Lord of All Realms - Chapter 1446: Natural Bane!

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Swirling auras that looked like cyclones continued to fly out from the floating continent.

The Ripper Behemoth suddenly made Grand Monarch Dark Nether of the Phantasms its target.

A soul-shattering howl rumbled through the depths of Grand Monarch Dark Nether’s soul.


Upon hearing the skull-cracking sounds, Grand Monarch Dark Nether felt as if his head was going to explode. Meanwhile, all of the Phantasms’ secret soul magics he was using lost their effect.

In the next moment, the Ripper Behemoth’s tearing power engulfed him.

As the swirling auras flew into his flesh aura sea, everyone realized that he was done for.

The tearing power from the Ripper Behemoth rapidly shredded his misty cyan flesh aura sea, along with his fleshly body.


After Grand Monarch Dark Nether’s body exploded, bits of mangled flesh and splashing blood were effortlessly captured by the Star Behemoth on the floating continent.

“Prey...” Nie Tian’s eyes widened as he realized that the Ripper Behemoth had just hunted and killed a second outsider grand monarch with its unique bloodline talent.

He noticed that not a single piece of Grand Monarch Dark Nether’s torn body or a single drop of his blood escaped the Star Behemoth.

Even the wisps of his fragmented soul will were devoured by the swirling auras that surrounded the floating continent like cyclones.

The sudden death of Grand Monarch Dark Nether deeply shocked the disputing human experts.

They all froze and fixed their eyes on the floating continent, watching pieces of Grand Monarch Dark Nether’s body, blood, and soul will flying into it.


The surviving outsider grand monarchs almost lost their minds, especially Grand Monarch Unholy Wind of the Phantasms.

Grand monarchs represented the peak strength of a race. They determined whether a race would be revered throughout the boundless starry river.

The reason why Demons stood out as one of the most powerful outsider races was because other than their high chieftain, Grand Monarch Primal Demon, they also had Grand Monarch Bloodlust, Grand Monarch Remote Demon, Grand Monarch Blood Axe, and the newly-made Grand Monarch Chaos Demon.

The outsiders’ invasion of the human world had lasted some time now, during which many bloody battles had broken out. However, they hadn’t lost a single grand monarch until today.

This proved that the battles between the outsiders and the humans hadn’t come to the ending phase, where it was usually the most bitter.

However, now the Star Behemoth had shown up and changed everything.

In such a short time, the Demons lost Grand Monarch Blood Axe and the Phantasms lost Grand Monarch Dark Nether. Together, they had also lost many ninth grade grand monarchs and powerful tools like the Wheel of Time and Space.

It was safe to say that their losses from their invasion of the human world weren’t as great as those caused by this Star Behemoth within such a short time.

“Natural bane! This is our natural bane!”

For some reason, even though Grand Monarch Unholy Wind and Grand Monarch Bloodlust continued to let out frenzied roars, the other outsiders, titans, dragons, and Ancientbeasts started to have doubts.

They started to think that Star Behemoths were, in fact, their natural banes that they couldn’t possibly defeat!

Xuan Guangyu from the Void Spirit Society smiled derisively and said, “Why don’t we let everyone decide whether I was right to do this after things are over here and we return to the Heaven Span Pavilion? I awakened this Ripper Behemoth and guided it to this place.

“It can single-handedly turn the situation around for us by killing these outsiders and Ancientspirits.”

With a dark smile, Shangguan Zhi said, “Chu Rui, even though your sect has an agreement with it, you weren’t able to persuade it to help us by crushing the invaders with its natural abilities, right? All that takes is one feeding session, and it can help us solve all of our problems. How simple is that?”

“What if the Ancientspirits and outsiders retreat, while it hasn’t eaten its fill?” Chu Rui countered with a grim expression. “You have no idea how terrifying a Star Behemoth’s so-called feeding session is.”

He lowered his voice and continued, “If those Ancientspirits and outsiders are smart enough to leave before losing more of their forces, hunger will gradually drive the Star Behemoth into a frenzied, out-of-control state! When that happens, the domain it’s in will be its source of food!”

Upon hearing this, Fan Tianze and Ye Wenhan from the Heaven Span Pavilion looked deeply grim.

Nie Tian shuddered. “Hunger will drive it into a frenzied, senseless state?! I suppose that’s why it urged me to leave. It knows that it might slowly fall into a frenzied state...”

“You can communicate with it?” Xuan Guangyu asked with a cold, disbelieving smile.

“Did you not hear me? Of course I can.” Nie Tian said with disgust.

Xuan Guangyu was angered. “Nie Tian! Do you know who you’re talking to? No matter how popular you are now, you’re not the Lord of the Stars of the Ancient Fragmentary Star Palace yet! Do you not have the most basic respect for a senior?”

Nie Tian’s face split into a nasty smile. “Respect for a senior? You colluded with the Shadow Society, the Jade Heaven Sect, and the Remote Beginning Heavenly Sect and helped them with their plan to take our domains and replace my sect as one of the great human sects.

