Lord of All Realms - Chapter 1451: Grand Monarch Thousand Spirits

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The cunning laugh of the sectmaster of the Nether Spirit Society, or to be exact, his soul’s laugh, echoed from the depths of the Seven Stars Realm Sea.

Everyone that was gathered at the Seven Stars Realm Sea, including Nie Tian and magical beasts like the black tortoise and the Frost Blood Python, sensed his soul-shaking laughter.


Some Qi warriors that hadn’t reached the Void domain were killed outright, their true souls scattered like ashes in the wind!

“Ahh! Little Qi!”

“Little Yue!”

Leaders of the five major sects and three major clans of the Domain of Heaven’s Boundaries either died on the dead stars that surrounded the Seven Star Realm Sea or let out heartbroken wails from their ancient starships that were berthed in farther locations.

With great decisiveness, Dong Li yelled towards Dong Qisong and Yue Yanxi, “Anyone who hasn’t reached the Saint domain needs to evacuate from the Seven Stars Realm Sea now! From now on, no one shall approach the Seven Stars Realm Sea!”


The rumbles of ancient starships echoed as several starships quickly sailed off into the distance.

Nie Tian’s expression flickered drastically as he gazed down at the sectmaster of the Nether Spirit Society in the depths of the Seven Stars Realm Sea, whose aura was changing constantly. “Grand Monarch Thousand Spirits of the Netherspirits?!”


All of the Saint domain experts and even God domain experts like Mo Qianfan and Yu Suying had strange light sputtering from their domains, as if invisible soul power was repeatedly attacking and trying to rip their domains apart!


In Nie Tian’s senses, soul strands that didn’t belong to him had somehow infiltrated his sea of awareness.

However, they were instantly annihilated by blinding light that burst forth from his star souls.

Even Pang Chicheng took a deep breath and muttered in disbelief, as if he hadn’t expected that the sectmaster of the Nether Spirit Society, who had been telling him how wondrous the Void World was and inciting him to come to the Seven Stars Realm Sea, would suddenly turn into a puppet of Grand Monarch Thousand Spirits from the Void World either.

“Grand Monarch Heavenly Spirit! The high chieftain of the Netherspirits and one of the strongest experts of the Void World!”

He had learned most of this information from the sectmaster of the Nether Spirit Society. However, Xuan Guangyu, Shangguan Zhi, and the others had also told him about some of these things.

It was hard for him to accept the fact that the sectmaster of the Nether Spirit Society was possessed by one of Grand Monarch Thousand Spirits’ sub-souls.


The five evil gods within the Spirit Pearl howled madly as they attempted to break free from the restraint of their Illusory Ancient Talismans and join Grand Monarch Thousand Spirits’ sub-soul.

“It must be true, considering how strangely the evil gods are behaving!” Nie Tian was convinced that the sectmaster of the Nether Spirit Society was possessed by Grand Monarch Thousand Spirits from the Void World.

“Grand Monarch Thousand Spirits?!” Pei Qiqi muttered. “If he’s in fact Grand Monarch Thousand Spirits...”

With these words, she started spinning the Space Boundaries Crystal secretly.

The sectmaster of the Nether Spirit Society, who was facing the Nether River in the depths of the Seven Stars Realm Sea, suddenly lifted his hand to point towards her.

“Blackout Soul Curtain!”

The discarnate souls and soul will fragments of creatures that had perished and muddy Nether Qi rapidly condensed into a hemispherical cyan-gray curtain that expanded from under the sea.

Condensed Nether Qi and fragmentary soul will could be seen slithering on the curtain like spirit snakes, and gradually came together to form wondrous bloodline spell formations.


The cyan-gray curtain enveloped Pei Qiqi in the blink of an eye.

As soon as that happened, her soul connection with the Space Boundaries Crystal seemed to be cut off, as she could no longer stimulate it with the wisps of soul power she released, which prevented her from opening a spatial tunnel to the Domain of Heaven Span to spread word of what was happening at the Seven Stars Realm Sea.


Dong Li also gasped as she discovered that her soul connections with her dark stone and black tortoise also seemed to have been severed by an invisible blade.

The sectmaster of the Nether Spirit Society took a deep look at Dong Li and said, “That dark stone is an eye of the Dark King! That thing you refer to as the dark stone doesn’t belong to you. The Devils from my world shall have a strong interest in it. I’ll be able to trade it for resources that my people are short on.”

“Give it here!” His soul voice, which was filled with bewitchment, echoed in Dong Li’s mind. “That’s right. Give that stone to me.”

