Lord of All Realms - Chapter 1444: Conflict

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Everyone knew Jiang Yuanchi of the Shadow Society and Xuan Guangyu had been close friends for many years.

Back when Nie Tian had slaughtered many in the Jade Heaven Sect, Xuan Guangyu of the Void Spirit Society had sent Qi Lianshan to ask Nie Tian to stop fighting Song Chequan, but Nie Tian had refused to do so.

Later, Jiang Yuanchi had used a Heaven-wrapping Seal when Ji Yuanquan had gone to stop him.

Only God domain experts of the Void Spirit Society could make a Heaven-wrapping Seal, which had been originally used by the Void Spirit Society to punish traitors.

Jiang Yuanchi’s Heaven-wrapping Seal meant there was a very deep connection between him and Xuan Guangyu.

Now, Xuan Guangyu suddenly tore open a spatial rift, and emerged with three God domain experts, Shangguan Zhi, Duan Hongwen, and Song Chequan, which further proved that he had likely colluded with the Shadow Society, the Jade Heaven Sect and the Remote Beginning Heavenly Sect from the very beginning!

Ji Yuanquan’s previous statement had made Nie Tian and Pei Qiqi suspect that things weren’t simple with Xuan Guangyu.

However, they had never expected Xuan Guangyu would not only bring Shangguan Zhi, Duan Hongwen, and Song Chequan, but also get the floating continent and the Star Behemoth to come here.

It was the floating continent and the Star Behemoth that really amazed Nie Tian.

“Hasn’t the Star Behemoth in the floating continent long shared a tacit understanding with the Ancient Fragmentary Star Palace?” Fan Tianze asked, frowning. “Xuan Guangyu, how could you persuade the Star Behemoth and get the floating continent to fly here?”

“You don’t have to know how I made it happen,” Xuan Guangyu said, looking haughty. “You just need to know that we can defuse this crisis in our human world.

“Look, the floating continent is here, and the Star Behemoth has woken up and is feeding on the outsider grand monarchs and Ancientspirits. Hehe, without a single peak tenth grade grand monarch around, the Ancientspirits and the outsiders are no match for it.

“Perhaps you can also see that even if their tenth grade grand monarchs were around, it would take more than two of them working together to suppress the Star Behemoth.

“Unfortunately, their strongest experts aren’t here.

“In this way, the Star Behemoth hidden in the floating continent will be able to do whatever it wants. The Spirit World is also our homeland. We’ve spent countless years trying to retake it, but failed. However, if the powerful Ancientspirit and outsider experts die here one after another, it will be ours sooner or later.”

With that, Xuan Guangyu looked very expectant.

“Xuan Guangyu! You don’t think it’s wrong for you to collude with the outsiders and divulge our information?” Fan Tianze asked with cold eyes. A beam of sword intent that could tear through heaven and earth shot up from the top of his head. “Your original plan was to sacrifice us so a bloody battle would break out between the Ancientspirits and the outsider grand monarchs?”

Xuan Guangyu chuckled and said, “What’s wrong with that? Even if the floating continent hadn’t shown up, the Ancientspirits and the outsider grand monarchs would have focused on fighting each other and ignored you temporarily, right? Perhaps when they were done killing each other, the three of you might have still been alive.”

With a feminine smile, Shangguan Zhi of the Shadow Society said, “You should understand that if the Ancientspirits and the outsiders really come together, it’ll be very difficult for the current human world to stop them.

“It’s wise to use their weaknesses to divide them, and get them to kill each other.”

Song Chequan also joined the conversation. “Fan Tianze, there are always sacrifices in war! For the human world’s safety and humanity’s victory, you’ll just need to make small sacrifices. Why is that unacceptable?”

Duan Hongwen chuckled and spoke, “Look, isn’t this a wonderful situation? The Ancientspirits and outsiders will suffer heavy casualties because of the awakening of the Star Behemoth on the floating continent. The problems that have plagued the humans for years will be solved in one fell swoop. As for the fact that the realms in the Spirit World are perishing, even though it’s reaching the end of a cycle, a new cycle will start in a few thousand years.

“At that time, the humans will be the overlords and the ultimate rulers of the Spirit World and human world.”

Xuan Guangyu and the three God domain experts whom he had taken here spoke in turns. They all laughed, as if their long-premeditated plan was being successfully carried out step by step, which made them very pleased.

“I’m still curious about how you persuaded the Star Behemoth,” Nie Tian said.

Xuan Guangyu’s attitude suddenly became intransigent as he said, “Sorry, that we can’t tell you. Nie Tian, you attacked Duan Hongwen and hurt Song Chequan at the Jade Heaven Sect. Some of Sectmaster Jiang’s plans have also failed because of you. Don’t think you’re so undefeatable. If it weren’t for...”

“Vice Sectmaster Xuan!” Pei Qiqi growled to interrupt.

Xuan Guangyu snorted. “What do you have to say?”

Pei Qiqi’s eyes were filled with anger as she snapped. “Jiang Yuanchi of the Shadow Society plagued the human world with Gupi. You’re in cahoots with him. How can you criticize others? When the three forces led by the Shadow Society plotted against the Ancient Fragmentary Star Palace in an attempt to replace it, you secretly backed them, didn’t you?”

Fan Tianze said, “Xuan Guangyu, you’re distorting the truth. Do you really think nobody can defeat you?”

While the Ancientspirits and outsider grand monarchs joined forces to attack the Star Behemoth on the floating continent, it seemed that a battle might break out among these humans as well.

Nie Tian was silent. For some reason, he felt that something wasn’t right.

Xuan Guangyu, Jiang Yuanchi, and You Qimiao, the three middle God domain experts, must be up to something!

They must be working on something together.

With their strength, they could do a lot of things if they joined hands.

Moreover, You Qimiao had been trying to break through to the late God domain. With the help of the Soul-cleansing Origin Elixir, there was a great chance that he would succeed.

Once You Qimiao reached the late God domain while all the top human experts were away, considering the collective strength of him, Xuan Guangyu, the Shadow Society, the Jade Heaven Sect, and the Remote Beginning Heavenly Sect, it would be very difficult to stop them if they wanted to do something together.

As Fan Tianze confronted Xuan Guangyu, Nie Tian couldn’t help wonder, “Did they really bring the Star Behemoth here to solve humanity’s troubles and badly injure the Ancientspirits and outsider experts without any selfish motives?”

While Xuan Guangyu argued with Fan Tianze, Song Chequan and Duan Hongwen of the Jade Heaven Sect glanced at Nie Tian from time to time, with cold eyes that were like poisonous snakes’ tongues.

Nie Tian’s face was grim. As he searched for answers, he used his bloodline to perceive the battle that was taking place in the distance.


Driven by the Star Behemoth’s bloodline, the tearing force of the grey auras that surrounded the floating continent suddenly erupted.

In the next moment, numerous titans, Ancientbeasts, and dragons that were besieging the floating continent were bruised and lacerated, their blood spattering.

While he was perceiving this, Nie Tian felt that the Star Behemoth had become quite different since it had been awakened from its dormancy. “This kind of tearing force has a lot in common with the tearing, twisting force of the turbulent magnetic field formed by Primal Chaos. Perhaps I can find the answer through it!”

At the thought of this, holding the Star Behemoth bone, he condensed his soul awareness again. But this time, he didn’t send it into the bone.


A strand of his soul awareness shot into the floating continent like a sharp arrow.

“You haven’t left yet?” The Star Behemoth’s omnipresent awareness instantly contacted him again and urged him to leave, somewhat discontented. “You shouldn’t stay here!”

“Why are you here? Were you awoken by others?” Nie Tian asked.