Lord of All Realms - Chapter 1487: Settle Scores

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Meteorites were scattered in the silent starry river.

Grand Monarch Chaos Demon’s huge demonic body was torn apart and turned into purple crystals and wisps of aura that flew into Nie Tian’s palm.

Such a mighty grand monarch was finely broken down and killed in a very short time, leaving nothing behind.


After arriving through the spatial rift, Gou Junhao of the Heavenly Changes Pavilion sucked in a breath of cold air and said, “Although Grand Monarch Chaos Demon has only become a grand monarch recently, his ranking in the Demons was in fact higher than Grand Monarch Remote Demon.”

Gou Junhao’s eyes were filled with shock. “Such a potent grand monarch actually had no power to fight back and was easily killed by Nie Tian. Not even a drop of his blood or soul was left behind.”


Qi warriors passed through the gaping spatial rift one after another.

Some were from the four ancient sects, and most of them were Saint domain experts from various human domains. They had all paid close attention to the Seven-star Realm Sea for a long time because they had hoped to break through to the God domain with the help of the Seven-star Realm Sea and Nie Tian.

They were greatly shocked as soon as they saw Nie Tian standing among the five evil gods, spreading his hands to absorb amethyst-like Blood Essence crystals one by one, as if he were going to take the whole starry river in.

“Is it so easy for the seventh Son of the Stars to slay a grand monarch?”

“That was a grand monarch for heaven’s sake, yet he couldn’t even escape!”

The battles in the Domain of Heaven Span had lasted a long time now, but not a single outsider or Ancientspirit grand monarch had been killed by the humans.

Only Pei Qiqi had chopped an arm off Grand Monarch Remote Demon with the aid of her powerful Space Boundaries Crystal.

However, everyone knew that losing an arm or a leg wasn’t a big deal for a Demon grand monarch, who had the Demons’ Indestructible Form.

As long as he had abundant flesh aura, Grand Monarch Remote Demon could grow his arm back easily.

The fact that Pei Qiqi, who was proficient in space power and possessed the Space Boundaries Crystal, had only managed to chop an arm off Grand Monarch Remote Demon proved that she wasn’t strong enough to kill him.

Otherwise, he couldn’t have escaped Pei Qiqi’s pursuit.

However, this time was different.

Nie Tian had actually killed a grand monarch!

Ye Wenhan seemed rather excited as he said, “Grand Monarch Blood Axe of the Demons was killed and swallowed by the Ripper Behemoth. Grand Monarch Remote Demon had an arm cut off, and now the newly-made Grand Monarch Chaos Demon was directly killed by Nie Tian. After this battle, the Demons, who were the strongest among the outsiders, have been greatly weakened.”

Gou Junhao sighed. “Nie Tian is awesome!”

Many sect leaders from different human domains chimed in, standing beside him.

In fact, they had felt deeply suppressed and depressed recently.

The Ripper Behemoth had rampaged in the Domain of Heaven Span, but they could do nothing to stop it. When You Qimiao had provoked it to destroy the Realm of Heaven Span, they had also been powerless.

When the Demons, Phantasms, and Bonebrutes had spread out to invade other human domains, they had also felt powerless. After all, even Fan Tianze had felt that his cultivation base wasn’t strong enough, and had thus rushed off to attempt to make new breakthroughs.

At this moment, Nie Tian returned. The moment he did, he rushed to the Domain of Forbidden Heaven and killed Grand Monarch Chaos Demon, who was trying to attack the Realm of Shattered Earth, with a clean move.

Grand monarchs were the backbone of any outsider race. Grand Monarch Chaos Demon’s death would surely weaken the Demons’ strength.

After hearing of Grand Monarch Chaos Demon’s death, the Fiends, Bonebrutes, and Phantasms would have to be more careful with their actions.

Hou Chulan, the Divine Daughter of the wood element sect, stood among the elders of the wood element sect. Looking at the majestic figure with a frightening aura that was surrounded by the five evil gods, she secretly sighed. “I can’t believe he’s become so strong already...”


