Lord of All Realms - Chapter 1488: Declare War

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The people of various advanced domains and sects like the Heavenly Illusion Sect, Streamcloud Sword Sect, and Martial Spirit Sect discussed the sensational news.

“Nie Tian killed Grand Monarch Chaos Demon!”

“It’s said that Nie Tian came to a tacit agreement with the Ancientspirits and Grand Monarch Primal Wood of the Floragrims!”

“Nie Tian will go find Shangguan Zhi in the Shadow Society in three days!”

“What? They’re going to fight the Shadow Society?!”

“Are they out of their minds?”

“The Shadow Society is allied with the Remote Beginning Heavenly Sect. How can they possibly fight You Qimiao and Xuan Guangyu?”

“Even if Nie Tian can kill Grand Monarch Chaos Demon, he can’t possibly defeat You Qimiao or Xuan Guangyu in battle!”

“This is the moment when we most need unity. Whatever the reason, it’s unwise to fight the Shadow Society at this time.”

Many people were shocked that Nie Tian was able to kill Grand Monarch Chaos Demon, but they also thought it was inappropriate for him to go seek trouble with the Shadow Society.

After all, those who were known to be on the Shadow Society’s side included Xuan Guangyu, Shangguan Zhi, Song Chequan, Duan Hongwen… and You Qimiao!

The Realm of Heaven Span had been destroyed, but even the Heaven Span Pavilion led by Fan Tianze hadn’t marched down to the Remote Beginning Heavenly Sect to fight You Qimiao to the death. How did Nie Tian dare to challenge him?

As word of Nie Tian’s decision spread, even the God domain experts of the four ancient sects tried hard to dissuade him.

Unfortunately, Nie Tian, who was wrapped in the blood membrane, turned a deaf ear to it.

Hence, everyone understood his determination.


In the Shadow Palace.


A shadow abomination suddenly flew out of the stone wall of the spacious palace and intto Shangguan Zhi’s fingertips.

Messages were passed to his mind one by one.

Shangguan Zhi smiled sinisterly and said to Song Chequan and Duan Hongwen next to him, “Nie Tian actually wants to come here to settle scores with us in three days.”

In a flash, Duan Hongwen and Song Chequan, who had been sitting quietly, sprang to their feet. “Nie Tian!”

Shangguan Zhi looked quite calm as he said, “Xie Qian’s death and the fact that you attacked Master Blood Spirit in the Realm of Flame Heaven must have angered him, but even if he could kill Grand Monarch Chaos Demon of the Demons, does he really think he can do whatever he wants in our Shadow Society?”

He let out a low cry.

In the palace, innumerable shadow abominations that were wandering in the walls seemed to sense his anger as they let out shrieks that could penetrate souls.

Shangguan Zhi then said with a snort, “Our sect’s strength is only outmatched by the four ancient sects. For thousands of years, the Shadow Society has never been conquered! Now that all the peak God domain experts are missing and Fan Tianze, whose battle prowess was outstanding, is seeking a breakthrough in his cultivation base, I can’t think of anyone who’ll end well after attacking our sect.”

“What about Chu Rui?” Song Chequan asked softly.

“Him?” Shangguan Zhi said, looking surprised. Then, he shook his head and said, “He is not as strong as Fan Tianze, and is even weaker than Luo Wanxiang.”

“Shall we inform Xuan Guangyu?” Song Chequan asked.

“We won’t need his help,” Shangguan Zhi said calmly, “at this stage, I don’t think Nie Tian can mobilize many experts to besiege our Shadow Society. After getting the Soul-cleansing Origin Elixir, Yu Suying went into secluded cultivation to break through. She won’t be able to help.”

Duan Hongwen looked hesitant as he said, “My sectmaster...”

“What on earth is Sectmaster You up to?” Song Chequan asked curiously.

Duan Hongwen shook his head. “I don’t know. It’s clear that he still has some Soul-cleansing Origin Elixir left, yet he didn’t give me any to help me break through.”

The reason why he had chosen to join Xuan Guangyu and these others was because You Qimiao hadn’t given him any of his Soul-cleansing Origin Elixir.