Dong Li’s bright eyes instantly turned hollow, as if she had become a puppet that was controlled by another.

The dark stone then flew out of her spiritual sea. With it floating over her palm, she descended towards the Seven Stars Realm Sea slowly and obediently.

Nie Tian, Pei Qiqi, Dong Qisong, and many others shouted at her.

“Dong Li!”

“Dong Li!”

“Little Li!”

All of their shouts were vested with soul-resounding vibrations, as they hoped to awaken her and stop her from handing out the dark stone.

At the same time, they flew down after her like cannonballs.

The sectmaster of the Nether Spirit Society let out a low call, “Seven Soul Concussions!”

The bloodline spell formations on the cyan-gray curtain suddenly burst forth with mighty soul concussions.

They spread downwards like seven raging waves!


As they crashed down from above, everyone, even Mo Qianfan and Yu Suying’s dharma idols, faltered under their devastating vibrations.


The waves of soul concussion ripped wisps of Yu Suying’s soul will from her sea of awareness.

With her true soul shaking violently, all of her spiritual incantations and soul defenses failed.

Even Mo Qianfan, who was well-versed in lightning power, suffered from the seven waves of soul concussion, with wisps of lightning sputtering from his mouth, eyes, and nose.

Soon, blood rolled down the corners of his mouth. Clearly, even the foundation of his soul was shaken.


Clad in the Flame Dragon Armor and clutching the Star Behemoth bone, Nie Tian dove to Dong Li’s side.

As he did, a shudder ran through him. The seven waves of soul concussions entered his sea of awareness like gusts of soul-engulfing wind. They impacted him so hard that he felt as if his true soul was going to fall apart, the soul imprints and core incantations that made up his true soul scattered...



Impacted by the soul concussion, Saint domain experts like Dong Qisong and Yue Yanxi were barely able to maintain their domains as they retreated with agonized shrieks.

The bizarre cyan eyes of the sectmaster of the Nether Spirit Society turned to see Nie Tian. “A Spirit Pearl? It’s a condensation of Grand Monarch Nether Spirit’s soul will, an interesting Phantasm creation. But what’s really important about it is the five seniors that you’ve sealed within it!

“One of the goals of me sending a sub-soul here is to take them home!

“Come on!”

With these words, he gently waved his hand in Nie Tian’s direction.

Then, the Spirit Pearl that had imprisoned the five evil gods seemed to be wrapped by invisible strings. No matter how hard Nie Tian tried, he couldn’t stop it from flying towards the sectmaster of the Nether Spirit Society.

Its soul let out agonized shrieks.

It was calling for help!

However, Nie Tian was barely able to protect himself from the soul concussions, with his true soul on the verge of falling apart. Of course he didn’t have the power to keep the Spirit Pearl in his palm.

In such a short time, the situation at the Seven Stars Realm Sea experienced drastic changes.

A sub-soul of Grand Monarch Thousand Spirits had possessed the sectmaster of the Nether Spirit Society, vesting this early God domain human expert with incredible power and making him extremely tough to beat.

Wielding the Four Manifestations Flame Soul Cauldron, Pang Chicheng started reflecting. “If Grand Monarch Thousand Spirits so easily took control of the sectmaster of the Nether Spirit Society, then me awakening the Ripper Behemoth, coming here, and doing all these things... was that all because of his bewitchment?”

At this moment, the Four Manifestations Flame Soul Cauldron somehow broke the restrictions of the Blackout Soul Curtain and resumed contact with Pang Chicheng.

“You can’t associate yourself with the Netherspirits! Now that you’ve realized that they bewitched and took advantage of you, you need to do the right thing now!”

Pang Chicheng had a grim face as he listened to the Four Manifestations Flame Soul Cauldron’s soul voice.

Rubbing his chin, he hesitated. “If it’s a sub-soul of Grand Monarch Thousand Spirits, the high chieftain of the Netherspirits... This really has nothing to do with me. I didn’t even know him. But Nie Tian and these people are my enemies. At best, I won’t kick them when they’re down. It’s impossible for me to help them.”

Controlling the Four Manifestations Flame Soul Cauldron, Pang Chicheng slowly backed away from the Seven Stars Realm Sea.

“Miss Pei, I’m not going to the Void World anymore. I think I’ll focus on planning my return to the Realm of Fire Spirit and retaking my position as the head of the fire element sect instead.” After uttering these words, he vanished from everyone’s view.