Lord of All Realms - Chapter 1468: Coming Clean

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The Nether River continued to flow.

Though winding, its goal to reach the roots of the colossal ancient tree had never changed.

However, as Nie Tian condensed one Heavenly Spirit Seal after another with its water and the powerful soul-form beings within it, its flow seemed to have slowed down.

During this time, Nie Tian’s soul power was also consumed rapidly.

Free from the confinement of the Illusory Ancient Talismans, the five evil gods floated over Nie Tian, each with a prismatic crystal embedded in the spot between their eyebrows.


More glowing cyan spots flew constantly out of the Nether River and into the five evil gods.

With every spot that flew into them, peculiar ripples seemed to stir in the evil gods’ souls, as if they could rearrange their soul memories.

Thanks to the existence of the Heavenly Spirit Seals, all of their rebellion and unruliness had been eliminated.

Through the Heavenly Spirit Seals, Nie Tian could not only end their lives any time he wanted, but he could also capture the subtle changes of their emotions.

He could feel that the five evil gods no longer harbored hostility towards him, but were instinctively loyal to him now.

The shocking might of the Heavenly Spirit Seals lifted his spirits.

“Now the sixth one!”

The sixth prismatic Heavenly Spirit Seal came to form after devouring powerful soul-form beings from the Nether River. Then, as he mustered soul power, the seal flew out of the Nether River under his control.

“Come out!”

The Four Manifestations Flame Soul Cauldron, an Immortal grade divine tool from the fire element sect, was yanked out of his ring of holding.

The flame dragon, flame qilin, flame phoenix, and vermilion bird manifested on the surface of the giant three-legged cauldron, exuding intense a flame aura as though they were still alive.

Upon leaving the ring of holding, the giant cauldron’s soul sensed the Heavenly Spirit Seal’s unique aura. Its instincts told it that this wasn’t good. “What... what are you doing, Nie Tian? Something, something about that seal is very disturbing!”

Nie Tian’s face split into a smile. “I made it specially for you.”

The prismatic Heavenly Spirit Seal burst forth with cyan light as countless sparkling cyan particles constantly collided with each other, giving rise to peculiar sounds that only the Four Manifestations Flame Soul Cauldron’s soul could perceive.

With every sound that echoed out, the Four Manifestations Flame Soul Cauldron felt like it was going to collapse.

“No! Stop!”

It panicked by simply hearing the peculiar sounds and watching the Heavenly Spirit Seal approach.

This divine tool, which had been forged by Pang Bo and regarded as the protector treasure of the fire element sect, had a unique feature.

Its soul had been made by combining and refining the discarnate souls of a flame dragon, a flame qilin, a flame phoenix, and a vermilion bird. This gave its soul an unstable nature.

Now, as the Heavenly Spirit Seal approached, its soul felt as if it were going to break apart.

“If you use this seal on me, you won’t control me, you’ll destroy me,” The Four Manifestations Flame Soul Cauldron’s soul cried aloud. “Unlike other tool souls, I’m a combination of four discarnate souls. Once I break apart and dissipate, the might of the cauldron will be significantly reduced! Its grade will plunge too!

“Calm down, Nie Tian. Perhaps you can take me back to the Realm of Fire Spirit to give me to Shao Tianyang or others from the fire element sect.

“That way, Pang Chicheng won’t be able to take me back, and my value and power will be put to good use when I’m with the fire element sect.

“Just don’t use that seal on me, please!

“You may consider this a favor returned to me for me helping you in the palace underneath that volcano before.”

From the way the Four Manifestations Flame Soul Cauldron begged, it was clearly terrified by the Heavenly Spirit Seal that had been conjured from water and powerful souls from the Nether River.

Nie Tian stayed his hand.

Watching the panicked giant cauldron implore on and on, he grew hesitant.

After a while of silence, Nie Tian said, “I want to know what happened after you and Pang Chicheng left the Realm of Fire Spirit. Where and how did he advance to the God domain? Was it him who awakened that Ripper Behemoth, or did he do it with your help?

“Why would the sectmaster of the Nether Spirit Society suddenly show up at the Seven Stars Realm Sea, possessed by a sub-soul of Grand Monarch Thousand Spirits of the Netherspirits?

“Also, I want to know who’s behind everything Pang Chicheng did. Is there some kind of deal between him and Xuan Guangyu, the Shadow Society, the Remote Beginning Heavenly Sect, and the Jade Heaven Sect?”

Considering that the Four Manifestations Flame Soul Cauldron had been with Pang Chicheng, it should know everything he had done.

Nie Tian intended to figure out his relationships with Xuan Guangyu and the sectmaster of the Nether Spirit Society.

“I can tell you all that, but you’ve got to promise that you’ll take me back to the Realm of Fire Spirit.” The Four Manifestations Flame Soul Cauldron’s soul bargained. “You’ll return me to the current sectmaster, Shao Tianyang, or other members of the fire element sect, and let them decide where I should be.

“And you won’t use that creepy seal against me!”

Nie Tian nodded. “Okay, you got it.”

“I’ll talk after you dissipate or put that seal away.” The Four Manifestations Flame Soul Cauldron’s soul insisted.

“Alright then.” Looking at the prismatic Heavenly Spirit Seal that was glittering with cyan light, he pondered how to dissipate it.

He had expended great effort to master the method to make Heavenly Spirit Seals. However, he hadn’t learned how to destroy them.

Furthermore, it wasn’t easy to make a Heavenly Spirit Seal. He had to channel water and souls from the Nether River and combine them with his soul will. Therefore, he cherished it too much to throw it away.

The Spirit Pearl’s soul had been observing the whole time. At this moment, it said, “Master, seals like that can be kept in the cyan heaven and earth inside the Spirit Pearl.

“You throw it in here, and I’ll guard it. Now that you’ve enslaved those five with Heavenly Spirit Seals and stopped their rebellion, I’m not under pressure anymore. I can help keep that Heavenly Spirit Seal, so you can enslave another soul-form being with it in the future.

“Master, I even think you may want to make more of them while you’re here, and this branch of the Nether River is still flowing.

“You can keep all of them in the pearl for future use.”

Nie Tian’s eyes lit up. “That’s great!”


As a thought entered his mind, the Heavenly Spirit Seal flew into the Spirit Pearl.

Since the seal had been vested with his soul awareness, it was like an extension of his awareness.

As soon as it entered the cyan heaven and earth inside the Spirit Pearl, the Heavenly Spirit Seal seemed to float there and glow wondrously, as his star souls did in his sea of awareness.

He gave the Four Manifestations Flame Soul Cauldron a cold look, as if to tell it to come clean. “Now, tell me everything Pang Chicheng did after leaving the Realm of Fire Spirit.”

At the same time, he summoned soul power to condense more Heavenly Spirit Seals through the Nether River in front of him, so he could store them in the Spirit Pearl for future use.