Lord of All Realms - Chapter 1445: Ripper Behemoth!

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As he approached the floating continent, the Demonic Cloud Shield that Grand Monarch Bloodlust had condensed with his flesh aura and Demon clouds was suddenly torn and shattered.


The floating continent seemed completely unmatched as it released a tempestuous power that forced the Ancientspirit and outsider experts to keep retreating.

The Star Behemoth never showed itself.

“Bloodline! Giant Demon Hand!” As he spoke, Grand Monarch Bloodlust made a grabbing motion toward the floating continent with his large satanic hand. It looked as if its fingers could pierce any barriers. Dense purple lightning bolts swam through them like serpents.

Each purple lightning bolt was mighty enough to shatter a Saint domain experts’ domain.

“Bloodline! Great Quietus of Soul!” Grand Monarch Unholy Wind roared as he activated one of his race’s secret magics. As his soul power resonated with his bloodline, a torrent of complex energies that could silence and strangle souls flooded towards the floating continent.

“Death Blast!” Grand Monarch Pale Bones shouted as he swung his Bone Shatterer to unleash thousands of blade lights that carried pure life-annihilating death power.

“Eye of Wither!” Grand Monarch Nether Channeler stared at the floating continent, his dark green pupils releasing uncanny light.


Colorful poisonous miasma condensed into clusters of air masses, which then fell into the floating continent.

The grand monarchs of the Demons, Phantasms, Bonebrutes, and Fiends activated their bloodline talents one after another, and madly bombarded the floating continent with the powerful tools of their races.

However, the gray cyclones that surrounded the floating continent were completely resistant to all of their attacks, like unbreakable barriers.

Once they touched the gray cyclones and fell into the floating continent, all of their bloodline magics, talents, and energies sent by their tools disappeared forever, soundless.

Meanwhile, the Star Behemoth’s awareness still had time to communicate with Nie Tian’s wisp of soul awareness.

The Star Behemoth’s soul will was very clear as it said, “You are a Son of the Stars of the Ancient Fragmentary Star Palace, and the bone you own belongs to my race, so you need to stay alive. Leave while I’m still sane and able to control myself. Otherwise, when I go berserk, I won’t be able to recognize you!”


Nie Tian’s soul awareness that had flown into the floating continent suddenly flew back to him.

His expression flickered. “Will it go berserk? It won’t be able to tell friend from foe after entering a berserk state?”

As he looked closely, he saw that the floating continent was not severely damaged under the siege of the Ancientspirit and outsider experts. Instead, its gray cyclones kept breaking free of it.

Upon contact with any outsiders, they would cut and mangle them with their tearing power, like sickles reaping lives.

Feeling the tearing power, the thunder dragon Scotte, Golden-feathered Divine Finch, and the head of the titans looked grave.

“Ripper Behemoth!”

“That’s right. It’s the Ripper Behemoth of the floating continent!”

“It’s really it!”

Hearing the three Ancientspirits’ screams, Nie Tian was suddenly shocked. “Tearing, tearing power!”

He recalled that when he had first visited the floating continent, he had fought his talented peers from the Heaven Expanse Sect and Thunder Mountain Sect, including Su Lin.

He remembered that he had channeled a strange power when he had channeled power from his surroundings to condense spiritual power balls in battle. That was this same tearing power!

The horrifying power that could tear everything apart was far mightier than the raging, twisting magnetic field that he created with Primal Chaos, which he had learned later.

Even the reason why his Primal Chaos later contained a little tearing power was because the tearing power he had absorbed from the floating continent had been fused into his spiritual incantations and magics without him realizing it.

He was enlightened. “So the tearing power that I used later came from the floating continent, from the so-called Ripper Behemoth hiding in the depths of the black sea. The grayish-brown clouds that float between the top and bottom continents year-round must have been transformed from its flesh aura. That\'s why they were full of tearing power!”


The gray cyclones swirled among the Ancientspirits and outsiders like sharp blades that could tear everything apart.

Flesh and blood spattered!

Once touched by the gray cyclones, those at lower grades would have chunks of flesh ripped from their bodies and sucked into the floating continent.

It seemed the Ripper Behemoth on the floating continent opened its giant mouth and swallowed all the flesh in the deep sea.

Even though Nie Tian’s bloodline power couldn’t enter the floating continent to perceive the behemoth’s horrifying flesh aura, he could see with his eyes that the clusters of gray cyclones were getting thicker and denser!

It seemed that by devouring the flesh of Grand Monarch Blood Axe and the other Demon and Phantasm grand monarchs, the Ripper Behemoth had accumulated more fighting strength, and refined more tearing energies!


Just then, a completely new spatial rift came to form between Fan Tianze and Xuan Guangyu, who were still arguing.

Yu Suying and Mo Qianfan, as well as Ji Yuanquan, Ye Wenhan, Chu Rui, Zu Guangyao, and Dou Tianchen, who were all at the God domain, came out of the spatial rift in succession.

Upon arriving, they glared at the vice sectmaster of the Void Spirit Society with furious eyes. “Xuan Guangyu!”

Xuan Guangyu wore an expressionless face. “What?”

Fan Tianze was surprised, but at the same time secretly heaved a sigh of relief. “Why are you here? Did you hear something?”

“Xuan Guangyu told the outsiders that you were here,” Ji Yuanquan replied with a cold face. “I’ve been investigating him in secret for a long time, and I’ve learned that he’s secretly in collusion with Jiang Yuanchi of the Shadow Society. It’s just that I didn’t expect that he would send a message to Grand Monarch Dark Nether of the Phantasms in secret after you left.

“It was a message that the three of you had come to consult with the Ancientspirits!”

Ji Yuanquan had been keeping an eye on Xuan Guangyu for a long time now, wanting to find further evidence of his relationship with the Shadow Society, and he had even used a tool that the former sectmaster of the Void Spirit Society had given to him.

The tool that could always detect Xuan Guangyu’s movements had suddenly shown that Xuan Guangyu had opened a spatial rift and made a trip to the place where the outsiders had gathered.

After some observation, Ji Yuanquan had located the Wheel of Time and Space, and found that the space manipulation tool of the Phantasms had taken a few grand monarchs to this area. Then, he had immediately realized that Xuan Guangyu had secretly told them about Fan Tianze, Nie Tian, and Pei Qiqi’s trip.

They had immediately realized that the three of them were in danger, but they hadn’t been able to come here because of the Wheel of Time and Space.

When it had been shattered by the impact of the floating continent and Pei Qiqi’s Space Boundaries Crystal had absorbed its debris, Ji Yuanquan had hurried to gather Chu Rui and the others and rush here with them.

Chu Rui had fixed his eyes on Xuan Guangyu since arriving. Now, he looked around and noticed that the Ancientspirits and several outsider grand monarchs were working together to attack the floating continent. “Floating continent!”

Zu Guangyao was taken aback as well. “Ah! Why is the floating continent here?”

Many of the Ancient Fragmentary Star Palace’s experts knew that the Star Behemoth on the floating continent had made a pact with them.

When the Star Behemoth was dormant, the Ancient Fragmentary Star Palace would be responsible for helping it wipe out intruders that harbored evil intentions, like the Demon grand patriarchs that had intruded last time.

In return, the Star Behemoth allowed the Ancient Fragmentary Star Palace’s disciples with low cultivation bases to improve themselves and harvest spirit materials in the places that it designated.

The floating continent, whose whereabouts had always been uncertain, had suddenly appeared here now, and was besieged by large numbers of the Ancientspirits and outsider grand monarchs that had invaded the human world. This instantly stunned them.

They suddenly realized that the situation was much more complicated than they had thought.