“Do you deserve my respect, considering what you’ve done? You don’t even deserve to be called a senior!”

With these words, he didn’t show Xuan Guangyu the slightest respect a senior should be treated with.

Xuan Guangyu’s face was distorted with anger. Fine wisps of light could be seen flying in the depths of his eyes as dangerous spatial power rapidly built up in the void behind him.

“I advise you to stay calm.” Fan Tianze warned him.

After casting Xuan Guangyu a cold glance, Chu Rui sighed and said, “What really worries me is that the Ancientspirits and outsiders may soon find out there’s nothing they can do to this Ripper Behemoth. Sooner or later, they’ll realize the only way they can deal with this natural enemy is to seek revenge after the return of their peak tenth grade leaders.

“If they leave, hunger will drive this Ripper Behemoth you awakened and led here to find new targets.

“Nie Tian and Pei Qiqi carry outstanding flesh auras. They’ll be its first choice.

“Then, it’ll go for the realms in the Domain of Heaven Span that are rich in spiritual energy of heaven and earth. It’ll drain their energy in a destructive manner!”

Everyone’s expressions flickered.

Many God domain experts whispered to each other while paying close attention to the floating continent.

“Let’s hope those Ancientspirits and outsiders fight to the death.”

“If they fight on and lose more of their grand monarchs, then not only will it end our crisis effectively, but the appetite of this awakened Star Behemoth may be satisfied as well.”

“We can only hope so.”

Pei Qiqi, Ji Yuanquan, and Xuan Guangyu split open three different spatial rifts, so they could evacuate as soon as things went south.


An enormous dragon that spewed acidic toxins was suddenly pulled into the floating continent by an irresistible force.

“McEleney!” Stella, the ninth grade ice phoenix, screamed in the Ancientspirit language.

Nie Tian instantly looked over from afar and let out a low, emotional sigh.

That dragon named McEleney had taken a trip to the floating continent with Stella to collect the bodies of their dead clansmen. That was where they had first met.

McEleney had been friendly to him both then and later, when they had met in the Dead Star Sea.

“McEleney!” Felix the flame dragon also howled with grief.


The clear sounds of bones being crushed echoed from behind the thick gray swirling auras that surrounded the floating continent.


The Star Behemoth that had lived through many eras slowly rose from the depths of the black sea and rose into the air.

An incredibly large and blurry shape soon loomed behind the gray flesh aura sea that enshrouded the floating continent.


Chatvic the titan sucked in a breath of cold air, feeling a chill in his spine.

Only by looking at the Ripper Behemoth’s looming shape, he felt as if his bloodline was instinctively trembling in fear.

Even his fighting will was gradually wearing out.

Ji Yuanquan, Ye Wenhan, Yu Suying, Duan Hongwen, and the other God domain experts observed from afar. They were also deeply shaken to see the colossal shape rise into the gray flesh aura sea from the bottom continent.

“Such a colossal shape!”

“That Ripper Behemoth is as large as a large-scale realm! Even titans aren’t nearly as large!”

“That’s a true overlord of the Primal Era, a terrifying creature that feeds on titans and ancient gods, and devours realms for spiritual energies!”

“If there were more of them, I’m afraid the Spirit World and our world would have been destroyed by them long ago.”


Grand Monarch Bloodlust of the Demons finally couldn’t help but let out a howl as he saw the Ripper Behemoth slowly rise from the black sea.

His howl was filled with apprehension and an intent to retreat.

Grand Monarch Chaos Demon, who had rushed to this area not long ago, and Ophelia, who held the Doom Blade, shuddered upon hearing Grand Monarch Bloodlust’s howl.

Suddenly, the Phantasm, Bonebrute, and Fiend grand monarchs exclaimed simultaneously, “Stay away from it!”

Even though the Ripper Behemoth hadn’t revealed itself to this point, its devastating power had taken a toll on these outsider grand monarchs.

Now, after devouring Grand Monarch Blood Axe, Grand Monarch Dark Nether, and numerous eighth and ninth grade outsiders, it seemed to have finally worked up its appetite, and slowly rose from the depths of the sea into its gray flesh aura sea. Only now did these outsider grand monarchs from the Spirit World realize that there was no way they could defeat this Ripper Behemoth.

The aura released by the Ripper Behemoth continued to suppress all of their bloodlines, making them increasingly fearful.

The outsiders and Ancientspirits started to panic. Losing the courage to fight, they cried and yelled as they flew away from the floating continent.

“This is not going to work! We’re no match for it!”

“If we don’t leave, we’ll only end up as its food like Grand Monarch Blood Axe and Grand Monarch Dark Nether!”

“Perhaps only after all of our high chieftains return will we be able to contend against it!”

However, a raging roar suddenly echoed from the floating continent.

Every living being heard the Star Behemoth’s message in its roar: None shall leave!

Like a summons from Death, its roar crushed the Ancientspirit and outsider experts’ last mental defense, causing them to break down and run for their lives.