Lord of All Realms - Chapter 1443: Show-stopper

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The Star Behemoth on the floating continent had a very long lifespan, most of which it spent in dormancy.

Even though Nie Tian had been able to communicate with it during his visit to the floating continent, he knew that it had been crouching in the depths of the black sea, but not fully awake.

Every time a Star Behemoth came out of its dormancy to feed, it would be devastating for other beings.

As far as Nie Tian knew, the last time it had fed, it had destroyed the top continent, reducing it to pieces of broken land that floated over the bottom continent.

Many of the creatures that had lived on the top continent had also died because of it.

Phantasms, Demons, Fiends, Floragrims, Birdmen, and Bonebrutes had lived on the top continent. Ancientspirits had been the inhabitants of the bottom continent.

The outsiders from the top continent had launched a massive invasion of the bottom continent, which had led to an unprecedentedly fierce war.

As a result, their war had awakened and angered the Star Behemoth that had been slumbering in the depths of the black sea on the bottom continent.

After awakening, the Star Behemoth had effortlessly shattered the top continent, causing the deaths of the majority of the Phantasms, Demons, Fiends, Floragrims, Birdmen, and Bonebrutes that had lived on it.

The bottom continent had also suffered severe damage. Its balance of spiritual powers had been broken, nearly reducing it into a dead realm.

This had forced all of the surviving inhabitants, Ancientspirits and outsiders alike, to evacuate and start lives in other heaven and earths.

As a super-large-scale realm, the floating continent had continued to spontaneously channel energies from the starry river to fix itself.

As for the Star Behemoth, it had fallen dormant again in the depths of the black sea after being fed.

Until today.

“That floating continent! That Star Behemoth!” Grand Monarch Bloodlust of the Demons shouted in astonishment. “There are ancient records in my clan that say that some of our ancestors came from a floating continent! That floating continent was their home! They had to evacuate it after a great war!”

Grand Monarch Nether Channeler of the Fiends also exclaimed in shock, “My people have similar records!”

“That floating continent is also the ancestral land of some of my people!” Grand Monarch Pale Bones said, clutching the Bone Shatterer, looking both angered and apprehensive. “Back in the Desolate Antiquity Era, that floating continent was one of the super-large-scale realms in our world!”

“That’s right!” Grand Monarch Unholy Wind of the Phantasms chimed in. “That floating continent originally drifted in the Spirit World, with people of different races living on it! Later, an unprecedented war caused the destruction of the top continent, forcing our people to abandon their homes!”

All of the outsider grand monarchs glared at the floating continent with high vigilance as it whizzed past.

Even though none of them dared to stand in front of it, they gathered around it, as if they were ready to attack together.


To their surprise, the floating continent gradually slowed down.


However, the sounds of bones being ground and flesh being munched continued to come from it.

All of the outsider experts felt a slight chill in their spines hearing the bone-grinding sounds.

Grand Monarch Blood Axe had been at the early tenth grade. His battle prowess had only been matched by few.

However, when the floating continent had hit him and the Star Behemoth had made its move, he had failed to last even a minute.

In such a short time, a well-known grand monarch that had been feared in both the Spirit World and the Mortal World was devoured by the Star Behemoth on the floating continent. Who wouldn’t be scared?

“Floating continent!”

Not only the outsiders, but the titans, dragons, and Ancientbeasts were also deeply shaken. They all stared at the floating continent with complicated look in their eyes.

Many of them had heard of the floating continent before.

Some of their ancestors had also lived on it during the Desolate Antiquity Era until the dormant Star Behemoth had been awoken.

At this moment, memories about it were coming back to them.


Wreathed in gray auras, the incredibly vast floating continent started moving once again.

This time, its target was a nearby ninth grade titan!

That titan was several thousand meters tall. His body, full of bulging muscles, shone with a bronze luster, and exuded a strong flesh aura.

However, upon contact with the floating continent, his flesh aura sea exploded, his mountain-like body sucked in. Facing the floating continent, he lasted for even less time than Grand Monarch Blood Axe.

Immediately afterwards, the scalp-numbing sounds of flesh being ripped and bones being gnawed echoed out.


Infuriated by the titan’s death, Chatvic, the Golden-feathered Divine Finch and Scotte felt somewhat bound with the outsiders by hatred for a common enemy.

“Every time a Star Behemoth awakens, it’ll feed madly for a while. We’re all their ideal food.” Grand Monarch Unholy Wind yelled. “But since you’re even larger and have richer qi and blood, you’re an even better choice to them than us!”

“Food? We’re food?” Felix of the dragons found the notion laughable, as if he had yet to see the hard truth. “We’re the rulers of the Spirit World, chosen by heaven and earth. How can some other life form see us as their food?”

Scotte the lightning dragon suppressed his rage and let out a deep sigh. “We actually were their food in ancient times. According to the ancient records in our Blood Realm, this Star Behemoth devoured many of our people as well after shattering the top continent and slaughtering all those outsiders.”

Felix stood aghast. “What?”

“It was never our ally,” Scotte explained. “Whenever it was hungry, we would be nothing but food in its eyes. Every time it awoke, it would need an endless amount of flesh and blood. If the outsiders weren’t enough, it would come for us.”

Eyes reddened and wide, Chatvic said, “Since it has awoken again, do we kill it?”

“Kill it!”

“Get rid of it!”

“Its crimes are beyond forgivable!”

The Ancientspirit and outsider grand monarchs soon reached a mutual understanding.

These experts from the Spirit World decided that they would kill the Star Behemoth that was hiding on the floating continent to avenge their dead ones.

“It’s truly amazing that your sect could come to an agreement with that Star Behemoth.” Fan Tianze whispered as he secretly signaled Pei Qiqi and Nie Tian to back away from the floating continent, as well as the Ancientspirit and outsider experts. “This is interesting. I suppose this major crisis we’re facing might actually come to an end because of the sudden appearance of this floating continent.”


A spatial rift split open behind Pei Qiqi.

Xuan Guangyu, vice sectmaster of the Void Spirit Society, walked out of it. After he did, he took a glance at the floating continent and the Ancientspirits and outsiders surrounding it, his expression surprisingly calm.

Fan Tianze was taken aback. “Xuan Guangyu? Why are you here?”

“I’m here to solve problems,” Xuan Guangyu answered.

“You don’t seem to be very surprised by this,” Nie Tian said, frowning. “Don’t tell me that you knew that these Ancientspirits and outsiders and this floating continent were going to be here.”


Shangguan Zhi from the Shadow Society, Song Chequan from the Jade Heaven Sect, and Duan Hongwen from the Remote Beginning Heavenly Sect, all of whom were at the God domain, walked out of the spatial rift after Xuan Guangyu.

Pei Qiqi’s face dropped. “Did you tell these outsiders that we were coming here? Also, I can’t believe you’re working with the Shadow Society, the Jade Heaven Sect, and the Remote Beginning Heavenly Sect!”

With a knitted brow, Fan Tianze asked, “Did you do that, Xuan Guangyu?”

“Sort of,” Xuan Guangyu said expressionlessly. “I used you to start a brawl between the Ancientspirits and the outsiders to solve some problems. However, it seems it didn’t solve the problems as I thought it would. So I had to go in another direction and bring that Star Behemoth here.”

Nie Tian’s expression flickered with astonishment. “You brought it here?”

“I sure did.”