Lord of All Realms - Chapter 1442: The Behemoth Dines

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Nie Tian’s eyes lit up. “The Bone Emperor!”

Staring unblinkingly at the Bone Shatterer that was being wielded by Grand Monarch Pale Bones, he thought to himself, “No wonder! No wonder that blade is so powerful and regarded as one of the Bonebrutes’ most precious tools!”

The Bone Emperor was the strongest Bonedrude in their history.

Like Grand Monarch Heavenly Spirit and the Dark King, he was a terrifying existence that had transcended the limits of the tenth grade.

If a bone was taken from his body and forged into a blade, it had to be exceedingly powerful.

“The Bone Shatterer, Grand Monarch Pale Bones, and the Bonedrudes in the Void World...” Frowning, Nie Tian felt that there must be some sort of connection between them. It was just that he didn’t know the truth because he wasn’t a Bonebrute.

The only thing he knew for sure was that the Bone Shatterer, which had been forged from a bone of the Bone Emperor, must be devastatingly mighty in Grand Monarch Pale Bones’s hands.


Just as he expected, immediately after Grand Monarch Pale Bones swung the Bone Shatterer at the river of lightning released by Scotte, intense death power that contained white sparks split the river of lightning in half.


Strange bone cracking sounds came from within the Bone Shatterer.

As soon as this happened, Scotte felt bone-piercing pain all over. Even his joints seemed to become rusty, stopping him from moving as freely as before.

“Bone Shatter!”

As drop after drop of Grand Monarch Pale Bones’ Blood Essence fused into the Bone Shatterer, they seemed to activate a bloodline magic.

Scotte let out a sharp, pained howl.

If one could see into his bones, they would see numerous fissures appearing in them, rendering them fragile, as if they could shatter at any moment.

“Bloodline: Thunder Roar!”

Scotte bellowed as the silvery thunderballs that had condensed from his scales exploded, unleashing devastating lightning power that scattered the sea of intense death power released by Grand Monarch Pale Bones with the Bone Shatterer.

Countless dashing wisps of lightning shot in every direction to eliminate Grand Monarch Pale Bones’s death power, giving him a headache and forcing him to swing his large bony arms to smash the thunderballs and wisps of lightning they released.

After being lost in thought for a moment, Nie Tian quickly snapped back to reality and fixed the Star Behemoth bone with a puzzled gaze. “How do you know the Bone Shatterer was forged from a bone of the Bone Emperor? Don’t tell me that you have some sort of history with the Bone Emperor?”

“Nie Tian! When will the floating continent get here?” Fan Tianze asked urgently.


The fierce battle between Scotte and Grand Monarch Pale Bones greatly undermined the restrictions on this area of the starry river.

Pei Qiqi’s eyes lit up as she whispered, “Nie Tian, the space restrictions are failing.”

Fan Tianze’s expression flickered. “Does that mean we can leave with the help of your Space Boundaries Crystal now?”

Pei Qiqi nodded slightly.

“The floating continent is...” Nie Tian said. However, before he could finish, he suddenly jerked his head to look into the distance. “There! It’s coming from that direction!”


As he spoke, the floating continent entered his view, wreathed in thick misty gray auras.

It was an area where many Demons and Phantasms were gathered.

Among them, several Phantasm grand patriarchs were operating the Wheel of Time and Space together, struggling to maintain the restrictions on this area of space.

However, as the super-vast floating continent flew over with a devastating momentum, the Wheel of Time and Space instantly lost control.

The Demon and Phantasm grand patriarchs’ flesh aura seas seemed as fragile as paper in front of the floating continent.

Hit by it, many dark purple Demon flesh aura seas and misty cyan Phantasm flesh aura seas were reduced to fragments of light that filled the void. At the same time, the Demon and Phantasm grand patriarchs fell through the thick gray mist that enveloped the floating continent and vanished.

Immediately afterwards, their miserable screams echoed out.


