Lord of All Realms - Chapter 1473: Meeting Again

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In the Realm of Heaven Span.


Wielding the Limpid Cyan Sword, Fan Tianze flew through the Godspan Sword Formation into the starry river.

“You Qimiao!” Fan Tianze shouted, holding the divine sword, his torrential aura connected to the countless sword lights in the grand spell formation behind him in a subtle manner.

Some of the sword lights seemed to be chirping joyfully, as if they could shoot out of the Godspan Sword Formation to kill his enemy for him at any moment.

Those sword lights had been branded in the grand spell formation by the former sectmaster of the Heaven Span Pavilion.

Rather than Chu Yuan, Fan Tianze had been the disciple the former sectmaster had adored the most, and placed the highest hopes on.

For this reason, those sword lights he had branded in the Godspan Sword Formation warmed up to him and expressed their willingness to fight for Fan Tianze upon sensing his aura.

You Qimiao came to a stop in front of him, standing on his Yin Yang Chaos Mirror. After taking a deep look at him, he said, “No wonder they called you the strongest cultivator below the peak before Mo Heng came along.

“But it’s too bad that you haven’t reached the late God domain. Even though you’ve won those sword lights’ acknowledgment, it’s meaningless. After all, I’m not here to fight you in the starry river outside the Realm of Heaven Span.”

With the Godspan Sword Formation at his back, Fan Tianze could undoubtedly create trouble for him.

However, those sword lights couldn’t go too far from the Godspan Sword Formation.

If the distance was too great, then Fan Tianze wouldn’t be able to use them in battle and vest himself with the might of the grand spell formation.

“What do you want by attracting that Ripper Behemoth to us, You Qimiao?” Fan Tianze asked.

“You spend little time in the Heaven Span Pavilion. Most of the time, you travel around and cultivate without the Heaven Span Pavilion’s vast resources.” You Qimiao’s eyes grew narrow and cold as he continued, “So perhaps you don’t know certain things. Chu Yuan, the sectmaster of your sect, took several precious treasures from my sect so he could use them to forge a sword.

“I don’t know if you still have them. If you do and are willing to return them to me now, I promise I’ll lead the Ripper Behemoth away.

“But if Chu Yuan has already consumed them, then...”

Intense killing intent filled You Qimiao’s eyes. “Then I’ll have to let the Ripper Behemoth rip through your Godspan Sword Formation and destroy your sect, because only by doing that can I face my master without feeling ashamed.”

Confusion filled Fan Tianze’s face. “I don’t know what you’re talking about.”

“Go ask Elder Ye Wenhan of your sect if you want.” You Qimiao waved his hand, signaling him to make haste. “But it won’t be long before the Ripper Behemoth traces the aura I left for it to this place. You’d better give me an answer as soon as possible.”

Fan Tianze nodded. “Sure.”

Immediately afterwards, he flew through the Godspan Sword Formation and returned to the Realm of Heaven Span. His immense soul awareness rapidly locked onto Ye Wenhan, and he said urgently, “You Qimiao demands the things we took from him be returned to him. He said that the sectmaster took them from his sect in order to forge some sword. Is that true?”

Ye Wenhan let out a sigh and nodded. “Yes. The sectmaster did seize a few things from the former sectmaster of the Remote Beginning Heavenly Sect.”

“Then where are those things now?” Fan Tianze asked aloud.

Ye Wenhan cast his gaze down. “Only the sectmaster knows that.”

Fan Tianze’s face fell.


At the Seven Stars Realm Sea.

Nie Tian’s subordinates were gathered on the seven dead stars that surrounded the Realm Sea, along with powerful Saint domain experts from across the human domains.

Upon hearing that Nie Tian had returned, all of them showed a strong interest in meeting with him.

As the Domain of Heaven Span was facing a perilous situation, Grand Monarch Primal Wood and the Ancientspirit experts were eager to meet with Nie Tian.

There was a portal at the bottom of the azure sea that connected to the Void World.

You Qimiao from the Remote Beginning Heavenly Sect had returned from the Void World with Soul-cleansing Origin Elixir, which had helped him successfully break through to the late God domain.

