Lord of All Realms - Chapter 1454: Killing Intent!

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In the Domain of Flame’s End.


As the Flame Dragon Armor burst forth with raging flames, a mysterious portal manifested out of thin air.

In a flash, Nie Tian went through the portal and arrived at the magical land where eight flame dragon skeletons faced a dilapidated altar, on which time had left plenty of marks.

“This is it!”

Standing in the middle of the dilapidated altar, Nie Tian let out a cold harrumph and took the Spirit Pearl out.

Many years ago, shortly after he had obtained the Spirit Pearl, he had come to this magical land and purged the Spirit Pearl with the power of the altar and the eight flame dragon skeletons.

That time, all of the discarnate souls within the Spirit Pearl had been refined into pure soul power that he had then absorbed.

After being activated, this ancient dilapidated altar and the eight flame dragons could be used to refine and rid the Spirit Pearl of its impurities.

This was also the place where Nie Tian had derived the wonders of the Illusory Ancient Talisman.

This was Nie Tian’s blessed land!

“Get on with it.”

As soon as he gave an instruction with his soul, the Flame Dragon Armor started channeling flesh power from him and flame power from his flame domain.

Fiery lines then began moving according to a profound spell formation on the surface of the burning suit of armor.


All of a sudden, the eight flame dragon skeletons seemed to be ignited, and started burning violently.


Eight streams of fire flew out of the Flame Dragon Armor into the eight flame dragon skeletons, temporarily vesting them with the flame dragons’ bloodline power and life force.

The streams of fire slithered along the red flame dragon skeletons.

Nie Tian examined the flame dragon skeletons with rapt attention, and saw numerous fine crystalline lines of fiery light flashing inside of them like dragon meridians.

Flame power rapidly built up.


All of a sudden, fierce flame power spewed from the eight flame dragon skeletons’ opened mouths, fusing into the dilapidated altar.

The Spirit Pearl rose over the center of the altar.

“Master, as my bloodline upgrades and my memories are recovered, I finally understand one fact now.” Agaz’s soul voice echoed in Nie Tian’s mind. “These eight ancestors of my people were all at the tenth grade when they were alive! Now, hundreds of thousands of years after they’ve died, their skeletons are still brimming with power!

“Even though their souls have scattered, their bones can still hold the fiercest flame power!

“I don’t know who collected their remains and built this spell formation with them. But I know that this teleportation portal is very mysterious and powerful, and full of wonders!”

Agaz grew more and more excited as he spoke.

Nie Tian’s expression flickered with astonishment. “What? All eight of them were tenth grade flame dragons? Your people were so powerful?”

“It’s true that we witnessed more tenth grade experts in distant eras,” Agaz answered. “Of course, not all eight of them are from the same era. During my recent trip to the Holy Flame Mountain, I went through my people’s ancient records, hoping to identify the reason why the Spirit World is withering.

“Even though I failed to find a reason, I read that the remains of many of our ancestors went missing, and weren’t returned to the Holy Flame Mountain.

“It seems that some of them were taken here.”

As Agaz sent Nie Tian soul messages, raging fire engulfed the entire dilapidated ancient altar.

Bathed in torrential fire, the Spirit Pearl became hotter and hotter, giving rise to fizzing sounds and sputtering sparks.

“Master...” The Spirit Pearl’s soul’s voice also echoed in Nie Tian’s mind, from which he could sense growing fear.

“Don’t worry. Those five evil gods are the target of this spell formation.” Nie Tian said with a strong killing intent. “A bit longer, and I’ll get the Illusory Ancient Talismans sealing them out of the pearl. Let’s see if this ancient spell formation and the increased flame power it generates will make them submit to me.”


As strange sounds continued to come from the dilapidated altar, space started to twist. Even Nie Tian started to feel uncomfortable as he was scorched by the flame power.

“Come out!” As he called out, the five Illusory Ancient Talismans he had condensed with all sorts of power started rising from within the Spirit Pearl.


