Lord of All Realms - Chapter 1493: Kill the Chicken to Warn the Monkey

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The thick darkness ebbed like the sea, revealing the incomparably large black tortoise that floated outside the Realm of Looming Shadow like a berthed ancient starship.

On its vast back, more than a dozen Qi warriors from the Shadow Society were wrapped in black light, unable to move.

The Dark Aureole could be seen floating over Dong Li’s head, her body curvaceous and enchanting.

Her ink-black pupils seemed to carry powerful magic that would make all those who looked into her eyes long enough lose themselves.

“How come the darkness ebbed?” Some people exclaimed softly. Only after observing with rapt attention did they realize that Shangguan Zhi from the Shadow Society had come out of the Realm of Looming Shadow without them knowing it, and was now floating in front of the Wall of Shadows.

Everyone could see the helplessness on his face and the fury in his eyes.


Dazzling light suddenly shot forth from within the Wall of Shadows.

As this happened, the shadow abominations that had been active in the Wall of Shadows hid themselves sensibly.

“That light...” Huang Jinnan from the Five Elements Sect observed with rapt attention before exclaiming, “That’s light power! I can’t believe the Wall of Shadows contains light power as well!”

Hou Chulan was dumbfounded for a moment before saying, “Jiang Yuanchi is a rare talent indeed. As an expert who practices both light and shadow power, he actually managed to vest the Wall of Shadows with the wonders of light. It’s just that the light power within the Wall of Shadows is rather weak. Light power and dark power mutually augment and suppress each other. Dong Li has clearly devoured a large proportion of the light power in the Wall of Shadows with her Dark Aureole and dark stone.”

Huang Jinnan nodded. “It seems that the Wall of Shadows only failed to shield off the darkness because Jiang Yuanchi isn’t here.”

Hou Chulan sighed in admiration. “Dong Li is powerful indeed.”

“You want Xuan Guangyu, right? He’s not here.” Shangguan Zhi said, looking exasperated.

As soon as he said these words, a clamor burst out among the onlookers.

They had suspected that things were about to take a new turn after seeing Dong Li withdraw her endless darkness and Shangguan Zhi come out of the Realm of Looming Shadow.

They had suspected that he was going to admit defeat.

Now, the first thing he said after coming out proved that they were right. It hadn’t even been three days, yet Shangguan Zhi, who had temporarily taken Jiang Yuanchi’s place as the head of the Shadow Society, had surrendered.

“One, two, three... all sixteen of them are at the Void domain or higher.” Gou Junhao counted sixteen Shadow Society Qi warriors that were bound by dark light on the black tortoise’s back. “Three of them are at the Saint domain. A large part of the Shadow Society’s power has fallen prisoner to Dong Li. It seems that by announcing that they would come to the Shadow Society in three days, they allowed the Shadow Society to gather their powerful experts, so they could catch them all at once.”

As the sectmaster of the Heavenly Changes Pavilion, Gou Junhao was well-informed as well. Many powerful experts from the Shadow Society knew him.

The sixteen captured experts were people who the Shadow Society had put in charge of information collection in different domains.

Some of them had panicked and charged out of the Realm of Looming Shadow on their own, while others had been instructed to charge out of the Realm of Looming Shadow by Shangguan Zhi.

Through them, Shangguan Zhi had attempted to test the might of the darkness that Dong Li had enshrouded the Realm of Looming Shadow in, and make preparations for his next move.

Also, he had hoped that they would break through the siege and inform Xuan Guangyu or You Qimiao of the situation.

However, things hadn’t gone as he had planned.

All sixteen of them had been captured by Dong Li. Not a single one had managed to break through the dark blockade.

If Dong Li had killed them all, the intelligence department of the Shadow Society would have been immediately paralyzed.

Then, their strong suit and means of livelihood would be gone.

“If Xuan Guangyu isn’t in the Realm of Looming Shadow, where is he?” Dong Li asked, a strong murderous aura brewing in her pitch-black eyes. “Also, how can you prove that he’s not in the Realm of Looming Shadow? If you want peace, then deactivate the Wall of Shadows and allow us to enter the realm to conduct our own search.”

“That’s impossible!” Shangguan Zhi said angrily.

Dong Li frowned. “Impossible?”

As the Dark Aureole floating over her head spun lightly, pure dark power sprayed and fell on three late Void domain Qi warriors from the Shadow Society.

With a loud boom, the dark power restraining the three of them exploded.

Surprisingly, as soon as their bodies and souls were blown to pieces, the darkness engulfed all the pieces before condensing into black spheres.


The black spheres then flew into the Dark Aureole and vanished.

All of this happened in the time it takes a spark to fly off of a piece of flint.

Before Shangguan Zhi could react, he saw that three powerful experts from the Shadow Society were killed and absorbed by the Dark Aureole.

“Such a ruthless woman!”

Many onlookers sucked in a breath of cold air, as if this were the first time they had witnessed this side of Dong Li.

Many of them only knew that she was the woman behind Nie Tian, and that Nie Tian trusted her completely.

Everything they had heard about her before was in relation to Nie Tian. After all, her cultivation base had been rather unimpressive.

Only after she had obtained the dark stone with Nie Tian’s help and merged it with her had she started to make rapid advances in her cultivation. It was then that people had started to learn about her strength.

Her power hadn’t truly burst forth until she had obtained the Dark Aureole and fought off Grand Monarch Chaos Demon and Ophelia.

That was when people from across the human world had truly acknowledged her battle prowess and compared her unearthly talent with Pei Qiqi’s.

However, very few knew what kind of person she was.

At this moment, after seeing her kill three Void domain experts from the Shadow Society in such a ruthless manner, they finally realized that this woman behind Nie Tian was even deadlier than Pei Qiqi.

“How dare you!” Shangguan Zhi thundered with wide eyes.


Another early Saint domain Qi warrior from the Shadow Society exploded, his shattered body and soul enveloped and condensed into a black sphere, which then flew into the Dark Aureole.

All of the remaining Shadow Society Qi warriors who were wrapped in dark light were scared to death, and started howling madly.

They begged Shangguan Zhi to comply.

The fact that four of their powerful experts were ruthlessly killed by Dong Li and their desperate howling finally cracked Shangguan Zhi. “Stop! Xuan Guangyu went to the depths of the space disruption zone, where he hopes to break through to the late God domain with the Soul-cleansing Origin Elixir!”

“Where exactly?” Dong Li asked.

“I don’t know the exact location!” Shangguan Zhi said in deep frustration.

“Alright, deactivate the Wall of Shadows. We’ll conduct a thorough search of your realm.” Dong Li said with an overbearing tone, as if she was Shangguan Zhi’s superior. “I want to see if Song Chequan and Duan Hongwen are hiding in your realm.”

Just as Shangguan Zhi was about to speak, Duan Hongwen’s resounding voice echoed from inside the Realm of Looming Shadow. “I’m here.”

A cold look appeared in the eyes of Nie Tian, who hadn’t said a word so far, as he said, “Good.”

“Now deactivate the Wall of Shadows,” Dong Li commanded.

“Let them in. I want to see which of them dares to fight me.” Duan Hongwen shouted.

After a moment of hesitation, Shangguan Zhi let out a sigh and nodded. “You may enter.”

The Shadow Stele then flew out.

All of the most powerful shadow abominations that had been wandering in the Wall of Shadows flew out and entered the Shadow Stele.

The wonders of the divine spell formation then disappeared.