Lord of All Realms - Chapter 1464: Take Sides

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This branch of the Nether River, which had been quiet for thousands of years, seemed to come to life again as fresh water rushed out of the whirlpool!

In contrast, the giant ancient tree was still dead and lifeless.


Slowly but firmly, the new water pushed the Nether River branch that was like a bent sword towards the roots of the ancient tree.

Both the flame dragon Agaz and the Spirit Pearl’s soul were calling out warnings like crazy.

Nevertheless, Nie Tian seemed unaware of what was happening, as if his consciousness had been bogged down in the Nether River and couldn’t get out.

Agaz and the Spirit Pearl’s soul suddenly felt that maybe it was the Nether River that had deliberately made him unable to break free of its attraction to his soul!

The five evil gods’ sinister laughter became harsher and harsher!

As more cyan light flew into the Spirit Pearl and merged into the Illusory Ancient Talismans, giving rise to swishing sounds, the talismans that were sealing the evil gods seemed to be subjected to a virulent erosion, and were starting to melt away little by little.

Agaz was very anxious, and thought, “Since the Illusory Ancient Talisman is a magic he learned from this unusual place, I suppose it has a mysterious connection to the ancient tree. And the real goal of the Nether River flowing here is to destroy the ancient tree! Plus, those rays of shining light carry the fragmentary wills of the five evil gods. Is it possible… that it’s coming directly from the Netherspirits in the Void World?”

The Spirit Pearl’s soul’s howl echoed in the Nie Tian’s sea of soul awareness, impacting and trying to wake him up. “Master! Master!”

As the five Illusory Ancient Talismans gradually melted, the five evil gods’ sinister laughter suddenly stopped.

Their dark cold eyes were fixed on the Spirit Pearl’s soul, as if they were waiting for the moment when the restrictions were removed, so they could wipe out the so-called Spirit Pearl’s soul that had been made from a Phantasm grand patriarch’s fragmentary soul.

As their memories and intelligence returned, it became harder and harder for them to accept the fact that they were enslaved by such a guy!

“We don’t deserve this!”

“Except for our master Grand Monarch Heavenly Spirit, no one in the three worlds can boss us around!”

“What’s more, it’s a Phantasm, a race that was developed from our master’s soul awareness.”

“The Phantasms should serve us as their gods! This race should have been our appendage since its birth! All Phantasms should obey us!

“It’s only at the ninth grade!”

The five evil gods didn’t howl or laughed sinisterly anymore. Instead, they simply looked at the Spirit Pearl’s soul, but it could clearly perceive and analyze what they were thinking.


The flame dragon Agaz morphed into the Flame Dragon Armor. The rays of light in the armor representing the truths of flame flew like lightning as they emitted fiery flame power.

The flame power turned into a sea of fire and wrapped around the Spirit Pearl in case the five evil gods rushed out.

He would do his best to resist the five evil gods, who were likely to break free of the five Illusory Ancient Talismans.

Nie Tian’s soul continued to wander in the Nether River, lingering in those mysterious soul strings. Once the peculiar soul characters were reflected in his soul awareness, they would directly merge into his true soul.

He was receiving the soul magics imprinted in this branch of the Nether River.

As he concentrated on the Nether River, the cries of the Spirit Pearl’s soul and Agaz were unusually low.

In fact, they were barely audible.

“Soul spell: Soul-capturing Hand.”

“Soul spell: Grand Soul Grinder.”

“Blackout Soul Curtain.”

Soul strings and soul characters were being analyzed and eternally stamped onto his soul, becoming a part of it.

He was completely immersed in this, and for some reason, he had a peculiar feeling that he had become a Netherspirit himself, and was comprehending the soul’s true meaning.

As he comprehended the mysteries, he started to become suspicious, as this seemed a bit too smooth. “It’s strange that various soul spells and knowledge in the Nether River are so easily acquired. What’s wrong? It seems that someone is calling my name.”


All of a sudden, his body shook violently, and he heard the crazy cries from Agaz and the Spirit Pearl’s soul at long last!

His soul awareness was quickly withdrawn from the Nether River and returned to his soul.


The moment he woke up, his true soul heard the strange sounds of the Nether River flowing. Looking closely, he was shocked to see that there was indeed fresh water flowing from the center of the whirlpool.

Within it, there were uncountable evil spirits biting and devouring each other to strengthen themselves in the new river water.

“What happened?” his expression changed as he questioned Agaz and the Spirit Pearl’s soul.

“The five of them are about to break free of the pearl. The cyan light that flies out of the Nether River can melt the talismans and strengthen and restore the evil gods!” The Spirit Pearl’s soul described the difficult situation to him as quickly as it could. “What’s scarier is that the Nether River has resumed flowing!”

“Look!” Agaz shouted. “The Nether River is flowing towards the roots of the giant ancient tree. It wants to sever them!”

“Has that unprecedented battle resumed?” Nie Tian asked in shock as he soon realized that he and the Spirit Pearl might have had something to do with their current situation.

Because Nie Tian had woken up, the five evil gods who had just quieted down began to howl crazily again.

A wisp of Nie Tian’s soul awareness flew into the Spirit Pearl. With a single glance, he could see that the Illusory Ancient Talismans he had made were melting.


Many rays of cyan light flew out of the Nether River and into the Illusory Ancient Talismans like raindrops.

The Illusory Ancient Talismans fizzed, as if they were being corroded by strong acids.

He understood instantly. “There’s a battle going on between the Illusory Ancient Talismans and those rays of cyan light! And there’s also a battle between the Nether River and the ancient tree in this unusual place! The Primal Chaos, Titan’s Wrath, and Illusory Ancient Talisman that I learned are all related to this unusual place. As for the soul spells that I’ve just comprehended, I obtained them from the Nether River through the Spirit Pearl.”

“If I have to take sides...” After a brief hesitation, he made his decision. He snorted, turned to the five evil gods and said, “You want to break free and continue to challenge me and fight against my will? You’re not strong enough yet!”


Powers with various attributes were condensed together and poured into the Spirit Pearl and the Illusory Ancient Talismans in the form of magical symbols.

Thanks to the infusion of powers that shared the same origin as them, the corrosion of the Illusory Ancient Talismans immediately slowed.

The five evil gods let out hysterical cries of rage and struggled desperately, as if they were calling for the support of more power from within the Nether River.

Just then, Nie Tian said, “When it comes to you, I seem to have figured out a way to enslave spirit-form beings. Let me see. Those mysterious soul strings and soul characters engraved in my true soul… must be the soul incantations that have been engraved in the Nether River, right?

“Let me have a try and see if I can have you behave yourselves with the soul spells in the Nether River.”

Suddenly, his true soul seemed to light up in his sea of soul awareness.

His true soul was exactly the same as his true form, but was in an illusory, unreal form. With his thoughts, recollections and comprehension, rays of crystal light morphed to take brand new formations in his true soul.

It was as if some wonderful soul spell that had been engraved in the Nether River was about to show itself, with Nie Tian as its master.

“Got it!”