Lord of All Realms - Chapter 1465: Heavenly Spirit Seal!

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“Heavenly Spirit Seal!”

All of a sudden, a spark of unusual light exploded in Nie Tian’s true soul.

Countless soul strings intertwined as soul characters flashed in his true soul body. From illusory and fuzzy, they suddenly became dazzling!

His mind kept rumbling.

He had successfully analyzed a soul spell — Heavenly Spirit Seal — that could enslave spirit-form beings from the many soul characters and soul strings that he had obtained from the Nether River!

Once the seal was formed and stamped on the spirit-form beings, it would enslave them fundamentally!

Nie Tian’s eyes were bright as he thought, “Heavenly Spirit Seal, the soul magic that Grand Monarch Heavenly Spirit created! As long as it can be condensed and stamped on the five evil gods, they’ll...”

As he pondered and comprehended the soul magic, the five irritable and restless evil gods became more and more crazy!

Because he had poured power into the Illusory Ancient Talismans, making them more and more solid, the five evil gods were unable to break free.


A few huge, ferocious, grotesque spirit-form beings in the flowing Nether River suddenly came flying over, as if they had been attracted by the five evil gods.

These spirit-form beings from the Nether River were all survivors of the endless fights in the Nether River. Each spirit-form being’s soul power was comparable to that of a Saint domain human expert.

Nie Tian, who was still comprehending how to form the Heavenly Spirit Seal suddenly awoke with a start. He snorted, and looked at the spirit-form beings that were charging at him.

There were three of them. They had grotesque, disgusting shapes, as if they were made of different kinds of souls blended together.

Nie Tian snorted and said, “You only stand out from the fight in the Nether River temporarily. Such spirit-form beings actually dare to bother me. How laughable!”

“Soul Spell! Grand Soul Grinder!”

His soul awareness spread, and a cluster of light and shadow from his soul condensed into a revolving grinder in front of the Nether River, based on the soul spell he had just comprehended.


The three spirit-form beings who had flown out of the Nether River and charged at him, baring their fangs, were instantly pulled into the grinder.

The illusory grinder that had been transformed from souls slowly rotated.

With each rotation, the three spirit-form beings were crushed into smaller spirit-form beings that fell into the Nether River, like a rain of light.

Once they entered the Nether River, they were ruthlessly swallowed and refined by fiercer spirit-form beings to make stronger spirit-form beings.

The three strongest spirits lured by the five evil gods were instantly returned to the Nether River and remade.

In the past, Nie Tian would have used his Spirit Pearl to directly swallow the spirit-form beings and quickly refine them.

He wouldn’t do that anymore because he was aware that all the souls swallowed into the Spirit Pearl were still, in essence, strengthening the five evil gods.

The benefits the Spirit Pearl’s soul could get were too few and far between.

This was why the five evil gods, which he had fed with the souls he had collected after solving problems with the Spirit Pearl over the years, had gradually gone out of control.


The Grand Soul Grinder that had been transformed from Nie Tian’s soul power slowly rotated in front of his chest, like a huge millstone.

The aura it emanated scared the spirit-form beings in the Nether River.

Hidden in the Spirit Pearl, the five evil gods continued their efforts to secretly send out calls using the Netherspirits’ soul spells. However, no spirits were tempted anymore.

Nie Tian thought and muttered to himself, “The more powerful the spirit-form beings, the stronger their instincts. The spirit-form beings in the Nether River are resources that the Phantasms and Netherspirits use to cultivate soul spells and strengthen themselves. I can start with weak spirit-form beings to practice the Heavenly Spirit Seal and enslave spirit-form beings.”

A mysterious light flashed in his eyes as they fixed on the flowing Nether River.

“Master...” The Spirit Pearl’s soul called.

After observing for a while, Nie Tian responded, “Don’t worry. Even though the Nether River’s target is indeed the ancient tree, judging from the speed at which the Nether River is flowing, it’ll take a while for it to reach the roots of the ancient tree. And after I woke up and poured power into the Illusory Ancient Talismans, the five evil gods can’t make any waves now.”

“So what should we do?” The Spirit Pearl’s soul asked.

Nie Tian mused for a bit and said, “If I can condense a Heavenly Spirit Seal, I’ll be able to thoroughly neutralize the threat from the five evil gods. I feel that after the Heavenly Spirit Seal is successfully formed and stamped on their souls, it’ll be very difficult for them to break free of my control even if they return to the Void World and gather all their fragmentary souls and memories.”

The Spirit Pearl’s soul shuddered. “That’d be the best!”

“Now give me some time to think.” As he spoke, Nie Tian’s thoughts flashed and flew quickly in his sea of soul awareness like peculiar electric lights. He went over the mysteries of the Heavenly Spirit Seal over and over in his mind.

The Nether River was still flowing forward.

More spirit-form beings flew out of the whirlpool and killed one another in the river, making fiercer and stronger spirit-form beings.

“The Heavenly Spirit Seal needs a Nether River branch to vest itself with Grand Monarch Nether Soul’s aura?”


The Grand Soul Grinder floating in front of Nie Tian’s chest suddenly morphed into a ghostly soul shadow that was vested with a wisp of his soul.

The soul shadow wriggled quietly as it approached the Nether River.

“A Heavenly Spirit Seal channels the Nether River’s unusual power...” Nie Tian whispered inwardly, trying to gain strength from the Nether River through the method he had derived.


Cyan light suddenly flew out of the Nether River and melted into the soul shadow, like iron attracted by a magnet.

The soul shadow swallowed the cyan light little by little, and evolved into an embryonic Heavenly Spirit Seal, absorbing pure Nether Qi

As the soul shadow came nearer and nearer to the Nether River, the spirit-form beings, which had been brutally fighting in the Nether River, instinctively moved away from it.

Before the cluster of soul shadow could even reach the Nether River, the strong spirit-form beings in the Nether River kept away from it, as if they sensed danger and knew that the moment the soul shadow reached them, it would instantly enslave them and make it difficult for them to break free.

At that moment, Nie Tian suddenly remembered the Four Manifestations Flame Soul Cauldron. “If the Heavenly Spirit Seal can enslave the five evil gods, then what about the soul of a tool?

“The soul of the immortal grade divine tool only accepted Pang Bo as its master, and acted according to his will. It must serve Pang Chicheng with all it can, whether it wants to or not. If the Heavenly Spirit Seal is successfully formed and applied to tool souls, can it change the Four Manifestations Flame Soul Cauldron’s soul’s consciousness and erase its memory of Pang Bo?”

Thinking of this, he looked forward to the formation of the Heavenly Spirit Seal even more.

The Four Manifestations Flame Soul Cauldron was a grade higher than the current Flame Dragon Armor, and was a priceless treasure of the fire element sect that even the current sectmaster Shao Tianyang hadn’t been able to own.

If Nie Tian could really control the Four Manifestations Flame Soul Cauldron, with the flame incantations engraved in his flame domain, his fighting strength would climb to a new height!