A streak of dark light flew off toward the Realm of Shattered Earth, but soon returned.

As the darkness faded, Dong Li appeared and said, “Nie Tian, the youths of the Nie Clan, your grandpa, and the others are all fine. I had a lot of restrictive spells quietly set up around the Realm of Shattered Earth. If people from other realms try to get close to it, we’ll find out about it immediately.”

When Grand Monarch Chaos Demon had quietly arrived here, it was those restrictive spells that had been triggered and alarmed her.


The last piece of amethyst-like Blood Essence that had been condensed from Grand Monarch Chaos Demon’s body fused into Nie Tian’s palm and was broken down by his bloodline, giving birth to pure flesh aura that went to strengthen his bones.

Hearing Dong Li’s words, he nodded softly. “I knew that with you around, the Realm of Shattered Earth would be safe.”

“Later, we’ll likely need to be ready for the Demons’ retaliations,” Dong Li said with a frown. “According to Grand Monarch Primal Wood and the others, the owner of the Blood Purgatory Sea is waking up. He is a mighty figure who died killing Ice Emperor Xuan Yu, but has come back to life now.”

“A late tenth grade grand monarch?” Nie Tian asked coldly as he absorbed Grand Monarch Chaos Demon’s tremendous flesh aura. “Since he’s come back to life, it’s likely that he can’t reach his peak in a short time. Coming out of the Blood Purgatory Sea, he should only be as strong as Grand Monarch Bloodlust, or slightly stronger.”

Chu Rui agreed, “Yes. He’ll need to recover and regather his strength before he returns to the late tenth grade.”

“Get ready. After I adjust, we’ll go to the Realm of Looming Shadow,” Nie Tian said with determination.

Dong Li was shocked. “The Realm of Looming Shadow?”

“Among the Shadow Society, the Jade Heaven Sect, and the Remote Beginning Heavenly Sect, the Shadow Society was the initial initiator,” Nie Tian said with a cold face. “As for the whereabouts of Xuan Guangyu, Song Chequan, and Duan Hongwen, we can ask Shangguan Zhi of the Shadow Society. Even though Shangguan Zhi wasn’t there to kill Xie Qian or attack Master Blood Spirit, he must have been a participant!”

Chu Rui was astonished. “The Shadow Society?!”

Ye Wenhan came forward and said, “Nie Tian, shall we unite against the invaders first? Jiang Yuanchi of the Shadow Society is missing. As for You Qimiao of the Remote Beginning Heavenly Sect, he’s with Jiang Yuanchi. If You Qimiao rushes out to stop you in the Shadow Society...”

He was ready to bear the humiliation and swallow his anger before Fan Tianze broke through to the late God domain, even though he had lost the Realm of Heaven Span.

He was waiting for Fan Tianze to break through or Chu Yuan to return so that they could go after You Qimiao and the Remote Beginning Heavenly Sect.

He didn’t want to clash with them until one of the strongest Qi warriors had returned, someone who could suppress and defeat You Qimiao.

Nie Tian’s attitude was cold and firm. “What happened between you and You Qimiao has nothing to do with me. I don’t need you to intervene in this conflict between me and the Shadow Society, Jade Heaven Sect, and Remote Beginning Heavenly Sect.”

“Umm...” Ye Wenhan could only smile wryly.

At this moment, a thick blood aura flew from Nie Tian’s pores and formed a blood membrane that wrapped him tightly.

His voice came from the blood membrane. “Three days. I only need three days. Three days later, I’ll go to the Shadow Society to meet with Shangguan Zhi and have a talk with him. If he isn’t in the Realm of Looming Shadow, then I’ll copy the Ripper Behemoth’s behavior, destroying the Realm of Looming Shadow and the Shadow Society.

“Feel free to pass the message to Shangguan Zhi and inform all the people of the Shadow Society of my intentions.”