Lord of All Realms - Chapter 1475: Three Generations of Ancient Trees

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Floating high in the air like a towering mountain peak, Chatvic looked around and saw all the enormous arms. After using his bloodline to perceive them, he sighed with mixed feelings and said, “Our ancestors have thoroughly died, but their unyielding will has been engraved in their arms forever!”

“Though our eight ancestors have also died completely, their bones still contain pure flame power,” Scotte said.


Like a streak of golden lightning, the Golden-feathered Divine Finch flew over to Chatvic and cried in a shrill voice, “This is not the only landmass here!”

The three Ancientspirits were all amazed.

At the mottled altar, Nie Tian and Pei Qiqi were whispering when Grand Monarch Primal Wood of the Floragrims suddenly closed his eyes.

Emerald veins quietly appeared on his arms, neck, and forehead.

The patterns were very similar to the mysterious patterns of the Tree of Life in Nie Tian’s Wood Thriving Formation.

Grand Monarch Primal Wood’s body emitted vitality vivaciously.


A green pillar of light suddenly surged out from the top of Grand Monarch Primal Wood’s head and pierced directly into the sky.

There were many spectacular sights inside the pillar of light. There were blurred figures of deceased Floragrim grand monarchs, and a towering image of the Tree of Life before it had withered.

There were also lots of intricate tree patterns that represented the true meanings of the Floragrims’ bloodline.

Nie Tian and Pei Qiqi, who were about to discuss the altar in-depth, instantly fell silent.

Subconsciously, they looked at Grand Monarch Primal Wood.


It seemed that the green pillar of light that had shot from the top of Grand Monarch Primal Wood’s head had penetrated the realm barrier and reached the starry river.

Nie Tian was secretly shocked.

Because the gravitational field of this realm was terrifying, every time he came here, he would have to leave through the huge pit in the middle of this landmass after piercing through the ward with the Star Behemoth bone.

His strength hadn’t yet enabled him to soar into the sky.

However, Grand Monarch Primal Wood, whose bloodline was at the tenth grade, managed to pierce through the realm barrier with nothing but a pillar of his flesh aura.

Grand Monarch Primal Wood opened his eyes abruptly.

In an instant, Nie Tian noticed that images of the impossibly large tree and the Nether River branch that was slowly but firmly flowing towards the roots of the ancient tree emerged in the depths of his pupils.

At that moment, Nie Tian suddenly understood — Grand Monarch Primal Wood was here for the ancient tree!

The three Ancientspirit experts, who had sensed something, sped over from different directions. “Primal Wood!”

Upon arriving, they also saw the unusual sight in Grand Monarch Primal Wood’s pupils.

The three Ancientspirit experts, whose bloodlines were all at the tenth grade, were greatly shocked. “Good heavens!”

“Primal Wood, that large tree, is, is...” Chatvic could no longer speak fluently. “I can’t believe a tree can be so large! Compared to it, even the Star Behemoth is too small! There’s actually such a wonderful species in this starry river!”

Scotte and the Golden-feathered Divine Finch both marveled in awe.

Pei Qiqi was also absolutely amazed. “That is?”

As a newcomer to this place, she was also shocked by the unusual sight in the depths of Grand Monarch Primal Wood’s pupils. A little dazed, she felt that her view of this starry river was being overturned.

Nie Tian took a deep breath and asked, his eyes shining brightly, “Grand Monarch Primal Wood, is the giant tree the creator of your people? Is it the Tree of Life?”

“It’s the first generation,” Grand Monarch Primal Wood replied in a deep tone.

“First generation?” Nie Tian was shocked. “What do you mean? Are there other generations of the Tree of Life?”

Grand Monarch Primal Wood responded by asking, “Do you remember the Heaven-equal Vine that you returned to us?”

Nie Tian nodded. “Of course. As the Heaven-equal Vine approached the end of its life, it wanted to return to the Floragrims’ ancestral land and leave its seed before it died naturally.”

“Exactly. This Tree of Life went through the same thing,” Grand Monarch Primal Wood said.

Nie Tian narrowed his eyes as he tried to digest his words.

“This Tree of Life was the first one,” Grand Monarch Primal Wood explained, “After it withered, its seed fell into our ancestral land. After taking root and sprouting, the seed grew into the Tree of Life that stood in our forbidden land. Our race was created by the second generation of the Tree of Life. That dead Tree of Life is the source of our bloodline.

“However, the second generation of Tree of Life has also withered and died.”

Speaking to this point, Grand Monarch Primal Wood became emotional. “There’s a limit to the longevity of creatures that have a physical body in heaven and earth. Unusual species like the Tree of Life outlive almost all other beings, but they still need to produce offspring, like the Heaven-equal Vine.

“So it’s the third generation...”

“I know!” Nie Tian shouted with sharp, sparkling eyes. “When I was in the Domain of the Falling Stars, I visited an unusual place by accident where a titan was hidden in the ground. A Tree of Life grew out of a pool filled with wood power that I later found out to be one of his eyes. That Tree of Life even bore Fruits of Life!”

Grand Monarch Primal Wood nodded. “Yes, that’s the third generation.”

Chatvic was shocked. “One of our Titans is nourishing the third generation Tree of Life with his own flesh aura?”

This was the first time he had heard it. He looked doubtfully at Grand Monarch Primal Wood. “Are you sure you’re not mistaken? Where is the third generation of Tree of Life? Why would my clansman help it?”

“It’s even difficult for us to set foot in the unusual land where the third generation of Tree of Life is,” Grand Monarch Primal Wood said before giving Nie Tian a deep look, with a complicated expression. “You could get into it because it accepted your aura. The reason why the third generation Tree of Life is so elusive is that it is not yet fully grown.

“But it was the third generation Tree of Life that guided me and gave me strength.

“It has met you. Those Fruits of Life were a gift from it. You would not have been even qualified to enter the place, let alone pluck those Fruits of Life, if it hadn’t been for your peculiar aura.”

Nie Tian was shocked. “It was actually it who guided you?”

Grand Monarch Primal Wood nodded and said, “Yes. As it grows, its consciousness is gradually reviving. Even though it’s not in our ancestral land, it can still reach me through the withered second generation of Tree of Life in our ancestral land. It called upon me and helped me recover and break through the bloodline barrier because it has sensed a crisis.

“What crisis?” Nie Tian asked.

“This Nether River branch is going to eat away at the body of its first generation Tree of Life,” Grand Monarch Primal Wood replied. “The reason why it wanted me to come to you was because it wanted us to cooperate with you to stop the Nether River branch, and cut it off.”

Hearing this, Nie Tian, who had doubts about what he had said, was more convinced than doubtful.

“It’s obviously on another unusual land, but it’s aware of what’s going on here?” Nie Tian asked curiously.

Grand Monarch Primal Wood explained, “Although it is the third generation, the bodies of its first two generations are eternally connected to it. To it, the shriveled tree in our ancestral land and the tree here are like two mirrors through which it can see everything that’s going on in those two places. It’s just that it hasn’t been able to break the spatial limits and infiltrate its consciousness into the shriveled trees.”

Nie Tian was stunned. “What if it grows?”

“Then it can certainly do it,” Grand Monarch Primal Wood replied positively. “So it needs time now, time to grow up. But the Nether River branch didn’t want to give it that time, as it wants to completely destroy it from the source, from the first generation.”