There were even rumors that the peak experts from the four great sects had also gone to the Void World, which held the secrets to transcending the limits of the God domain.

Rumors like these somehow spread through the human world, focusing the attention of powerful experts from different domains on the Seven Stars Realm Sea.

Even the seven lifeless stars became populated locations for Void and Saint domain experts to reside temporarily.

In the distant starry river.

In rolling lightning and thunder, a huge dragon slowly appeared, surrounded by slithering lightning bolts.

“Scotte the lightning dragon!”

After the huge dragon, Chatvic the titan, the Golden-feathered Divine Finch, and Grand Monarch Primal Wood of the Floragrims appeared one after another.

“What the?!” Some uninformed Qi warriors unleashed their Saint domains in panic and prepared for battle, assuming this was another Ancientspirit invasion.

“No need to panic. They’re here to meet Nie Tian.” Those who knew what was happening hastily said to them. “Even before Chu Rui and Fan Tianze returned to the Heaven Span Pavilion, rumor had it that Grand Monarch Primal Wood and a few Ancientspirit grand monarchs wanted to see Nie Tian. It’s just that Nie Tian hadn’t returned, so they had to wait somewhere else.”

“They’re here to meet with Nie Tian? Not Fan Tianze, not Chu Rui?”

“That’s right. They mostly want to meet with Nie Tian, our master!”

Qi warriors from the five major sects and three major clans from the Domain of Heaven’s Boundaries felt proud as they explained things to the others.

They even stuck out their chests as they spoke, even though their cultivation bases were lower than those of the visitors they talked to.

“Nie Tian!” Grand Monarch Primal Wood of the Floragrims called, wreathed in his immense sparkling green flesh aura sea, which seemed to be able to nourish all lives.

Ecstatic, Fata exclaimed, “You’ve not only recovered from your injuries, but joined the ranks of late tenth grade grand monarchs! I really didn’t expect this!”

He was truly happy for Grand Monarch Primal Wood, especially now when his father was away and the Spirit World was withering away, leaving their people no place to survive.

Grand Monarch Primal Wood’s breakthrough at this special time was of great importance to the Floragrims.

Nie Tian flew out. Floating over one of the dead stars, he waved at Grand Monarch Primal Wood and said, “I’m here. It’s good timing that you came here to meet me now. I happen to have something I want to talk to you about.”

Scotte the lightning dragon, the Golden-feathered Divine Finch, and Chatvic approached.

“Nie Tian, I hear that you learned Titan’s Wrath from a special place you visited. Is that true?” Chatvic asked before Grand Monarch Primal Wood could say anything. “Can you please take us there?”

A surprised expression appeared on Nie Tian’s face. “That’s actually what I wanted to talk to you about. What are the chances?”

“What?” Scotte said. “You wanted to see us because you wanted to take us there?”

Nie Tian nodded. “That’s right.”

Grand Monarch Primal Wood seemed thrilled to hear this. “Nie Tian! Did you find anything special there? The creator of my people, the Tree of Life, is reviving. It instructed me to find you and give you the help you need.”

Nie Tian was flabbergasted. “The Tree of Life is reviving?”

He had sensed marks left by the Tree of Life in the endless blood sea that was his bloodline origin.

He and the Tree of Life seemed to share the same bloodline origin.

Now, the Tree of Life was reviving, and had instructed Grand Monarch Primal Wood to come help him... Was that incredibly colossal tree in the mysterious area of the starry river the reason?

So that colossal tree wasn’t the Tree of Life?

“Yes, and it’s not just me. They’re also here hoping that you’ll take us to that special place,” Grand Monarch Primal Wood said, looking rather urgent. “I can assure you that we mean no harm. If there’s anything else you want to talk about, we can talk after we get there. I’m afraid that we’ll be too late to stop the infiltration of the Void World if we waste too much time here.”

A puzzled look appeared on Nie Tian’s face. “By infiltration of the Void World, do you mean the branch of the Nether River that extended there?”

“We can only figure out the details after we get there,” Chatvic said.

Nie Tian pondered briefly before nodding and saying, “Alright, I’ll take you there. Also, will you come with me too, Senior Martial Sister Pei?”