Lord of All Realms - Chapter 1448: Questions

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The Seven Stars Realm Sea had been built by Voidspirits to facilitate the three major races of the Void World’s invasion of the Mortal World.

Later, the Voidspirits had fallen out with them, which had resulted in them being expelled from the Void World to live in the Spirit World and the Mortal World.

The portal at the bottom of the Seven Stars Realm Sea had then been sealed.

The wondrous Seven Stars Realm Sea spontaneously gathered destroyed flesh aura seas and shattered domains from its surroundings, and maintained secret connections to special places like the Realm of Maelstrom.

Nie Tian had been pulled into the Seven Stars Realm Sea when he had been practicing cultivation over the Realm of Maelstrom.

However, the Domain of Heaven Span and the Domain of Heaven’s Boundaries were separated by the boundless starry river!

How could the Seven Stars Realm Sea, which was all the way in the Domain of Heaven’s Boundaries, be replenished by the flesh power from the dead outsider grand monarchs and grand patriarchs’ flesh aura seas?

Nie Tian couldn’t find an answer.

The same went for Pei Qiqi.


Fata of the Floragrims finally met Nie Tian and Pei Qiqi after taking a long detour, holding broken bones from the cage that exuded death power.

Upon seeing Pei Qiqi, he let out a sigh of relief and said, “It’s nice that you’re here.”

He knew that Pei Qiqi, who was well-versed in spatial power and possessed the Space Boundaries Crystal, could get him and Nie Tian out of this area of the starry river in a breath’s time.

“I’m disappointed, Fata,” Nie Tian said with a somewhat taunting tone. “I had high hopes that you could persuade the Ancientspirits and some of the outsiders to march into the Void World together. Who would have thought that you would be captured as soon as you returned? I really thought you were going to make a difference.”

“You’re the one to talk,” Fata said with grievances. “If it weren’t for your secret communication with Grand Monarch Primal Wood, they wouldn’t have seized me and used me against my people.”

“Even though they seized you, you could have tried to talk sense into them and turned them around,” Nie Tian said.

Fata shook his head with a strange expression. “Turn them around? The Demons, Bonebrutes, and Phantasms? What I needed to tell you is that I believe some of them might have already been bewitched by the three powerful races of the Void World.”

Nie Tian’s expression flickered with astonishment. “What?”

Fata took a moment to think, and then explained, “The Phantasms, Bonebrutes, and Demons’ bloodline origins lie with the Netherspirits, Bonedrudes, and Devils in the Void World. That’s their special bond. Those who have reached the late tenth grade, like Grand Monarch Primal Demon, Grand Monarch Nether River, and Grand Monarch Crystal Bones, can learn the truth about that through their bloodline imprints.

“Even though they know the truth, they’re too proud to acknowledge their inferiority.

“However, they’ve been gone for a long time now.

“Many under them that are at the middle and early tenth grade can also derive the truth of their bloodlines from their Blood Realms and magical places like the Nether River. The Phantasms can even break the geographical restrictions and establish communication with powerful Netherspirit experts in the Void World through soul sacrifices.

“That way, they may be able to talk to the three major races of the Void World.

“If they’ve already been influenced, then no matter what I say, I won’t be able to persuade them to invade the Void World with you and the Ancientspirits.”

“That would explain why those outsider grand monarchs would go through all the trouble to come here and sabotage our negotiation with the Ancientspirits,” Pei Qiqi said with a frown. “Vice Sectmaster Luo Wanxiang of the Ancient Fragmentary Star Palace actually established communication with Grand Monarch Thousand Spirits of the Netherspirits through sacrificing souls. That’s how he was instigated.”

Nie Tian nodded slowly. “That’s indeed a possibility.”

Even Luo Wanxiang was able to acquire the method of soul sacrifice from the Book of Spirits and establish soul communication with Grand Monarch Thousand Spirits. Why couldn’t the Phantasm grand monarchs?

After learning the truth about their bloodline origins, would the Phantasms, Demons, and Bonebrutes swear allegiance to the three races of the Void World?

If they did, they would of course want to stop the Ancientspirits, Floragrims, and other outsider races from invading the Void World.