The evil gods within the Illusory Ancient Talismans seemed to sense danger, and started struggling violently in an attempt to stop the Illusory Ancient Talismans from flying out of the Spirit Pearl.

Before, they had repeatedly attempted to break free from the Illusory Ancient Talismans and the Spirit Pearl.

This was the first time they had fought to stay within the pearl.

The pearl provided them with a layer of protection. Before the raging fire burned down the wondrous ward that enveloped its cyan internal space, they didn’t have to worry about their safety.

However, once they left the pearl, they would have to rely on themselves to face every threat.

Apparently, having gathered fragments of their souls and lost memories in the Void World, they had become more intelligent, and could shrewdly sense danger.

With a cold laugh, Nie Tian said, “What is it? You’re wussing out now? You clearly weren’t like this when you bore your fangs and reached your claws towards me in the Void World! Without me, could you have gathered your soul fragments in the Mortal World and developed fleshly bodies?

“I gave you all that, yet you went against me?

“Get the hell out of there!”

Furious, Nie Tian released his soul will to pull out the Illusory Ancient Talismans.


The five wondrous Illusory Ancient Talismans Nie Tian had created with all sorts of power and flesh auras to seal the evil gods were dragged from within the Spirit Pearl one after another.


The raging flames that had engulfed the dilapidated altar then infiltrated the Illusory Ancient Talisman and fused into the evil gods without any obstacles.

The five evil gods couldn’t move inside the Illusory Ancient Talismans.

They let out miserable shrieks as soon as their hard-earned fleshly bodies caught fire.

The devastating flames were burning their bodies, as well as their souls.

Nie Tian’s eyes lit up, while his face remained ice-cold. “The Illusory Ancient Talismans I derived from this magical land seem to be perfectly compatible with this dilapidated ancient altar and its evil-purging flames. Instead of keeping you by my side so you can mess with me at crucial moments, I might as well purge you now, before you gather all your soul fragments and recover your peak strength.

“If you don’t obey me, you’ll die!

“It’s just all that Blood Essence I used to forge your fleshly bodies will go to waste, along with the time and effort I spent collecting discarnate souls for you, you ingrates!”

The raging flames were indeed causing damage to the five evil gods.


As Nie Tian raised his hand and made a grabbing motion, the Spirit Pearl flew from the altar into his palm.

“Master...” A soul voice came through from the Spirit Pearl’s soul, which was still in a state of fear. “This ancient altar is capable of burning down the cyan heaven and earth inside the pearl. If this pearl is destroyed, I’ll die too.”

“Don’t worry. Since I made you with a strand of my soul essence, and you’ve been nothing but loyal, I won’t let you die.” Nie Tian said casually. “Now, I’m thinking about whether I can refine those five ingrates into pure soul power.”

“You mean?”

“Since they’ve lost their value to me, I might as well use them to make you stronger.”

Standing outside the altar and watching the five Illusory Ancient Talisman bathed in flames, Nie Tian added, “I remember that the first time I came here and refined the Spirit Pearl, I gained quite an amount of pure soul power.

“Considering that you don’t have a fleshly body, all you need to grow stronger is soul power, right?”

“That’s right,” the Spirit Pearl’s soul answered without hesitation.

Rubbing his chin, Nie Tian said, “Good. If I can refine them into pure soul power, I’ll see if I can give it to you so you’ll grow stronger. If they have to die, so be it. It won’t be a terrible waste if I can strengthen you with their deaths.”

“But it’s such a pity,” the Spirit Pearl’s soul said.

“Why is that?” Nie Tian asked.

“It’s a pity because even if I obtain the soul power from them, I won’t be as powerful. They were peak tenth grade grand monarchs when they were alive. As long as they continue to recover their lost memories and soul fragments and build up their strength, they’ll be able to return to their previous heights. My rise will be much more difficult, and I can’t promise that I’ll be able to rise to the heights of any of them.” The Spirit Pearl’s soul sounded frustrated.

“It doesn’t matter,” Nie Tian said.