Lord of All Realms - Chapter 1474: Distributing Resources

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On one of the dead stars that surrounded the Seven Stars Realm Sea.


Summoned by Nie Tian, the Flame Dragon Armor flew out in the form of a suit of armor.

Exceptionally strong spatial fluctuations suddenly emerged on the chestpiece of the armor, as Agaz’s soul awareness instantly pierced through space and reached the dilapidated altar surrounded by eight flame dragon skeletons.

“Agaz!” Scotte, who also belonged to the dragon race, exclaimed. His enormous dragon eyes, like two balls of raging lightning, sputtered wisps of lightning.

Now, many years later, as Scotte sensed Agaz’s aura, he found that not only had he inherited his father’s bloodline wonders, but his bloodline seemed to have been vested with other fiery wonders.

In his senses, Agaz’s bloodline had advanced to the middle ninth grade, which was only slightly lower than that of his older brother Felix’s bloodline.

Furthermore, he had a feeling that Agaz’s potential had risen above that of Felix, and perhaps even their father Baptista.

Baptista was the high chieftain of the whole dragon race, a late tenth grade grand monarch!

If Agaz were to surpass Baptista one day...

Even more wisps of lightning sputtered from Scotte’s eyes.


Fiery light blossomed as the Flame Dragon Armor opened a spatial tunnel.

“We’re good to go,” Nie Tian said.

Without any hesitation, Grand Monarch Primal Wood took the initiative to fly into it.

Scotte, Chatvic, and the Golden-feathered Divine Finch also flew into the spatial tunnel after shrinking to a fitting size.

“See you on the other side.” After saying these words to Nie Tian, Pei Qiqi also flew into the portal in a flash.

“I’ll go too,” Dong Li said, looking discontent.

“No, you’ll stay here and manage the situation,” Nie Tian said. “In that mysterious place, there’s this vortex from which a branch of the Nether River is flowing out of. I want Senior Martial Sister Pei to go because she might be able to unveil its secrets.”

Before Dong Li could say anything, Nie Tian turned around and flew into the spatial tunnel.

As soon as he did, the fiery tunnel that Agaz had created shrank into a small cluster of fire that dissipated.

“Asshole!” Dong Li cursed, looking exasperated.

“Don’t feel bad, Miss Dong,” Fata of the Floragrims said with a smile. “You couldn’t have accessed that tunnel anyways.”

“What does that mean?” Dong Li asked, looking even more exasperated.

“That tunnel has an aura that’s similar to that of the portals we use to travel between our realms and the human world,” Fata explained. “That aura has a restrictive effect on those with feeble bodies, which means only hybrids like Pei Qiqi and Nie Tian and pure-bred beings that were born with special bloodlines can access it.

“No matter how profound your dark power is, the moment you enter that tunnel, all of your dark power protections will fail.

“You won’t be able to pass through that blazing tunnel by relying on your fleshly body.”

His explanation was plain and honest.

Even though Dong Li understood after listening for a while, that didn’t stop her from being unhappy.

However, she gradually calmed herself and muttered, “The situation is grim indeed. You Qimiao led the Ripper Behemoth to the Realm of Heaven Span. Grand Monarch Primal Wood probably came here because they’re facing some dire situation as well.”

She gazed down at the Seven Stars Realm Sea. “The portal down there connects to the Void World, where three powerful races are lurking...”

Having reached this point in her train of thought, she made an important decision.

Without delay, she summoned Yu Suying, Mo Qianfan, Master Blood Spirit, and Xie Qian to a secret cabin in an ancient starship. Looking at them, she said, “It’s unknown how things will develop from this point forward. It’s about time we put the Soul-cleansing Origin Elixir to use. Which of you are ready to break through to new cultivation bases?”

Yu Suying’s eyes lit up as she said with excitement, “Me! And my junior martial sister Han Qing!”

Dong Li nodded and turned to Mo Qianfan. “What about you?”

Mo Qianfan smiled bitterly and shook his head. “I’ve only broken through to the early God domain recently with Nie Tian’s help. I haven’t fully grasped the wonders of the Thunder-devouring Whale yet. It’s impossible for me to make another breakthrough so soon.”

His heart was laden with rue.

“It’s alright,” Dong Li said with a comforting tone. “Even though it’s still going to be some time before you’re ready to break through to the middle God domain, perhaps we’ll have more Soul-cleansing Origin Elixir when that day comes.”

After hearing this, Mo Qianfan smiled brightly and said, “I hope so.”

Master Blood Spirit’s eyes glittered as he said, “I’m only a step away from entering the early God domain now. I’m quite confident about it! Even without the Soul-cleansing Origin Elixir, I think I have a seventy percent chance to succeed!”

