Lord of All Realms - Chapter 1494: Simply Too Powerful

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The moment the Wall of Shadows disappeared, Nie Tian morphed into a streak of light that shot into the Realm of Looming Shadow.

Before he could expend any effort to search for Duan Hongwen from the Remote Beginning Heavenly Sect, he found that he was floating upright in the heavens, waiting.

“Duan Hongwen!” Nie Tian flew to face him in the blink of an eye. “You and Song Chequan attacked Master Blood Spirit. It’s about time we settle accounts.”

As soon as he said these words, the five evil gods flew out of the Spirit Pearl.

Without any delay, the five of them that were becoming stronger with every passing day unleashed negative emotions, which spread towards every corner of the Realm of Looming Shadow like the sea.

Soon, the sky, the earth, and the oceans were all filled with the evil gods’ auras.

Duan Hongwen’s expression flickered violently as he, who practiced earth power, immediately activated his dharma idol.

The moment his dharma idol manifested, it formed a subtle connection with the earth’s core.

With faint rumbles coming from the depths of the earth, pillars of grayish-yellow earth power blasted out of the earth like powerful fountains, converging on his dharma idol and shaping it into a lofty, divine mountain peak.

The divine mountain peak looked even more magnificent than it had been in the Realm of Maelstrom.

Nie Tian smiled. “I can’t believe you still dare to fight me. Don’t you remember how I severely injured you in the Realm of Maelstrom?”


Dong Li, Pei Qiqi, and Mo Qianfan descended from the starry river one after another.

In the blink of an eye, Duan Hongwen was surrounded.

Hou Chulan from the wood element sect flew lightly through the realm barrier and entered the Realm of Looming Shadow. “If You Qimiao doesn’t show up soon, I’m afraid this vice sectmaster of the Remote Beginning Heavenly Sect will definitely be captured. Duan Hongwen’s battle prowess is only at about the same level as Mo Qianfan’s. Even though Nie Tian, Pei Qiqi, and Dong Li haven’t entered the God domain yet... I doubt that any of them are any weaker than him.”


Seeing that Shangguan Zhi wasn’t going to stop them, more figures streamed through the realm barrier.

All of a sudden, the Realm of Looming Shadow was filled with clamoring onlookers.

Many of them looked at Duan Hongwen with gloating looks in their eyes.

Shangguan Zhi snorted disdainfully and said, “Nie Tian, I advise you to stand down. After all, Duan Hongwen is the vice sectmaster of the Remote Beginning Heavenly Sect. You Qimiao will be enraged if you do anything to him! Do you really want to enrage You Qimiao and make him go after you at this moment when the human world is in turmoil and terrorized by outsider invaders?”

“So you know that the human world is in turmoil?” Nie Tian said with narrowed eyes. “How can you explain You Qimiao provoking the Ripper Behemoth to destroy the Realm of Heaven Span? Did you lot think about the consequences when you killed Xie Qian and attacked Master Blood Spirit?

“How dare you talk about the big picture?”

Suddenly, strange cracking sounds came from the magnificent Shadow Palace as thousands of beams of blazing white light shot out of its numerous windows.

Each and every inter-domain teleportation portal inside the palace trembled, giving rise to loud rumbles.


The Shadow Palace shook violently as intense spatial fluctuations surged out of it.

Everyone noticed that Pei Qiqi shook slightly.

“It’s done.”

Holding the Space Boundaries Crystal, Pei Qiqi took her time to fly towards the Shadow Palace.

One of its many facets lit up every inch of the Shadow Palace, revealing every single shadow abomination that was hiding in the stone walls.

Standing before the Shadow Palace, she said, “All of the teleportation portals that connect the Realm of Looming Shadow to the outside world have been destroyed. Even You Qimiao can’t possibly arrive here within a short time without their help.”

The divine mountain peak that had been floating unwavering in the sky suddenly gave a jolt.

Since the divine mountain peak had been transformed from Duan Hongwen’s dharma idol, its jolting meant that Duan Hongwen was no longer calm.

You Qimiao was his backer. He had been convinced that You Qimiao would come to his rescue if his life was in danger.

This was why he had dared to let Shangguan Zhi deactivate the Wall of Shadows and confront Nie Tian in such a provocative manner.

But now, his greatest reliance was eliminated by Pei Qiqi.

Even if You Qimiao wanted to come here, he would most likely not be able to arrive in time to save him.

“Stop hiding. It’s useless.”

As soon as Pei Qiqi exclaimed these words, her spatial bloodline burst forth with incomparably fierce flesh power, causing the Space Boundaries Crystal in her hand to emanate glorious divine light.

Then, a beam of blinding light shot out of one end of the crystal and towards the Shadow Palace, giving rise to a loud blasting sound.


A spatial rift was split open over the magnificent palace by the beam of light. Lights of different colors could be seen flashing across in it.

Everyone gasped with astonishment. “That’s the space disruption zone! With a casual spin of her Space Boundaries Crystal, she actually managed to break the spatial barriers to summon such devastating power!”

Then, under their gaze, the divine palace that had stood unwavering in the Realm of Looming Shadow for hundreds of thousands of years was sliced by the dazzling light shooting out of the spatial rift.

All of the mysterious spell formations that had been engraved in the stone walls exploded as the palace toppled.

With loud cracks and rumbles, the splendid palace was reduced to piles of large stones, the teleportation portals within the palace long since destroyed.


Song Chequan from the Jade Heaven Sect charged out of the rubble, his face and robes covered in dust and his expression grim.

“Our divine palace!” Shangguan Zhi wailed in despair.

He hadn’t expected that Pei Qiqi would demolish their divine palace with her Space Boundaries Crystal without even saying anything first.

The Wall of Shadows, which was the realm barrier integrated with shadow abominations, was the Shadow Society’s strongest defense.

As the most important function of the Shadow Palace was to receive from and send out messages to various human domains through the shadow abominations in it, its defenses weren’t exceptional.


Even Pei Qiqi herself was flabbergasted after reducing the Shadow Palace to rubble with merely one strike, as she had never expected that the famous Shadow Palace would be so fragile.

Only till Song Chequan flew out of the rubble did she snap out of her daze and say, “Leave the sectmaster of the Jade Heaven Sect to me.”

“No, he’s mine!” Dong Li’s charming shout echoed out.

Two beautiful figures shot after Song Chequan one after the other, as they both wanted to kill him.

Song Chequan, who had just escaped from the toppled Shadow Palace, hadn’t calmed himself yet before seeing a sea of darkness spreading towards him, and Pei Qiqi, who was flying in front of it, wreathed in dazzling light.

Song Chequan only went blank for a second before turning around and charging towards the starry river.

Disbelief filled the eyes of Gou Junhao from the Heavenly Changes Pavilion after he saw the unexpected turn of events. “This is...”

He shook his head repeatedly. “Song Chequan is a well-established God domain expert. I can’t believe he didn’t even have the courage to fight when facing Dong Li and Pei Qiqi, neither of whom have entered the God domain.”

“You can’t blame him,” Yan Bin said. “Dong Li and Pei Qiqi’s recent battle performance is simply shocking. Song Chequan was scared by Nie Tian’s battle prowess during their encounter in the Domain of Jade Heaven. What was Nie Tian’s cultivation base back then, and what’s his cultivation base now? Unlike Duan Hongwen, he doesn’t have You Qimiao at his back. How could he dare to stay and fight to the death?”

“The Jade Heaven Sect is such a joke.”

“It’s not that the Jade Heaven Sect is a joke, but Nie Tian and those around him are simply too powerful.”