Lord of All Realms - Chapter 1470: The Calamity of Behemoth

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The Ripper Behemoth continued to devastate the Domain of Heaven Span.

The armies of Ancientspirit and outsider experts that had marched into the Domain of Heaven Span in formidable arrays had been crushed by it before they could establish firm footholds.

After a large number of them had been killed and devoured by the Ripper Behemoth, they had no choice but retreat.

The Spirit World was running out of its energy of heaven and earth, rendering them uninhabitable.

Therefore, the invaders, who shouldered the responsibility of finding new homes for their clansmen, fled to nearby domains after suffering an utter defeat from the Ripper Behemoth in the Domain of Heaven Span.

In a dark, gray realm.

In their true forms, Chatvic the titan, Scotte the lightning dragon, and the Golden-feathered Divine Finch devoured spiritual energy of heaven and earth to replenish the tremendous amount of power they had consumed earlier.

All of their people had suffered heavy casualties.

Every time they mentioned the Ripper Behemoth, they gnashed their teeth furiously and let out futile sighs.


Grand Monarch Primal Wood of the Floragrims suddenly arrived like a river of green flesh aura.


Every Ancientspirit that was recuperating in the realm felt a jolt to their flesh auras.

The enormous Chatvic, who was sitting on the ground, slowly rose to his feet.

Amazed, he said, “It’s Grand Monarch Primal Wood? Such flesh aura seems to contain the truths of life. His arrival vests this heaven and earth with added life force!”

Scotte the lightning dragon took a deep breath and said, “He’s attracting wood power from the surrounding areas of the starry river to this realm. His arrival is speeding up the recovery of my flesh aura.”

The Golden-feathered Divine Finch found this confusing. “Didn’t they say he was badly injured by Grand Monarch Bloodlust and Grand Monarch Pale Bones?”

“This aura...” Scotte sensed with rapt attention before suddenly exclaiming, “The late tenth grade! I can’t believe he’s actually broken his bloodline shackles and risen to the same height as Grand Monarch Life Wood! This is unbelievable!”

While they discussed this, Grand Monarch Primal Wood flew over with a loud whoosh.

As he landed in their midst, the originally-thin wood power in this realm experienced subtle changes.

Countless emerald green sparks rained from the heavens.

Bathed in the rain of green sparks, all of the Ancientspirits with enormous forms felt a warmth running through them, and their flesh auras began to recover at an alarming rate.

All of their open wounds healed at a visible speed.

“What happened to you, Primal Wood?!” Chatvic exclaimed, his eyes filled with elation. “You shouldn’t have been able to advance to the late tenth grade within such a short time!”

Grand Monarch Primal Wood took a deep breath and said, “The Tree of Life, the creator of my people, is reviving! It turns out it didn’t die. It was merely dormant from a prolonged session of self-healing. Now, it has sensed the unprecedented crisis we’re experiencing, with the energy of the entire Spirit World falling out of balance, so it vested me with power and showed me the way!”

“What? Your Tree of Life is reviving?” Chatvic asked, astonished.

“I’m here because I hope you’ll join me in a talk with Nie Tian and the human experts,” Grand Monarch Primal Wood said with a grim expression. “This will not only determine the future of our kinds, but the humans too. In fact, the humans aren’t our enemy. The Demons, Phantasms, and Bonebrutes are.

“Or I should say, the three major races of the Void World are our true enemy!”


“You Qimiao has made his breakthrough!”

This piece of news rapidly traveled through the human domains.

If Qu Yi, Chu Yuan, and the other peak human experts had been around, this wouldn’t have been considered breaking news.

After all, any of them would be strong enough to overtake You Qimiao.

But now...

After advancing to the late God domain, he had become the one with the highest cultivation base among the human experts that were currently in the human domains.

At the same time, his Remote Beginning Heavenly Sect had close connections with the Shadow Society and the Jade Heaven Sect. Even Xuan Guangyu had joined their gang.

Since their retreat from the Domain of Heaven Span, Xuan Guangyu and the others hadn’t shown up till now.

No one knew what they were up to.

Xuan Guangyu and the others had been a hidden problem. Now that You Qimiao had officially entered the late God domain, their strength was practically unmatched throughout the human world.

If they wanted to do something, who would be able to stop them?

“What? Grand Monarch Primal Wood of the Floragrims and three Ancientspirit leaders want to meet us and Nie Tian?” Fan Tianze asked aloud, fixing Dong Li with a disbelieving look. “What do they want by meeting with us at this time?”