Dong Li nodded. “Good, you’ll take a share of the soul-cleansing Origin Elixir.”

“Many thanks!” Master Blood Spirit was very grateful.

After pondering for a long while, Xie Qian said, “I think I’ll try to make my breakthrough too. Unlike Master Blood Spirit, I’m not quite confident in succeeding on my own. However, if I can cleanse my soul of its impurities with some Soul-cleansing Origin Elixir, I think my odds will be pretty good.”

“Are you sure?” Dong Li asked.

Xie Qian took a deep breath and assumed a serious expression. “Yes!”

“Alright, you’re entitled to a share of the Soul-cleansing Origin Elixir too,” Dong Li said.

With these words, she went on to distribute the Soul-cleansing Origin Elixir, hoping it would help these cornerstones of Nie Tian’s force make breakthroughs in their cultivation within a short time.

Once they did, the strength of Nie Tian’s force would become every bit as strong as that of the current four great sects.

“You’re forgetting someone: Yin Xingtian,” Mo Qianfan suddenly said.

Yu Suying jumped in and said, “Yin Xingtian doesn’t need Soul-cleansing Origin Elixir anymore. He began his breakthrough into the God domain long ago. I believe it won’t be long before we receive word of his success.”

The only thing that had held Yin Xingtian from the Streamcloud Sword Sect back was his diminishing lifespan.

After Nie Tian had extended his lifespan through Life Grant, he had gained the confidence to break through to the God domain on his own.

As a late Saint domain cultivator, that old eccentric had dared to fight those at the early God domain. If he actually broke through to the God domain, his strength would be bound to soar.

“If that’s the case, it’s better that he’s given some Soul-cleansing Origin Elixir when he attempts to enter the middle God domain,” Mo Qianfan said with mixed emotions. “No wonder people call him an old eccentric. Once he breaks through to the God domain, I doubt that I’ll be able to match him in battle anymore. Even his Heavenbreaker may advance to a higher grade thanks to his breakthrough in cultivation.”

Smiling, Yu Suying said, “My junior martial sister will give a strong boost to our strength too once she enters the God domain!”

“Great! The more God domain experts we have, the firmer our status in the human world will be!” Dong Li said with an encouraging tone. “I sincerely hope that all of your breakthroughs will be successful.

“If you all advance to new cultivation bases, Nie Tian will definitely be pleasantly surprised when he comes back!”


“Eight flame dragons!”

“Ancestors of my people!”

Scotte the lightning dragon and Chatvic let out exclamations upon setting foot on the dilapidated altar.

Scotte’s eyes were captured by the flame dragon skeletons, while Chatvic fixed his gaze on the unbending titan arms that reached into the heavens. Both of them were astonished.

The Golden-feathered Divine Finch let out a sharp cry and flew into the distance.

Upon arriving, the three Ancientspirit experts spread out to explore the wonders of this heaven and earth.

Pei Qiqi, however, simply stood there and observed the dilapidated altar quietly.

“Nie Tian, this altar...”

Eyes narrowed, she suddenly activated a bloodline magic, muttering, “Bloodline: Void Tracing!”


Like transparent flies, tiny bits of sparkling light flew out of the dilapidated altar before joyfully fusing into her and becoming a part of her bloodline.

All of a sudden, illusory images manifested before Pei Qiqi’s eyes.

Nie Tian’s eyebrows rose as he asked curiously, “Was this dilapidated altar built by Voidspirits like the portal at the bottom of the Seven Stars Realm Sea was?”

Pei Qiqi shook her head. “Not exactly. This altar wasn’t built by Voidspirits. However, they did make changes to it after it was built. The one who built this ancient altar vested it with the ability to refine...”

With these words, she pointed at the eight flame dragon skeletons that faced the altar. “With power channeled from these flame dragon skeletons. They and this altar are made into a harmonious whole.

“This isn’t something the Voidspirits are good at. Later, some Voidspirits came along and added teleportation spell formations to this altar, vesting it with the ability to shatter the shackles of space and teleport living beings.”

As she spoke, frequent bloodline fluctuations came from her, as if her bloodline were receiving the bloodline imprints the Voidspirits had branded within the altar.

Grand Monarch Primal Wood, who had entered with them, didn’t go around and examine this magical land as the three Ancientspirit experts had.

However, as he quietly listened to Nie Tian and Pei Qiqi’s conversation, his immense sea-like soul awareness secretly spread out.

Having reached the late tenth grade, he simply stood there as his soul awareness spread to every corner of this heaven and earth.

Soon, he gained a panoramic soul view of this place. Not even the slightest details could escape his soul awareness.