The Phantasms’ precious treasure, the Wheel of Time and Space, was also crushed by the overwhelming power from the floating continent, and reduced to countless fragments.


As the Wheel of Time and Space exploded, glowing fragments of spatial power shot in all directions.

Pei Qiqi’s eyes lit up. She rapidly spun her Space Boundaries Crystal to channel and absorb the fragments of spatial power from the Wheel of Time and Space.

One sparkling fragment after another then flew into the Space Boundaries Crystal, making it stronger and stronger.

Nie Tian was flabbergasted. “The Phantasms’ Wheel of Time and Space was destroyed just like that?”

Fan Tianze from the Heaven Span Pavilion shuddered violently. “All those Demon and Phantasm grand patriarchs perished on that floating continent! That ancient being’s aura fills every corner of the continent!”


The super-vast floating continent continued to charge forward like an enormous war chariot. In its presence, every titan, Ancientbeast, and Ancestral Awakening Demon that was here seemed like puny insects.

The destruction of the Wheel of Time and Space and the deaths of the Demon and Phantasm grand patriarchs instantly made every Ancientspirit and outsider focus their attention on the floating continent that seemed to have appeared out of nowhere.

All of the tenth grade outsiders, titans, dragons, and Ancientbeasts fixed their eyes on it.


With an unstoppable momentum, it flew on towards Grand Monarch Blood Axe of the Demons, wreathed in thick gray auras.


Upon seeing this, Grand Monarch Blood Axe, who was at the early tenth grade, attempted to flee, only to discover that his bloodline was firmly suppressed.

Nie Tian sensed with his bloodline power. After a heartbeat, he quickly realized why Grand Monarch Blood Axe was standing still with glazed eyes. “It’s the Star Behemoths’ unique bloodline talents: Bloodline Suppression and Predation!”

Grand Monarch Blood Axe’s Demon bloodline was completely suppressed by the Star Behemoth that was lurking in the depths of the black sea!


Grand Monarch Blood Axe’s rich reddish purple flesh aura sea was dissolved and refined by the gray auras that wreathed the floating continent in the blink of an eye.

After his flesh aura sea vanished completely, he, in his giant Ancestral Awakening form, was sucked into the floating continent.


Horrifying sounds of a colossal beast ripping flesh to pieces and crushing bones with its teeth echoed out from the floating continent. All those who heard them couldn’t help but tremble in fear.

“Grand Monarch Blood Axe, an early tenth grade grand monarch, was... consumed just like that?” Pei Qiqi found this unbelievable.

The floating continent loomed behind thick gray auras. She could only vaguely see that it consisted of two parallel lands, but not what was on those lands, or the Star Behemoth that hid in the depths of the black sea.

Nie Tian took a deep breath and said with a grim expression, “I think so… That Star Behemoth is nothing like this bone of mine. I guess for that Star Behemoth, tenth grade Demons like Grand Monarch Blood Axe are the ideal food!”

With these words, he glanced at the titans, Ancientbeasts, and dragons, then added, “So are they.”

“What about us?” Fan Tianze, who was at the middle God domain, asked, fear rising in his heart.

“I don’t think it’ll consider us a good meal,” Nie Tian said. “What it needs is the vast flesh power that enormous Ancientspirits and outsiders carry. Humans are far too weak to spark its interest.”

“Good. Good.” Fan Tianze secretly congratulated himself.


Suddenly, all of the Demons, Phantasms, Bonebrutes, and Fiends howled in fury.

Grand Monarch Blood Axe’s death seemed to have enraged them and made them hysterical.

To this day, they hadn’t lost a single grand monarch in their battles against the humans.

Even Grand Monarch Remote Demon had only lost one of his arms, but he had lived.

Now, a floating continent had appeared out of nowhere, crushed a number of Demon and Phantasm grand patriarchs, shattered the Wheel of Time and Space, and killed Grand Monarch Blood Axe. How could they not be infuriated?