“It’s actually Nie Tian who they mostly want to meet, Senior Fan,” Dong Li said, looking somewhat apologetic.

“Wasn’t Grand Monarch Primal Wood badly injured?” Chu Rui asked with a puzzled expression.

“He’s recovered,” Dong Li said. “In fact, he’s even advanced from the middle to the late tenth grade. Thanks to his healing bloodline magics, the other Ancientspirit grand monarchs seem to be recovering speedily.”

Ye Wenhan’s expression flickered with astonishment. “The late tenth grade?!”

“Where’s Nie Tian now?” Fan Tianze asked. “Let’s figure out a way to get him back and find out what Grand Monarch Primal Wood and those Ancientspirits want.”

“He...” Dong Li said, frowning. Then, she cast a glance at Pei Qiqi, who was standing expressionlessly in a place not far from her. “Do you know how to get him out of there?”

Both of them knew Nie Tian had gone to the Domain of Flame’s End to enter that magical land with the Flame Dragon Armor as the key, so he could refine the five evil gods.

Dong Li thought that Pei Qiqi’s expertise in spatial power might allow her to reach him.

Pei Qiqi, however, remained expressionless.

“You...” Dong Li seemed exasperated.

“Just wait,” Pei Qiqi said coldly.

Dampened, Dong Li spread her hands helplessly and said, “It seems we can only wait for him to come back. Grand Monarch Primal Wood and those Ancientspirits will have to wait too.”

“How about we talk with Grand Monarch Primal Wood and those who have come with him first?” Chu Rui asked.

Dong Li shook her head. “They said that Nie Tian has to be there. Otherwise, they wouldn’t meet, much less discuss what they’re here for. It seems that Nie Tian’s attendance is the premise of this meeting.”

Upon hearing this, all of the God domain experts and leaders of various human sects and clans present had strange looks on their faces.

No matter how talented Nie Tian was, he was merely at the Saint domain.

However, all of them found his Saint domain cultivation base unmatched by his unique cultivation talent and wonders.

It didn’t matter whether it was them, the Floragrims, or the Ancientspirits. They all attached great importance to Nie Tian, and had asked for his opinion or had asked him to do certain things at crucial moments.

Even though Nie Tian hadn’t become the Lord of the Stars of the Ancient Fragmentary Star Palace yet, his status had already risen to the level of figures like Ji Cang.

Chu Rui nodded. “If that’s the case, let’s wait then.”

“But the Domain of Heaven Span is still suffering from the Ripper Behemoth. How long will we have to wait?” Ye Wenhan said bitterly.

Dong Li didn’t make a sound.

While they waited, pieces of news came from the Domain of Heaven Span.

New realms were reduced to dead realms by the Ripper Behemoth every once in a while.

Fan Tianze had to order the humans that lived in realms close to the Ripper Behemoth to leave their homes.

This meant the Heaven Span Pavilion was quite helpless when it came to containing the Ripper Behemoth.

No one knew how long it would continue to feed or how many more realms it would devour.

The disciples of the Heaven Span Pavilion could only pray that the frenzied Ripper Behemoth would stay away from their main realms, most importantly the Realm of Heaven Span.

On this day, He Lianxiong rushed over from the Domain of Heaven Span.

“Elder Ye!” He exclaimed, his eyes reddened and his robust body shivering. “You Qimiao from the Remote Beginning Heavenly Sect went to the Domain of Heaven Span! He provoked and made the Ripper Behemoth pursue him! Now, he’s heading towards the very foundation of our sect, the Realm of Heaven Span!”

Fan Tianze and Ye Wenhan’s faces became ashen as soon as they heard this.

The first thing You Qimiao did after entering the late God Domain was to go to the Domain of Heaven Span, provoke the senseless Ripper Behemoth, and lead it towards the Realm of Heaven Span. His sinister motives couldn’t be clearer.

He wanted to use the Ripper Behemoth to deal the Heaven Span Pavilion a heavy blow.

The Realm of Heaven Span was the foundation of the Heaven Span Pavilion, which was one of the four ancient sects. It’s protective grand spell formation was so sturdy that even You Qimiao couldn’t breach it with his current strength.

However, that Ripper Behemoth could most likely destroy the grand spell formation that protected the Realm of Heaven Span.

Once that was accomplished, the Heaven Span Pavilion’s efforts to build up this realm over the past hundreds of thousands of years would go down the drain.

“You Qimiao!”