Lord of All Realms - Chapter 1462: An Unprecedented Battle!

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Because he was deeply shaken, his flame power sub-soul could no longer maintain its connection to the Flame Land.

Nie Tian couldn’t do anything about it. When he tried to sense Nie Yan’s aura in the Flame Land again, he couldn’t sense the existence of the Flame Land anymore.

“I didn’t think that the formation in your flame domain could even connect your soul to the Flame Land,” Agaz exclaimed in admiration. “Does this mean that you can draw flame power from the Flame Land through your flame domain?”

Nie Tian raised his eyebrows. “Maybe.”

Agaz was more and more envious. “One day, the Flame Land will be the hottest holy flame land in the three worlds. I’m afraid even our sect’s Holy Flame Mountain and the Realm of Fire Spirit in their heyday will be no match for it.

“If you can channel flame power from the Flame Land through your flame domain at any time, then your battle prowess will gradually increase as the Flame Land gathers flame power. In the near future, perhaps you’ll be able to receive a steady flow of flame power from it. In this way, when you fight, your endless flame power alone can make your opponent feel hopeless.”

Nie Tian’s eyes suddenly lit up.

Then, he tried to communicate with Nie Yan in the Flame Land.

However, he soon found that maybe because the distance was too far, or there were too many layers of restrictions between them, but Nie Yan seemed to be busy gathering the flame power scattered in the Flame Land, and could not reply to him.

Therefore, he stopped trying.

His flame power sub-soul returned to his sea of soul awareness, where it resumed analyzing the flame mysteries he had obtained from the flame qilin, flame dragon, flame phoenix, and vermillion bird.

After a long time, the Spirit Pearl’s soul sent Nie Tian a message. “Master...”

“Have you found anything?” Nie Tian asked quickly.

The Spirit Pearl’s soul voice fluctuated strongly as it said, “You ought to come to my location to take a look. I can’t describe or understand what this anomaly I’m looking at means.”

“Okay!” Nie Tian responded.


He activated his flesh power and flew off like a streak of fiery light, following the Spirit Pearl’s aura.

Somewhere in the dark starry river.


All sorts of energies mixed together to form a turbulent vortex.

After taking a moment to perceive it with his soul and flesh aura, Nie Tian identified more than ten kinds of energies, including the outsiders’ flesh auras, Nether Qi, Demon Qi, acerbic toxins, and so forth.

The Nether River branch had flown out of the center of the vortex.

The Spirit Pearl’s soul, which had followed the Nether River branch for a long time, stopped by the strange vortex and said, “This is it. The Nether River branch that is in this starry river originates from this vortex. The space in the vortex fluctuates strongly, but I don’t know where it connects to. Master, I feel that the turbulent magnetic field that surrounded you in the Domain of Dark Marsh and Domain of Jade Heaven was similar to the aura coming from this vortex.”

Nie Tian narrowed his eyes and stared blankly at the vortex. “This vortex...”

After sensing it for a long time, he found that the vortex bore a strong resemblance to the vortex that connected the upper part of the floating continent to its lower part.

“It is a pity that Senior Martial Sister Pei didn’t come. Otherwise, with her Space Boundaries Crystal, she might be able to see through it.”

He felt that it was a shame.

“Master, since I can’t sense where the vortex connects, I dared not recklessly enter it before you got here,” the Spirit Pearl’s soul said.

Nie Tian looked around and suddenly found that the incredibly colossal tree was quite far from here.

The lands pierced by its giant branches were also far away.

Nothing but the unusual vortex existed here at one end of the Nether River branch.

He changed his position and looked around, standing closer to the vortex.

Observing from the vortex, he discovered that the Nether River branch that had flown out of it wound its way around the pierced lands, and it seemed to want to extend to the roots of the colossal ancient tree, but hadn’t been able to do so.

He continued to change positions and observed it from every angle before he realized that the Nether River branch had been winding its way, but its final destination was the ancient tree’s roots!

Suddenly, a strange notion struck him!

It seemed that the Nether River branch had flown out of the vortex and descended on this world in a bid to deal with the colossal ancient tree!

The Nether River branch hadn’t wanted to get too entangled when it had bypassed the lands and the branches that had been pierced, as it wanted to storm its enemy’s den and stab the ancient tree’s roots.

As the thought entered his mind, he couldn’t help imagining the scene in his mind, where the Nether River branch suddenly flew out of the vortex, wound its way and stabbed at the ancient tree’s roots.

To his surprise, in the scene that he had imagined, the lands that had been pierced by the branches seemed to become the weapons of the ancient tree, as it swung them to intercept the Nether River branch.

Like the magical land that he had first arrived at, each of the lands was an independent realm.

Pierced by the branches, the lands seemed to be owned by the ancient tree.

“If that’s true, how fantastic!” Imagining the scene, Nie Tian let out a groan as if he were in a dream, feeling that the battle he had imagined overturned his cognition of all living things.

“The Nether River branch was transformed from Grand Monarch Heavenly Spirit’s soul awareness after his death, running through the three worlds.

“Now that he’s dead, why did the Nether River branch that his soul awareness morphed into suddenly show up here? Is it true that this Nether River branch wanted to destroy the ancient tree’s roots, as I imagined?

“The other Nether River branches are all full of ghosts and spirits, and those spirits are always fighting and swallowing each other. There’s not a ghost in this Nether River branch at all!

“Is it possible that when this Nether River branch wound its way out of the vortex, it was also full of spirits? It was just that as it fought the ancient tree, all the spirits and evil ghosts were wiped out by the power of the ancient tree?

“While fighting, the Nether River branch’s energy was gradually consumed. In the end, its attempt to pierce the ancient tree’s roots was unsuccessful. Without a stable power supply, the Nether River branch could no longer extend, so it just floats in this world somehow?

“However, if the ancient tree was the winner, why did it wither and die?

“What happened? If a battle actually took place between the Nether River branch and the ancient tree, how long did it last?

“A twinkling? Or thousands of years?”

Lights of wisdom flashed across Nie Tian’s sea of soul awareness as his thoughts ran wild.

Standing by the vortex, he looked at the Nether River branch and then the giant withered ancient tree, deducing what had happened here over and over in his mind;

He had a vague feeling that his deduction, conjecture, and imagination might likely be the truth!

He thought, “The Nether River branch was formed by Grand Monarch Heavenly Spirit’s soul awareness after his death. The Nether River branch represents Grand Monarch Heavenly Spirit and the Netherspirits in the Void World! In that case, this Nether River branch was the invader, while the ancient tree guarded this part of the starry river?

“It penetrated all the realms to absorb their power, because it needed to fight the Nether River branch?

“Is the battle really over?”

While he had been in the Seven Stars Realm Sea, he had activated his Spirit Pearl, but somehow attracted a branch of the Nether River.

After one of Grand Monarch Heavenly Spirit’s sub-souls possessed the Nether Spirit Society’s sectmaster, it had successfully made the Nether River branch reappear in the Seven Stars Realm Sea.

The Seven Stars Realm Sea had been created by the Voidspirits as a unique place in the human world.

There was also a Nether River branch in the Nether Realm.

The Netherspirits in the Void World also had a Nether River that was said to be the main stream.

“The Nether River can run through all three worlds and send its branches everywhere, but why didn’t the Nether River branch here continue to stab at the ancient tree’s roots? Why didn’t the branch that was originally extended continue after all the spirits and evil ghosts had been killed? If it lost, shouldn’t the Nether River branch be at least withdrawn?

“Or is it possible that the battle isn’t over, and is still going on?”