Lord of All Realms - Chapter 1459: High-spirited!

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“Lifeblood Wheel!” As he yelled, a scarlet wheel made of drops of Blood Essence flew out of his chest and hung over his head.

Its crimson blood light shone in every direction to make this dark starry river an endless sea of blood that was similar to the source of his bloodline.


An unusually rapid heartbeat suddenly rang out from the volcano that Pang Chicheng’s dharma idol had morphed into, like a beating drum.


A huge flame qilin’s illusory figure suddenly rose from the volcano and burst forth with endless divine light.

Lava oozed out of the flame qilin. With a mere glance at its magnificence, one would know that it was a tenth-grade grand monarch!

It seemed the blazing lava matched the flame qilin’s aura and bloodline perfectly, and made the Four Manifestations Flame Soul Cauldron’s power suddenly skyrocket.

“A flame qilin rises from a mountain’s heart!” Nie Tian exclaimed in shock, and suddenly remembered Pang Chicheng’s bloodline. “The bloodline of a flame qilin of the Ancientbeasts! Your father Pang Bo actually got together with an Ancientbeast grand monarch who then gave birth to you? Pang Chicheng, I never expected you to carry a flame qilin bloodline!”

The flame dragon Agaz was also shocked. “Flame qilin!”

Among the Ancientspirits, the flame qilins were a very special race. There were very few of them in this starry river. It was extremely difficult to give birth to new flame qilins.

However, each flame qilin could improve its bloodline to a very advanced grade as long as it didn’t die prematurely.

In the history of the Ancientspirits, there were quite a number of flame qilins whose bloodline had reached the tenth grade.

Recovering from his astonishment, Agaz said, “A flame qilin is much more skilled at using the power of earthflame lava than an Earth Flame Beast. No wonder that Pang Chicheng’s cultivation base could improve so fast in the volcano. No wonder his father Pang Bo chose that volcano in the Realm of Fire Spirit to be the location for his breakthrough to the God domain!

“After his breakthrough, his dharma idol and God domain are also in the form of a volcano.

“The flame qilin’s bloodline and core talents can maximize his dharma idol’s power indeed.”


The deafening heartbeat of Pang Chicheng, who had manifested his flame qilin bloodline, kept coming from the volcano.

“Nie Tian!” Pang Chicheng shouted furiously. “Your secret bloodline magic is unusual indeed! I didn’t expect that it could actually drive my heartbeat out of control, and make my flesh aura magics reveal their flaws!”

He suddenly ordered the Four Manifestations Flame Soul Cauldron that had sunk into the volcano. “Go!”

His heartbeat was out of control and his flesh power was in chaos. Therefore, he used his soul awareness to drive the immortal grade divine tool to attack Nie Tian.

The burning illusory figures of the flame souls of the flame qilin, vermillion bird, flame dragon, and flame phoenix flew out of the giant cauldron and came down towards Nie Tian from four directions. “Four Manifestations Heaven-burning Formation!”

A flame divine formation instantly formed.

In a flash, Nie Tian in his giant form was besieged by the illusory figures of the four Ancientspirits’ flame souls and the giant cauldron, which seemed to be large enough to cover heaven and earth.


Four hundred-meter-wide flame waterfalls poured from the illusory figures of the flame dragon, flame qilin, vermillion bird, and flame phoenix.

The flame waterfalls were filled with brilliant, crystalline divine light, and were vested with the ancient and immortal truths of flame. The truths of flame had developed into the most core power that had existed since the birth of the first cluster of fire: the power to burn.

“Four Manifestations Burning Heaven!” cried Pang Chicheng.

Enveloped in the influence of the giant cauldron, Nie Tian and the surrounding space burned with loud crackling sounds, like burning straw.


The mixed sparkling divine light in the flame waterfalls from the flame dragon, flame qilin, vermillion bird, and flame phoenix seemed to morph into thousands of invisible flaming streaks of light that infiltrated Nie Tian’s flesh and viscera.

“Ah!” Nie Tian let out a cry of surprise and examined himself. He felt that his veins, viscera, and bones were being burned by the streaks of light.

Hundreds of fire-attributed bloodline talents, spirit incantations, and magics that were both familiar and unfamiliar to him roamed in his body.

“Want to burn my viscera and flesh, and finally… my soul?” Nie Tian sneered and spread out his flame domain.

His flame domain was of course unusual.

Inspired by the Divine Flame of the Domain of Flame’s End and Nie Yan, his flame domain had been forged on the Flame Land!

In the depths of the earth’s core in the Flame Land, there was a flame formation that might be the most mysterious in the world. It could channel the stray flame power in the vast domain and constantly build up the flame power of the Flame Land.

According to Agaz, due to the flame formation, the Flame Land might surpass the Holy Flame Mountain and the Realm of Fire Spirit and become the most ideal cultivation location for those who practiced flame power throughout the human domains, and even possibly the three worlds!

When Nie Tian had broken through to the Saint Domain and his flame domain had been condensed, he had imprinted the unusual formation in the earth’s core of the Flame Land in his flame domain!

Because of the existence of the unusual formation, his flame domain had a wide range of uses, and could be even connected to the Flame Land!


The extremely complex flame formation that was made of many small flame arrays in Nie Tian’s flame domain quietly activated.


The flaming streaks of light that had slithered into Nie Tian’s blood and viscera and were going to burn his flesh were suddenly attracted and ripped out from his body, before they flew into his flame domain.

At the same time, something strange suddenly happened to the four flame waterfalls that were pouring flame power on him.

The wide flame waterfalls that fell into his flame domain were somehow channeled by the complex and mysterious flame formation. They morphed into streaks of light that flew into the formation and then disappeared.

The power of the Four Manifestations Heaven-burning Formation displayed by the Four Manifestations Flame Soul Cauldron that had made Nie Tian fretful and uncomfortable was instantly weakened!

All of a sudden, the flame souls of the flame qilin, flame dragon, flame phoenix, and vermillion bird felt terrified.


Rays of sparkling blazing light suddenly disappeared into the formation of Nie Tian’s flame domain, but appeared in his flame power sub-soul immediately afterwards.

Each ray of light represented a truth of flame, and were vested with the flame qilin’s, flame dragon’s, flame phoenix’s, and vermillion bird’s understandings of flame.

Nie Tian was overjoyed. “Marvelous!”

He hadn’t expected that the unusual formation in his flame domain would be so wonderful.

It could not only transport superfluous flame power to the Flame Land, helping it become the hottest place in the Mortal World, Spirit World, and Void World, but it could also absorb the crystalline fiery light and analyze its secrets before merging it into his flame power sub-soul, deepening his understanding of flame power.

In this way, Nie Tian wouldn’t have to worry about this aspect when he tried to break through to a higher cultivation level.

“Ah ha! Ah ha!” Pang Chicheng shouted as he didn’t want to give up.

Nie Tian in his giant form grinned and let out a cunning laugh. “The Four Manifestations Flame Soul Cauldron, an immortal grade divine tool?” With his huge arms that were like red iron pincers, he suddenly clasped the Four Manifestations Flame Soul Cauldron.


Endless flame currents sputtered out of his arms, but they couldn’t hurt him at all.

Flame power burst forth from the Four Manifestations Flame Soul Cauldron, manifesting the flame qilin’s, vermillion bird’s, flame dragon’s, and flame phoenix’s bloodline talents, and their insights into extreme flame.

However, as soon as these secret magics burst forth, they were ruthlessly crushed, swallowed, and refined by the unusual formation in his flame domain.

At this moment, Nie Tian was high-spirited!