The vast floating continent continued to crash around to kill and harvest the flesh and blood of the eighth grade outsiders and Ancientspirits that lagged behind.

The Ripper Behemoth’s enormous shape loomed behind the gray mists as thousands of strands of soul awareness that belonged to it spread in every direction.

Each and every one of them was like a tentacle of the Ripper Behemoth that searched for flesh and blood that could be used to fill its stomach.


One of them struck Nie Tian like an invisible bolt of lightning.

A soul connection was instantly established between it and Nie Tian.

“Go, get out of here now. I... I’m losing control of myself.” By saying this, the Ripper Behemoth clearly wanted Nie Tian to leave so it wouldn’t make him its target when hunger took control.

“You’re far too appealing to me, so you have to leave! Only when I’m in full possession of my faculties can I resist the temptation to consume your delicious flesh aura!”


Swirling auras that looked like cyclones exploded around the floating continent.

“The aura of my life bloodline is irresistible to it...” Nie Tian’s expression flickered as he suddenly remembered that both Mu Biqiong’s coexisting flowers and Yin Yanan’s Frost Blood Python had thought up every possible method to devour him and steal his flesh aura.

Apparently, his flesh aura was exceedingly appealing to all kinds of magical beings.

Nie Tian didn’t hesitate anymore. He turned to Pei Qiqi and said, “Let’s get out of here! Let’s go, not to the Domain of Heaven Span, but to the Seven Stars Realm Sea!”

“Got it!” Pei Qiqi split open a spatial rift.

Nie Tian thought he’d better take this opportunity to ask the Ripper Behemoth some questions while it hadn’t lost its mind. “Do you have any sort of connection with the Seven Stars Realm Sea in the Domain of Heaven’s Boundaries? Was it because you killed two grand monarchs and shattered their flesh aura seas that the Seven Stars Realm Sea rose?

“Also, did you wake up by yourself, or did someone awaken you? What will you do if you enter a frenzied state? Will the Domain of Heaven Span perish because of you? Do you know of the existence of the Void World?”

Nie Tian tossed these questions like cannonballs.

“I am the reason why the Seven Stars Realm Sea is replenished,” The Ripper Behemoth answered. “I reached an agreement with the Voidspirits. They came to the floating continent in a distant era.

“And I didn’t wake up naturally. In fact, I didn’t want to wake up at this time, but someone awakened me despite that.

“Now that I’m fully awakened, I have to feed before I can go back to sleep. The man who awakened me pointed me in this direction, and said there’s a rich source of food here.”

“Is the man who awakened you and told you to come here that spatial power expert I was with earlier?” Nie Tian asked.

A violent aura started to fill the Ripper Behemoth’s soul voice. “No, the man who awakened me had a divine tool that I know is called the Four Manifestations Flame Soul Cauldron. His name is Pang Chicheng, a God domain human.”


With that, the Ripper Behemoth’s strand of soul awareness was suddenly retrieved, as if it was afraid it would lose control and rip Nie Tian’s sea of awareness to pieces.

Nie Tian’s expression flickered drastically. “The Four Manifestations Flame Soul Cauldron! Pang Chicheng! Who would have thought that Pang Chicheng has entered the God domain, and gained control of the Four Manifestations Flame Soul Cauldron, and he also has secret connections with Xuan Guangyu!”

“What are you talking about?” Pei Qiqi asked, looking confused.

“Let’s go to the Seven Stars Realm Sea, and I’ll explain!” Nie Tian said urgently.

“We can go now,” Pei Qiqi said, pointing at the spatial rift she split open. “But do we go and get Mo Qianfan and the other experts first?”

“No, we go to the Seven Stars Realm Sea directly!” With these words, Nie Tian flew into the spatial rift.

Fata hesitated briefly before following him into the spatial rift.

At the Seven Stars Realm Sea, many Qi warriors from the Domain of Heaven’s Boundaries cheered upon seeing him. “Nie Tian!”


Upon arriving, Nie Tian felt a jolt to his soul, sensing a soul call from Agaz.

Agaz, who had taken a trip to the flame dragon’s ancestral land in the Spirit World from the Domain of Flame’s End, had returned, and was at the Seven Stars Realm Sea at this moment. “Master, our world is really ending this time.”