Lord of All Realms - Chapter 1440: Confrontation

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There had been a history of humans colluding with outsiders.

Luo Wanxiang had colluded with the Phantasms in seeking to break through into the late God domain with the help of their famous Book of Spirits.

Later, it had been proved that he had not only colluded with the Phantasms, but also established an even closer connection to the Netherspirits of the Void World. Through sacrificing countless souls, he had formed a soul bond with Grand Monarch Thousand Spirits.

Plus, he was a vice sectmaster of the Ancient Fragmentary Star Palace, and a middle God domain expert.

If someone like Luo Wanxiang existed, there might very well be other traitors among the humans.

“Who could it be?” Names started flashing across Nie Tian’s mind.

Fan Tianze and Pei Qiqi also realized that there were traitors among them as soon as they saw the arriving outsider grand monarchs.

However, they didn’t have time to think about that now. They had to focus on how to escape their current plight.

Grand Monarch Bloodlust, Grand Monarch Nether Channeler, Grand Monarch Blood Axe, Grand Monarch Withered Bones, Grand Monarch Pale Bones, and Grand Monarch Unholy Wind of the Phantasms.

Among them, Grand Monarch Bloodlust, Grand Monarch Nether Channeler, Grand Monarch Pale Bones, and Grand Monarch Unholy Wind were at the middle tenth grade, and were the commanders of the Demons, Fiends, Bonebrutes, and Phantasms in this invasion.

While all these grand monarchs descended upon this area, Grand Monarch Primal Wood of the Floragrims was nowhere to be seen. Meanwhile, Fata was taken here as a prisoner, as if they wanted to tell Nie Tian that all those who had made contact with him would share Fata’s fate.


A furious dragon cry suddenly echoed out from the area where the dragons were gathered.

An enormous silver-white dragon that was several times larger than Felix flew over with a terrifying momentum and countless wisps of silver lightning slithering all over its body. “Who are you to decide who we can or can’t meet? Did you march down here together to hold us accountable for this?”


Like a winding mountain range, the dragon that was close to ten thousand meters long unleashed a heaven-shaking, earth-ripping aura.

Large thunderballs seemed to be condensing within its silver scales, giving rise to violent rolls of thunder.

“Scotte!” Grand Monarch Unholy Wind of the Phantasms exclaimed upon seeing this lightning dragon, strong apprehension appearing in the depths of his cyan pupils. “Don’t you forget that we made an agreement before invading the Mortal World!”

Scotte was at the middle tenth grade. His status in the entire dragon race was second only to Agaz and Felix’s father, Baptista the flame dragon.

Baptista, who was at the late tenth grade, was the chief of the flame dragons, and also the high chieftain of the entire dragon race.

Now, while Baptista was away, Scotte the lightning dragon led all dragons in his stead. He was known for his hot temper and mighty lightning bloodline, which made him the Phantasms’ natural bane.

Perhaps he wouldn’t be able to overwhelm Grand Monarch Bloodlust, Grand Monarch Pale Bones, or Grand Monarch Nether Channeler in battle. However, he would enjoy a significant natural advantage in battle against Grand Monarch Unholy Wind.

Most of the Phantasms’ bloodline magics were soul-related, and would have notable effects when used on other Ancientspirits.

However, they would be completely useless to lightning dragons like Scotte.

Not just that, but Scotte’s lightning bloodline would make every Phantasm suffer.

Once they were engulfed in this cranky old dragon’s flesh aura sea, all of their soul magics and evil spirits would fail, and they would soon be annihilated.

Almost at the same time, the Golden-feathered Divine Finch shouted in a shrill voice, staring at the arriving outsider grand monarchs, “This is between us and them. You’re in no place to tell me what to do!” It was as if her shiny golden feathers were going to turn into arrows and shoot off at every outsider grand monarch present.

Seeing Scotte and the Golden-feathered Divine Finch’s soaring fighting will, the outsider grand monarchs that had swarmed to this area felt a headache.

As the current heads of the dragons and Ancientbeasts, the two of them were both hot-tempered and warlike.

In their long history, they had often had frictions with the Ancientspirits when they weren’t facing threats from the humans.

Scotte and the Golden-feathered Divine Finch were opponents they had fought many times. Every outsider grand monarch present had fought the two of them at least once.

Therefore, they were well-aware of how terrifyingly mighty their lightning-filling flesh aura sea and all-penetrating golden feathers were.


