Lord of All Realms - Chapter 1491: Darkness Enshrouds

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Shangguan Zhi wasn’t Jiang Yuanchi, after all.

Even if he could use the Shadow Stele, he didn’t practice shadow magics, so he couldn’t display the Shadow Stele’s true strength.

He couldn’t make the utmost use of the offensive power of the Shadow Stele by releasing the shadow abominations within it.

However, the Wall of Shadows’ defenses didn’t rely on him.


Thousands of shadow abominations surged in the Realm of Looming Shadow’s realm barrier, making it, which was already quite tough, even tougher.

Nie Tian reached out and pointed. “Go!”

The five ferocious evil gods either spread their sharp blades, expelled thick Nether qi, or let out roars as they all charged at the Wall of Shadows.


Upon making contact with the Wall of Shadows, the tough giant bodies of the five evil gods, whose true strength was comparable to an early tenth grade grand monarch, were actually rebounded.

The Wall of Shadows was like a surprisingly elastic rubber ball.


There was light smoke surrounding the five evil gods’ limbs that had touched the Wall of Shadows, which was the result of their fleshly bodies being strongly eroded.

“Gupi’s poisonous energy, and… the shadow abominations’ own resilience,” Pei Qiqi said, observing carefully.

Suddenly, she turned her Space Boundaries Crystal and said. “I’ll give it a shot.”

All of a sudden, lightning manifested in the dark sky!

It was a blazing blinding blade that had flitted out of the Space Boundaries Crystal!

The light blade was extremely sharp. All the human Qi warriors present had a tingling and burning sensation only by looking at it with their eyes.

It was as if the light blade could cut up the bodies of all the creatures on earth.

Many of the Qi warriors scattered around the Realm of Looming Shadow marveled, looking at Pei Qiqi with strong fear in their eyes.

“What a terrifying sharp power!”

“I’m afraid that my earth domain would be easily cracked by it!”

“This kind of sharpness can even tear space to pieces, let alone your saint domain.”

They suddenly realized that Pei Qiqi, who had been able to cut off an arm of Grand Monarch Remote Demon, seemed to have her cultivation base and battle prowess improved in a short period of time.

“What a scary woman!”

Pei Qiqi’s nonstop rapid growth gave them a sense of frustration that they were left so far behind that they would never be able to keep up with her.


The dazzling light blade cut through space and pulled out streaks of brighter light, tearing the Wall of Shadows like a long white rainbow.

Cut by the light blade, countless shadow abominations were reduced to fragmentary shadows.

The Wall of Shadows was slowly torn open like a gray curtain, forming a rift.

However, the rift lasted only a few seconds before it was filled with numerous shadow abominations, and slowly healed again.

Pei Qiqi frowned slightly and slowly lowered the pretty hand with which she was holding her Space Boundaries Crystal. Then she shook her head slightly and said, “The Wall of Shadows of the Shadow Society is very mysterious and unusual indeed. Even my power to cut space won’t last long enough to really break it open.”

Dong Li jumped in and said, “Let me have a try.”

The Dark Aureole suddenly rose above her head like a dark sun.

In an instant, darkness swallowed all light around her.

Boundless darkness spread rapidly. The purest darkness soon enveloped a hundred mile radius around her.

The immense darkness emitted a mysterious, cold, and uncanny aura, making even the God domain experts present very uncomfortable.

Looking into the darkness, many people felt great terror, as if their souls were being pulled into the darkness, and they couldn’t break free no matter how hard they tried.

“Darkness, extreme dark power!” An expert who had carefully learned about the dark forces of the Demons and outsiders marveled. “Even the black dragons, the black phoenixes of the Ancientspirits, and the dark race of the Demons can’t release such darkness! This kind of extreme dark power seems to be able to suppress even the origin of the Demons’ power!”

In everyone’s eyes, the immense darkness gradually drowned the Realm of Looming Shadow.


Strange bursting sounds came from the darkness. Those who heard it felt more and more uneasy.

Even when Nie Tian used his bloodline and soul perception, he couldn’t see what kind of power Dong Li was using against the Realm of Looming Shadow in the darkness.

The only thing he could tell was that she had borrowed the black turtle’s power.

In the Realm of Looming Shadow.

The Shadow Stele was suspended motionlessly in front of Shangguan Zhi, whose face grew more and more gloomy.

Floating next to him, Song Chequan of the Jade Heaven Sect looked skywards, his expression becoming more and more grave. “Can the Wall of Shadows really resist all these attacks? It’s getting dark.”

Duan Hongwen was also uneasy.

The three experts who were at the early God domain looked up into the sky, but could only see the immense darkness gradually engulfing the Realm of Looming Shadow.

It seemed as if the whole Realm of Looming Shadow was completely covered in a giant black curtain.

On the ground, looking at the sky covered by darkness, the humans living in the Shadow Society and the captive spirit animals were terrified despite themselves.

The extreme darkness engulfed the Realm of Looming Shadow, making it difficult for all the creatures in the Realm of Looming Shadow to see each other.

The extreme darkness could ignore the Wall of Shadows!

Soon, the humans and spirit beasts in the Realm of Looming Shadow could no longer see anything, and they even were about to lose their soul perception as time went on.

The panic was spreading and deepening little by little...

After a while, Duan Hongwen restlessly yelled, “It is obvious that Dong Li doesn’t have a high cultivation base. How can she engulf the whole Realm of Looming Shadow in darkness? Even your sect’s Wall of Shadows can’t prevent the dark power from eroding it.”

“The dark power can’t completely penetrate the Wall of Shadows and the Realm of Looming Shadow!” Shangguan Zhi explained, “It’s just that her dark power is enshrouding the Realm of Looming Shadow. She and the others still have no way to penetrate the Wall of Shadows and enter the Realm of Looming Shadow!”

Song Chequan joined the conversation in the darkness, “Even if they don’t come in, how can a realm survive when it is engulfed by darkness, there is no light, we can’t see each other, and our souls can perceive nothing? Maybe we’ll be able to endure the darkness for a time, but what about the others? How long can the Qi warriors with low cultivation bases in your sect endure?”

Shangguan Zhi was silent.

The extreme darkness made them feel as if they were confined in a dark house, unable to see or perceive anything. That kind of loneliness and fear of the unknown was enough to break many who didn’t have a strong heart.

He began to worry that the disciples and spirit beasts in the Realm of Looming Shadow would lose control and go mad.

Dong Li’s casual voice echoed in the darkness. “I don\'t need to break the Wall of Shadows. I don’t believe your people can survive after losing all their light.”

Nie Tian’s eyes were filled with surprise. “I didn’t know you could enshroud a whole realm in your dark power now.”

Even tenth grade black dragons and black phoenixes that were proficient in dark power probably couldn’t do such a thing.

“The strength of the dark stone, Dark Aureole, and that foolish black turtle enables me to engulf an entire realm in darkness,” Dong Li explained in a soft voice.

Looking confident, she added, “Trust me. In three days at most, the Qi warriors with low cultivation bases of the Shadow Society will break.”

“I don’t think it’ll take three days,” said Gou Junhao.