in an even harder situation if the Ancientspirits and outsiders launch another attack. And we’re still suffering from these endless internal brawls!”

Song Chequan’s death made many uneasy.

Dong Li and Pei Qiqi seemed to have an argument in the darkness.

You Qimiao slowly retrieved his gaze from the darkness-enshrouded area.

It seemed as if he only hadn’t made his attacking move until now because he wanted to see Song Chequan die first.

“Okay, those who ought to die have died.” As he said these words, two streams of violent power shot out from within the Yin Yang Chaos Mirror, one gold and blazing, the other silver and frigid.

The spiritual energy from the crumbling Realm of Looming Shadow gathered towards You Qimiao once again.

In his enlarged form, Nie Tian saw You Qimiao gathering power. He let out a deep cry as he rapidly raised his arms, then brought his hands together in front of his chest with a quick move.


As soon as he did this, wisps of misty white spiritual Qi of Heaven and Earth started gathering in the space between his palms, where they condensed into spheres filled with surging spiritual power.

It wasn’t just that.

All sorts of energies in the starry river near the Realm of Looming Shadow were also channeled by Nie Tian, and rapidly gathered into his opposite palms.

Infused with the mixed energies, the originally brightly glowing spheres gradually turned murky.

However, the aura they exuded became more raging and terrifying.

With a surprisingly calm look in his eyes, You Qimiao said, “I know that the incantations and spells you practice are quite profound, and the powers you use are quite wondrous, perhaps even more so than those from my sect. Unfortunately, your cultivation base is still far too low. No matter how hard you try, you can’t possibly bridge the gap between our cultivation bases within such a short period of time.”

With these words, he raised his hand and made a grabbing motion.

The Yin Yang Chaos Mirror then flew into his hand, and two streams of power shot out of it, one gold and the other silver, entwined, and morphed into two glowing spheres, one gold and the other silver.

The light they emanated was so glorious and bright that they illuminated this entire area of the starry river.

Like a gold and silver sun, they rose from You Qimiao.

Seeing them form, Nie Tian made haste with his effort to condense more spiritual energy balls.

One, two, three...

Soon, seventeen spiritual energy balls that contained mixed energies from the starry river and the spiritual Qi of Heaven and Earth from the destroyed Realm of Looming Shadow came to form.

Each and every spiritual energy ball emanated power fluctuations stronger than that of a Saint domain expert’s domain.

“I can’t believe the glowing spheres Nie Tian makes by channeling mixed energies from the starry river emanate fluctuations even stronger than that of my domain!”

“There are seventeen of them. Aren’t they equal to seventeen Saint domain experts?!”

“Perhaps he actually can survive a strike from You Qimiao!”

Discussion went on among those who were present.

Chu Rui’s expression flickered drastically, and he shouted as he saw the gold and silver glowing spheres rise like suns. “You Qimiao! Are you really going to bully a junior like Nie Tian?”

“Bully him?” You Qimiao muttered. “What if I am? I suggest that you stay out of this, Chu Rui. Even put together, the few of you can’t match me in battle.”


The glowing silver sphere suddenly left You Qimiao and floated towards Nie Tian in a slow and ethereal manner.


Wherever the silver sphere flew, extreme coldness followed. Even the void seemed to be frozen and cracked. Anyone who dared to examine it with their soul awareness felt numbness in their scalps.


Even Ji Yuanquan from the Void Spirit Society cried out, and couldn’t stop trembling.

Wisps of extreme coldness flew out from within the silver glowing sphere, freezing even his soul awareness and stopping him from casting all sorts of exquisite spatial spells.

Teeth chattering, he said, “It can even freeze my soul awareness!

“Chu Rui! According to the legends, only the Ice Emperor, Xuan Yu, who had reached the peak of ice power cultivation, could freeze the soul awareness of existences at our level with ice power!”

Chu Rui’s face grew even grimmer.

As the silver glowing sphere flew towards Nie Tian, countless magical laws of ice power materialized into crystalline strings that shone with blinding white light.


One of the spiritual energy balls that Nie Tian had condensed approached the crystallized glowing sphere, and was immediately frozen.

Every single wisp of the murky energies within it lost their liveness.


The other spiritual energy balls that Nie Tian had condensed flew out together, giving rise to loud sounds.

Before they froze, Nie Tian detonated his soul will that he had fused into them.


All of the spiritual energy balls cracked and exploded simultaneously. However, just after the countless rays of power with different attributes burst forth, they were frozen by ice power.

There were many different colored rays of power.

Nonetheless, they were all frozen, and became fine icy strings.

“I can’t believe his cold power can freeze even the purest rays of power!”