Lord of All Realms - Chapter 1466: Wake Up

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In the main realm of the Floragrims in the Spirit World.

Ancient trees stood towering like green mountain peaks, blocking the heavens from sight.

During the last decade, however, it had become extremely difficult for those ancient trees to extract wood power from the starry river, so the realm where the Floragrims had been living for many generations no longer brimmed with energy.

In this realm, the growth of all sorts of plants had become stagnant.

Lots of spirit grass had withered and turned yellow, seeming to be on the verge of dying.


A green spatial passage burst open.

Grand Monarch Primal Wood of the Floragrims flew through it from the Domain of Heaven Span.

He was covered in wounds, and the wondrous natural tree patterns on his skin were faded to the point where they were almost invisible.

“Grand Monarch!” The elders of the Floragrims who had stayed behind gathered and asked, fixing him with concerned gazes, “You’re the one who commands our forces in the human world. Was there a problem?”

Grand Monarch Primal Wood looked around and saw genuine concern in their eyes.

“I was attacked by Grand Monarch Bloodlust, Grand Monarch Pale Bones, and Grand Monarch Nether Channeler,” Grand Monarch Primal Wood replied with a wry smile. “And we suffered setbacks with our invasion of the human world. I think...”

With a deep sigh, he suddenly activated Heavenly Wood Heal.


Wisps of green wood power gathered towards him like green rivers.

Grand Monarch Primal Wood’s injuries began to recover immediately.

Seeing him use this bloodline magic to absorb the wood power in this realm to heal his injuries, many Floragrims showed a look of hesitation. “Grand Monarch...”

“What’s the matter?” Grand Monarch Primal Wood asked curiously.

An old Floragrim elder lowered his head and said, not daring to look into his eyes, “It is extremely difficult for this realm to absorb wood power from outside the realm. In the past, you could heal yourself however you wanted with the help of the wood power in the realm because the wood energy was endless.

“But now, if you absorb too much wood power, it will affect the growth of the children.”

Grand Monarch Primal Wood stiffened.


A streak of green lightning shone from his fingertips, instantly cutting off his connection with the wood power of this realm.

After that, there was no longer a trace of wood power coming close to him.

He drew in a deep breath and asked gravely, “How much time do we have? How long will it be before the wood power of this realm is completely exhausted, rendering it uninhabitable for our race?”

The Floragrim elder weighed his words and said, “A hundred years at most. Our clansmen whose bloodlines have reached seventh grade had better leave as soon as possible, since the stronger their bloodline is, the more wood power they need.”

“I see,” said Grand Monarch Primal Wood with a heavy heart, nodding.

“Where’s Fata?” the elder asked.

Grand Monarch Primal Wood’s face froze. “Well...”

“What happened?”

“Fata was captured by the Demons and Bonebrutes, and I was unable to rescue him.”

“Ah!” the other Floragrims elders screamed.

Almost at the same time, a ray of unusual light flashed in Grand Monarch Primal Wood’s eyes and one of his bloodline talents naturally started.

“Ancestral land!” he shouted and flew high into the sky, heading for the legendary birthplace of the Floragrims.

That was where the Tree of Life had grew and wilted. Only the grand monarchs of the Floragrims were eligible to go there and derive the true meaning of life from the wonderful patterns of the withered Tree of Life.

“Grand Monarch!” Many Floragrim elders shouted, wanting to know what had happened.

However, Grand Monarch Primal Wood turned a deaf ear to them.

The wood power here, in the endless sea of green trees, was purer and thicker than anywhere else. Upon entering the place, Grand Monarch Primal Wood’s injuries started healing on their own.


His body shook violently as the bloodline imprints in his heart seemed to suddenly light up.

Somehow, he seemed to hear a cry from the depths of the ancestral land.

An immense ancient will seemed to be gradually waking up!

“The Tree of Life!”

Grand Monarch Primal Wood was so excited that he kneeled on the spot and kowtowed despite himself toward the depths of the exuberant green ancestral land. “Is it you who are calling me? Are you still alive?”

In their legends, the first Floragrim, Grand Monarch Heavenly Wood, was born from the Tree of Life.

The Tree of Life was recognized as the creator of the Floragrims.

The meaning the Tree of Life had to the Floragrims was just like that of the Nether River to the Phantasms.

According to the previous generations of Floragrim grand monarchs, the Tree of Life, which stood in the depths of the ancestral land, had wilted and died long ago. When Grand Monarch Primal Wood’s bloodline had broken through to tenth grade, he had gone to the depths of the ancestral land to worship the Tree of Life.

However, he hadn’t been able to communicate with the Tree of Life with his bloodline, or derive any special bloodline magics from the patterns it held.

As far as he saw it, the Tree of Life had truly died.

Now, when the Floragrims were in great trouble and all of their realms were dying, Grand Monarch Life Wood’s whereabouts were unknown and Grand Monarch Primal Wood was badly injured. However, their creator, the Tree of Life, seemed to be recovering quietly. How could Grand Monarch Primal Wood possibly not be thrilled or overjoyed?


A green energy stream mixed with a tremendous amount of green essence flew out of the depths of the ancestral land, exuding a warm, nourishing aura.

Grand Monarch Primal Wood, who had lowered his head and kowtowed, felt something unusual, and suddenly looked up.

As he did, the stream mysteriously merged into his heart.

His body, which had been seriously wounded by Grand Monarch Bloodlust, Grand Monarch Pale Bones, and Grand Monarch Nether Channeler, was instantly healed, and his Heavenly Wood Heal became more powerful than before!


Strands of unknown soul power merged into his soul, blood, viscera and bones.

Grand Monarch Primal Wood’s strength increased little by little!

Outside the ancestral land, the Floragrim elders didn’t dare go too deep into the ancestral land after arriving. Nonetheless, they perceived Grand Monarch Primal Wood’s turbulent and vigorous flesh aura with their bloodline.

“Grand monarch! The grand monarch is healed!”

“He’s not only healed, but also stronger than ever!”

“What happened? Did he learn some magic from the Tree of Life in such a short time?”

“Magics can’t help him recover so quickly. Only a steady stream of power can!”

After a long time.


Grand Monarch Primal Wood flew out of the Floragrims’ ancestral land like a bolt of lightning.

The elders screamed, “Grand Monarch!”

At that moment, they sensed that the flesh aura emanating from Grand Monarch Primal Wood’s body was as strong as that of Grand Monarch Life Wood, whose bloodline was at tenth grade!

Was it possible that Grand Monarch Primal Wood had not only recovered from his injuries, but also taken the opportunity to break through to the late tenth grade in such a short time?

“Our creator is coming back to life!” Grand Monarch Primal Wood shouted, sharp light flashing in his eyes.


Grand Monarch Primal Wood took a deep breath and said, “I’m not kidding. It’s waking up now as the realms of the Spirit World are about to perish. And it has shown me the way. I’ll do as it has told me.”

“What way?”

“I need to find Nie Tian first!”