“Since he provoked the Ripper Behemoth to destroy the Realm of Heaven Span, he has been staying in your Remote Beginning Heavenly Sect and never showed up again.” Shangguan Zhi, who had temporarily replaced Jiang Yuanchi as the head of the Shadow Society, was clearly well-aware of various kinds of news. “He has broken through to the late God domain. Unless those peak God domain experts return, no one can threaten him.”

With these words, he turned to look at Duan Hongwen. “And you… You’re from the Remote Beginning Heavenly Sect and you’ve followed him for many years. Even if you haven’t done many meritorious deeds, you’ve done a lot of hard work. If you were really cornered by Nie Tian, I don’t think he’d refuse to help you. You also represent the Remote Beginning Heavenly Sect. If you die, how can he earn the respect of the rest of the sect?”

Hearing this, Duan Hongwen became more and more at ease. “Yes, I’ve done nothing to wrong him.”

Even though he hadn’t obeyed You Qimiao’s every order, he had only done so to get some Soul-cleansing Origin Elixir in order to break through to a higher cultivation base.

“Three days? I’ll see how he’ll break the Wall of Shadows that protects our sect in three days!”

Shangguan Zhi held out his left hand, which was fairer and prettier than a woman’s, and pressed a stone stele that seemed to imprison thousands of powerful shadow abominations.

The weird shadow abominations that had been condensed from powerful creatures’ souls through the Shadow Society’s magics rushed toward the sky screaming.

Thousands of shadow abominations in the walls of the palace echoed them by letting out blood-curdling cries.

As that happened, wisps of shadow abominations that looked even more mysterious than the spirits in the Nether River appeared in the realm barrier of the Realm of Looming Shadow.


“The Wall of Shadows of the Shadow Society is not only famous in the Mortal World, but also famous in the Spirit World,” Dou Tianchen of the Ancient Fragmentary Star Palace explained to Dong Li while looking at Nie Tian, who was enveloped in the blood membrane in the distance. “The Wall of Shadows is full of shadow abominations made by the Shadow Society with their secret magics.

“Those abominations...”

Speaking to this point, he was silent for a while before he said, “Before Jiang Yuanchi sealed Gupi, the shadow abominations of the Shadow Society could only be imprisoned in shadows and refined by powerful cultivators. But since Jiang Yuanchi sealed Gupi inside of himself, those abominations in the shadows have become unusual.

“In a sense, the Wall of Shadows may be even more difficult to deal with than the Godspan Sword Formation.”

Huang Jinnan of the Five Elements Sect also chimed in, “It’s as if the presence of Gupi has increased those shadow abominations’ power and changed them fundamentally. And those changes have allowed the defense and counterattack forces of the Shadow Society’s Wall of Shadows to reach a higher level.”

Pei Qiqi also said, “My master has also said that the Wall of Shadows of the Shadow Society is one of the most mysterious formations in our world.”

Everyone began to talk about various legends regarding the Wall of Shadows.

Various signs suggested that the shadow abominations in the Wall of Shadows might have been strengthened by Gupi and gone through fundamental changes, making them extremely difficult to deal with.

Dong Li frowned and turned to Pei Qiqi. “Even you’re not sure you can crack it?”

Pei Qiqi was silent for a while, then said, “I haven’t been to the Shadow Society, so I don’t know the wonders of the Wall of Shadows. I won’t know if I can crack it unless I see it.”

Dong Li nodded. “I see.”

After that, everyone focused their eyes on the blood membrane again.

Even those who didn’t practice body-refinement incantations could sense Nie Tian’s flesh aura surging inside of it.

On the first day, the flesh aura in the blood membrane was extremely strong and terrifying.

On the second day, it subsided abruptly.

On the third day, the blood membrane was still there, but there wasn’t any flesh aura inside.

Even Pei Qiqi and Yin Yanan, who had come to observe this wonder, could not sense any movement inside of it.

Everyone was wondering if a mishap had occurred while Nie Tian was refining Grand Monarch Chaos Demon’s blood and flesh aura when the blood membrane suddenly cracked like an eggshell.

Dazzling bloody light burst forth, dazzling their eyes.

Nie Tian’s boundless flesh aura sea also naturally formed!