Lord of All Realms - Chapter 1461: His Soul Is Connected To The Flame Land!

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“The Immortal grade divine tool Four Manifestations Flame Soul Cauldron is a priceless treasure of the fire element sect,” Nie Tian murmured, frowning slightly. “Even if I can’t erase your will, you still have other uses. I don’t believe that when Shao Tianyang returns, he can’t deal with you.”

A strand of his soul awareness still lingered in his ring of holding.

“What do you want?” the Four Manifestations Flame Soul Cauldron asked.

“I obtained the Flame Dragon Armor accidentally, but it also counts as a powerful tool of the fire element sect,” Nie Tian said, stroking his jaw, “As for you, if I really can’t control you, I’ll give you to Shao Tianyang or Lou Hongyan. After all, the Realm of Fire Spirit will be able to make the best use of you.”

“I belong only to Young Master Pang!” the Four Manifestations Flame Soul Cauldron shouted.

“That’s not up to you,” Nie Tian said, pulling his soul awareness from his ring and no longer talking to it.

Just then, the flame dragon Agaz sent him a soul message full of awe. “The formation in your flame domain may be the nemesis of many flame creatures.”

“Maybe,” Nie Tian said, and carefully examined the formation.

He was keenly aware that the flame waterfalls he had absorbed from the flame qilin, flame dragon, flame phoenix, and vermilion bird and put into his flame domain were actually being transfused by the formation to the Flame Land.

He could even vaguely sense Nie Yan’s surprise and elation.

“This formation is connected to the Flame Land by some unusual spatial power?” He marveled inwardly. “This is really awesome! Pang Chicheng was at the early God domain, and his flame qilin bloodline has awakened. He also owned the Immortal grade divine tool Four Manifestations Flame Soul Cauldron. Despite all this, he was firmly suppressed.

“Since even Pang Chicheng is no match for me, then would the rest of the God domain experts who practice flame incantations and the tenth-grade outsiders like the flame dragon and flame phoenix suffer as soon as I display my flame domain in battle against them?”

Agaz, whose mind was connected to his, immediately gave him a positive answer. “The Divine Flame of the Domain of Flame’s End is probably the only true flame divine spirit in the three worlds! If what I suspect is true, the unusual formation buried deep in the Flame Land that it and Nie Yan have built is also the most mysterious flame formation.”

Agaz’s heart was filled with envy. “No formation can match that one! There will be no other holy flame lands comparable to the Flame Land.”

As a member of the flame dragons, he had been thinking whether he could find a realm in the Domain of Flame’s End for his clansmen to live.

He believed that any realm of the Domain of Flame’s End would be a treasured land for the flame dragons in the future!

As the Spirit World dried up and the Holy Flame Mountain withered, the Domain of Flame’s End in the human world would become the most desirable place for his clansmen to live in.

The Divine Flame of the Domain of Flame’s End had a very harmonious relationship with Nie Yan and Nie Tian.

Agaz secretly decided to follow Nie Tian wholeheartedly, hoping that he could make a favorable impression on him, and provide a place for the younger generations of flame dragons to live and grow in the future for his sake

“The master has been so kind to the Spirit Pearl’s soul. If I follow him and give him more help, I should be able to win his favor too,” Agaz thought to himself.

Now that Pang Chicheng had disappeared and the Four Manifestations Flame Soul Cauldron had been thrown into his storage ring, Nie Tian stared at the Nether River as if in a trance.

The Spirit Pearl had left for some time. Through his connection with its soul, he knew that the pearl was very far away from him now, and he didn’t know whether it had traced this branch of the Nether River to its origin.

“Ah!” Nie Tian, who had been lost in thought, suddenly shouted in amazement.

“What’s the matter?” Agaz asked.


Nie Tian looked carefully at the complex mysterious formation composed of different mysterious flame arrays in his saint domain.

His flame power sub-soul was still examining the veins that made up the unusual formation.

“You can access this magical land because of the key that Pang Bo engraved in the armor.” Nie Tian said while pondering. “This place isn’t necessarily in the human world. Why can the unusual formation in my flame domain send flame power to the Flame Land after swallowing the raging flame power of the flame dragon, flame phoenix, flame qilin, and vermillion bird?

“Also, why can I vaguely sense Nie Yan’s joy through the unusual flame formation?

“If we’re actually in another world, then isn’t this unusual flame formation simply far too powerful?”

Nie Tian found this unbelievable.

Hearing his words, the flame dragon Agaz also fell silent.

After a long time, Agaz responded, “It’s very amazing indeed. It’s incredibly amazing. No matter how strong the unusual formation in the Flame Land is, the flame power that it can gather should come from nearby domains. At least, it must come from the human word.

“I’m not so surprised that the flame waterfalls that the Four Manifestations Flame Soul Cauldron attacked you with were absorbed by the formation in your flame domain.

“But it’s really unusual that they disappeared from the formation in your flame domain and fused into the Flame Land of the Domain of Flame’s End.”


The crimson flame power sub-soul in Nie Tian’s sea of soul awareness flew out of his head and into his flame domain.

It was a burning illusory shape that had Nie Tian’s appearance.

The flame power sub-soul was filled with countless vein-like crystal flame threads that represented the true meaning of different flames that he had derived.

The flame power sub-soul tried to fly toward the eye of the formation in his flame domain.

Suddenly, it sank into the eye.

“Nie Yan, Nie Yan, can you… hear me?” His flame power sub-soul cried over and over again in the very spot where the flame waterfalls had disappeared, as it tried to use its soul voice to communicate with Nie Yan in the Flame Land.

He wanted to figure out the truth!

“Nie Yan, if you hear my voice, please give me a response,” he called repeatedly, focused on communicating with Nie Yan, who should still be in the Flame Land, through his flame power sub-soul.

After a long time, a faint wisp of soul awareness came through. “I can hear you.”

Nie Tian’s flame power sub-soul flickered violently, showing that he was deeply surprised. “Nie Yan!”

The wisp of soul awareness coming from the eye of the formation was very vague, but he was instantly convinced that it was Nie Yan’s reply!

Maybe it was because of the long distance and layers of spatial restrictions that Nie Yan’s reply was slow and fuzzy.

Nevertheless, it was Nie Yan indeed!

Didn’t that mean that Nie Tian and Nie Yan in the Flame Land could establish soul communications through the formation in his flame domain, which was a duplicate of the wondrous formation in the Flame Land?!

“How amazing!”