Lord of All Realms - Chapter 1489: Righteous

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Once their bloodline reached a certain grade, creatures with special bloodlines would naturally form flesh aura seas.

The specific grade varied between different races due to their different bloodlines.

However, most creatures formed their flesh aura seas when their bloodlines reached the eighth or ninth grade.

When Nie Tian’s bloodline had reached the eighth grade, his real flesh aura sea hadn’t appeared.

Due to his excessive consumption of flesh aura, his flesh aura sea hadn’t formed immediately after he had reached the ninth grade either.

At this moment, his flesh aura sea formed after he had completely refined Grand Monarch Chaos Demon’s flesh aura and strengthened his body and bones again.

The flesh aura sea of the Ancientspirits and outsiders had a lot in common with human Qi warriors’ domains.

Their flesh aura seas could protect them from outside bombardment, and could also be used in battle to crush or attack others’ flesh aura seas or human Qi warriors’ domains.

At this moment, when the blood membrane was broken and Nie Tian’s flesh aura sea burst forth with dazzling bloody light, the boundless flesh aura fluctuations were extremely terrifying.

The other human Qi warriors present didn’t find it particularly impressive, but Pei Qiqi and Yin Yanan were deeply impressed.

It seemed that the exuberant flesh auras in them were being attracted by Nie Tian’s flesh aura sea, and strands of their refined flesh aura flew out on their own to merge into his body.

The two girls were secretly scared, and hurried to use magics to stop their flesh auras from being absorbed.

Yin Yanan quietly distanced herself from Nie Tian. Looking at the crimson, greenish, and unusual flesh aura sea, she thought, “This flesh aura sea… If he spreads his flesh aura sea while fighting outsider or Ancientspirit experts, such as Demon and Phantasm experts, won’t his flesh aura sea absorb his opponents’ flesh power?

“While they fight fiercely, it’ll be difficult for his opponents to have the energy to prevent changes in their flesh aura seas. In that way, no matter who fights Nie Tian, wisps of their flesh aura will be absorbed by him.”

At the thought of this, she was shocked.

The Frost Blood Python that had practically become one with her didn’t even dare to budge.

“Are you finally scared?” she asked.

The mutant Frost Blood Python had hoped to get Nie Tian’s bloodline and devour his body to strengthen itself the whole time.

Every time she had met Nie Tian, she had had to work hard to curb the Frost Blood Python’s greed so that it wouldn’t do something stupid.

But now, after Nie Tian’s bloodline had officially reached the ninth grade, as his flesh aura sea naturally spread, the Frost Blood Python, whose bloodline had also reached the ninth grade, felt overwhelming fear and anxiety.

It seemed that it felt fearful merely by being close to Nie Tian.

Nie Tian shook his shoulders and his blood membrane turned into flying ashes with a whoosh. “In addition to new bloodline talents, the ninth grade also produces a wonderful flesh aura sea. After refinement, Grand Monarch Chaos Demon’s flesh aura not only greatly enhanced my fleshly body, but also allowed me to release my own flesh aura sea.

“A grand monarch is indeed of great benefit to me.”

Thanks to the power given to him by Grand Monarch Primal Wood and the three grand monarchs of the Ancientspirits, he had refined that Profound Truths Crystal, and his bloodline had taken the opportunity to break through.

He grinned and smiled brilliantly. “Ninth grade. The ninth grade is different.”

As soon as a thought entered his mind, the five evil gods fell into the Spirit Pearl one by one. “Let’s go! To the Realm of Looming Shadow!”

Without saying a word, Pei Qiqi, who had waited for a long time, turned her Space Boundaries Crystal with her fingers. Beams of light flashed in a facet of the crystal, as if it was slowly searching and locking onto the distant Realm of Looming Shadow.

Soon, a spatial rift burst open.

Figures streamed into the spatial rift and reached the Realm of Looming Shadow directly from the Domain of Forbidden Heaven.

As soon as Nie Tian arrived in the starry river outside the Realm of Looming Shadow, what he saw first was ancient starships berthed outside of the Realm of Looming Shadow like ghost ships, waiting solemnly.

Nie Tian knew at one glance that the ancient starships belonged to the Shadow Society.

“They dared to sail their ancient starships out of the Realm of Looming Shadow.” With these words, Nie Tian frowned and shouted, “Shangguan Zhi, do you dare to come out to see me?”

“Why not?” Shangguan Zhi’s feminine voice rang out from one of the ancient starships.

His figure that was as thin as a female’s slowly emerged. “Nie Tian, why have you come here? It was Xuan Guangyu who went to the Domain of Vast Darkness and killed Xie Qian.

“It was Duan Hongwen and Song Chuquan who attacked Master Blood Spirit in your Realm of Flame Heaven. Does it have anything to do with my sect?

“You should go find Xuan Guangyu. If you fail to do that, you can go to the Remote Beginning Heavenly Sect and find Duan Hongwen. Is it because you’re afraid of Sectmaster You, and you dare not go to the Remote Beginning Heavenly Sect, that you’ve come to my sect to show off your strength?

“Do you think my sect is an easy target?”

Shang Guanzhi was very eloquent, and what he said seemed logical.

Experts from various domains who had heard that Nie Tian would come in three days had already arrived, and taken their seats in the starry river.

If one looked closely, one would find that there were ancient starships berthed far away from the Realm of Looming Shadow.

There were undisguised auras of more than ten Saint domain experts coming from them, and many with lower cultivation bases.

They just wanted to witness this battle between Nie Tian and the Shadow Society.

“After dealing with the Shadow Society, I’ll find Duan Hongwen of the Remote Beginning Heavenly Sect,” Nie Tian said as he fixed his eyes on the Realm of Looming Shadow, paying special attention to the Wall of Shadows. He could indeed see many so-called shadow abominations flitting in the realm barrier. “Gupi helped you improve the Wall of Shadows, didn’t it?”

Shangguan Zhi’s expression changed slightly.

With a snort, Nie Tian said, “Under Jiang Yuanchi’s control, Gupi ran rampant in many realms and killed many human beings. Given that alone, will there be a problem if I demand that your sect give us an explanation? I have fought Gupi several times. I saw Jiang Yuanchi order Gupi to attack when he was conscious!”

As soon as the onlookers heard Nie Tian talking about Gupi and turned to see the abominations in the Wall of Shadows, they all grew furious, and started condemning Shangguan Zhi, listing the various crimes of Jiang Yuanchi and the Shadow Society.

“The abomination Gupi!”

“Right! Jiang Yuanchi released Gupi to kill his own kind!”

“It’s said that it was Nie Tian’s master Wu Ji, who imprisoned Gupi with the power of the river of time, took it to a secret place and suppressed it. If Gupi hadn’t been suppressed, the consequences would have been dire, and our domains would have collapsed one by one before the Ancientspirits and outsiders even invaded.”

“The Shadow Society is unpardonable!”

“It was Jiang Yuanchi who made those mistakes. It has nothing to do with my sect,” Shangguan Zhi argued. “Jiang Yuanchi is no longer our sectmaster. I am the new sectmaster.”