The Titans also rallied behind Chatvic.

Like mountain peaks, they seemed to fill up this area of the starry river.

Except the Golden-feathered Divine Finch of the Ancientbeasts, all of these titans and dragons were incredibly large. Even Grand Monarch Bloodlust, who was in his Ancestral Awakening form, was far smaller in comparison.

Perhaps these Ancientspirit experts’ collective strength wasn’t as high as that of the outsider grand monarchs.

However, they seemed to be the stronger side.


Nie Tian was taken aback, as he had never expected that these Ancientspirit experts would draw their swords and bend their bows (Idiom: enter a state of mutual hostility) against the suddenly-arriving outsider grand monarchs. Now, from the look of it, a battle might very well break out if someone made an off comment.

The corners of Pei Qiqi’s mouth moved slightly, and wisps of a subtle voice echoed in Nie Tian’s ears. “If it weren’t for the fact that the Ancientspirits have never truly united with the outsiders, we would have lost the Domain of Heaven Span long ago. They even fought a few small-scale battles just before marching into our world together.

“They fought each other even more frequently than they fought us. If the Spirit World weren’t going through major changes, they wouldn’t possibly have joined together. Even after forming a union and marching into the Domain of Heaven Span, they had many differences regarding which areas to attack.

“Plus, they refused to aid each other in battle. Instead, they just fought their own battles.”

Nie Tian was suddenly enlightened after hearing her explanation. He finally realized why such a large number of grand monarchs had failed to force the Heaven Span Pavilion out of the Domain of Heaven Span within a short period of time, which they should have been able to do, given how much stronger they were than the human experts.

Chatvic glanced around, and then asked, “Where’s Grand Monarch Primal Wood? We only agreed to join this invasion because of the Floragrims, and he’s the one who persuaded us to do so. Get him here. We want to talk to him!”

Grand Monarch Bloodlust pointed at Nie Tian and said, “Grand Monarch Primal Wood had a secret talk with this Son of the Stars of the Ancient Fragmentary Star Palace not long ago. We believe he’s at odds with us on many issues, so it’s no longer fit for him to be our middle man.”

“They attacked Grand Monarch Primal Wood together,” Fata said with difficulty. “Now, he’s heavily injured.”

Nie Tian’s expression flickered slightly.

Chatvic gasped with shock. “What?! You attacked Grand Monarch Primal Wood together? If you attacked and injured him, then the Floragrims...”

“Since they’ve betrayed us, it’s only right that they be removed from our alliance,” Grand Monarch Bloodlust said with a vicious expression. “That Floragrim grand monarch helped this Son of the Stars, which led to Grand Monarch Blood Axe and Grand Monarch Withered Bones’ failure to breach the Ancient Fragmentary Star Palace’s defensive line!”

“How are you sure that Grand Monarch Primal Wood helped him?” Chatvic asked.

Grand Monarch Blood Axe jumped out and shouted, “This Son of the Stars was basically exhausted when he suddenly received Grand Monarch Primal Wood’s flesh power and wood power! That was Grand Monarch Primal Wood’s power. I couldn’t have been mistaken! Since he’s helped the humans, neither him nor his people deserve to be one of us anymore.”

Grand Monarch Bloodlust licked a corner of his mouth and said coldly, “That means they won’t be entitled to a domain to establish their foothold after we win this war against the humans. They’ll perish with the Spirit World.”

Apparently, all of these outsider grand monarchs had reached an agreement on this, as they all condemned the Floragrims.

Fata simply sagged his head, too weak to argue.

Wisps of pale-gray death power quietly exuded from the bone cage that contained him, and slowly devoured his flesh power.

He knew that even if these powerful experts didn’t do anything, this cage would kill him eventually.

“Father isn’t here. If he were, these Ancientspirit grand monarchs would definitely do everything within their power to protect me.” Sorrow filled his heart. All he had done was try to find a peaceful solution to their crisis, so that the Ancientspirits, the outsiders, and the humans would be able to stop killing each other.

He didn’t want to see people of different races die for the survival of their races, their blood flowing into rivers and their corpses piling into mountains.

However, too many things were out of his hands, and he couldn’t make things go in the direction he wanted.

“Release Fata,” Scotte the lightning dragon said. A dangerous aura could be seen in the depths of his shiny silver eyes as lightning started to appear in his increasingly heavy breaths. “Grand Monarch Life Wood has healed and saved me before. I have to keep his son safe!”