Lord of All Realms - Chapter 1433: The More Advanced Bloodline!

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“The ultimate origin of life?!” Grand Monarch Primal Wood exclaimed, looking both astonished and puzzled.

“That’s right, the ultimate origin of life.” Nie Tian said. “Technically speaking, my life bloodline is purer than yours! I don’t have any connections to Grand Monarch Heavenly Wood, the first of your kind. However...”

“What?” Grand Monarch Primal Wood asked.

“The Tree of Life that created him and has been considered your kind’s bloodline origin is probably at the same level as me,” Nie Tian said with a strong tone.

Grand Monarch Primal Wood’s expression flickered with astonishment. “Are you kidding? How is that possible?!”

Nie Tian didn’t answer him right away.

Earlier, his soul shadow had been penetrated by numerous beams of life light when he had attempted to approach the ultimate origin of life in the depths of the blood sea.

One of them had been branded with peculiar images.

In them, he himself seemed to have morphed into an enormous heaven-reaching tree that wandered through different domains, bringing life to numerous realms.

Thanks to his efforts as the enormous tree, vigorous life force and exuberant vegetation was restored to many dead realms in the Spirit World.

Not just that, but he had also created a variety of wondrous plants in some of the special realms. Both the Heaven-equal Vine and the Godspirit Tree had profound connections to him as the tree.

As he thought about it, he realized that the tree might be the Tree of Life!

One of the beams of life light that shot from the depths of the endless blood sea had been branded with memories that belonged to the Tree of Life. What did that mean?

That meant the Tree of Life, which the Floragrims considered their creator and bloodline origin, had entered that endless blood sea as he had.

Their only difference was that since the Tree of Life was strong enough, it had been able to leave its marks!

Nie Tian even started to think that some of the beams of life light that carried secret incantations too profound for him to understand had been left there by the Tree of Life as well.

Only after pondering for a while did Nie Tian explain. “I found marks that the Tree of Life left in the Blood Realm that my bloodline connects to. The fact that it has entered the same Blood Realm as me means that we’re at the same level, it and I. As for the Blood Realm that Floragrims, including Grand Monarch Heavenly Wood and all of your people, have access to, it should be only a creation of the Tree of Life.”


Nie Tian’s words rumbled through Grand Monarch Primal Wood’s mind, countless glorious wisps of soul will tangling and untangling from time to time.

“Everyone knows that the origin of our bloodline lies with the Tree of Life.

“If it also belongs to a race of living beings, then where did it come from? Does it also have its own bloodline origin? Is it the so-called ultimate origin of life?

“Because it created Grand Monarch Heavenly Wood, the first Floragrim, the Blood Realm where the origin of all Floragrims’ bloodlines lie is in its form?”

As a series of thoughts flashed across Grand Monarch Primal Wood’s mind, many issues that he hadn’t understood before gradually became clear to him.


Their conversation also got Nie Tian thinking. “If this is actually true, then what about Nie Yan, the first Ifrit that I created by vesting it with a fleshly body using my Blood Essence? Am I the bloodline origin of him and all of the Ifrits that’ll come after him? Or is it going to be the Divine Flame?”

Lights of enlightenment continued to flash across his mind.

“Are all Blood Realms in a tree diagram? If the endless blood sea is the ultimate origin of life, then it’s like a large tree. The Tree of Life and I are all branches that grow out of it. The Tree of Life then grows sub-branches that are the Floragrims. Is that it?”

The more he thought about it, the more overwhelming it seemed.

Outside the dead realm.

Chu Rui and Pei Qiqi observed from afar, and saw both Nie Tian and Grand Monarch Primal Wood absorbed in their thoughts with furrowed brows. There was no sign of another conflict breaking out between them. This put their hearts at ease.

A long time went by.

Grand Monarch Primal Wood awoke from his contemplation and asked, “Nie Tian, how can you prove that you’ve actually seen marks left in your bloodline origin by our Tree of Life? How can you prove that your bloodline is at a higher level than ours, and at the same level as our creator?”

Nie Tian smiled. “I don’t think I need to do anything to prove it. The fact that I can practice your people’s incantations and that Heaven Nourished wood-attributed plants like the Heaven-equal Vine and the Godspirit Tree favor me have already proven it. If you insist that I prove it, I guess we’ll have to go find that young Tree of Life.”

Grand Monarch Primal Wood’s expression flickered with astonishment once again. “Young Tree of Life? What are you talking about?”

Nie Titan was surprised by his reaction. “You know that your Tree of Life has a young sapling, right? It’s in a very special place, rooted in the eye of a titan. The last time I saw it, it was still growing, and had born Fruits of Life, which I picked and used to prolong my master’s lifespan.”

Upon hearing this, Grand Monarch Primal Wood became uncontrollably excited. With a sharp move, he grabbed Nie Tian around the shoulder and asked, “Are you... are you telling the truth? Is there really a young Tree of Life?”

“Didn’t the Heaven-equal Vine tell you after Fata took it back to your people?” Nie Tian asked.

Grand Monarch Primal Wood’s face froze for a bit as he said, “The Heaven-equal Vine has never liked me. Since it was taken back, it has been taken care of by Fata and others, and never had any sort of communication with me.”

Nie Tian nodded slowly and said, “Oh, it seems that you’re not very popular even among your kind.”

Grand Monarch Primal Wood let out a cold snort. “Where is this young Tree of Life you’re talking about?”

“You can go ask Fata. He knows.” With these words, Nie Tian frowned. “However, even if you know where it is, you might not be able to find it. The spatial rift that connects to that special place is constantly on the move, and extremely hard to detect. I was only able to find it because my bloodline and that young Tree of Life’s bloodline share the same origin.”

Grand Monarch Primal Wood fell silent.

What Nie Tian had just said was simply too much to take. He had to take some time to process it.

However, if what Nie Tian had said was true, and he actually shared the same bloodline origin as the Tree of Life that had created the Floragrims, then Nie Tian would be superior to every single Floragrim that had ever lived, bloodline-wise.


Rapid alarming rings suddenly came from a silver bracelet on Pei Qiqi’s wrist.

With a charming frown, Pei Qiqi sent a wisp of her soul awareness into the bracelet to analyze the alarming rings.

“Hmm?” At the same time, the tips of Chu Rui’s eyebrows flickered as he also seemed to receive some urgent message. After he took a brief moment to examine it, his expression flickered violently.

Nie Tian, who noticed this, was confused.

Immediately afterwards, he noticed that wisps of emerald green light lit up in the depths of Grand Monarch Primal Wood’s dark-green pupils, who had been trying to sort through the information about their bloodline origin, as if he had received some shocking message as well.

Nie Tian hesitated for a brief moment before asking Grand Monarch Primal Wood, “What is it?”

Then, he looked up at Pei Qiqi and Chu Rui. “Did something major happen? Is it the battle between us and the Ancientspirits and outsiders?”

“I’ve got to go!” Grand Monarch Primal Wood exclaimed as he shot out of the dead realm, enveloped in his flesh aura sea.

“Do you want me to give you a lift?” Pei Qiqi asked.

“No need!” Grand Monarch Primal Wood said grimly.


In a breath’s time, he hurried away from the dead realm where Nie Tian was, even though he still had many questions to ask about the ultimate origin of life, life bloodlines, and the Tree of Life.

“What happened?” Nie Tian asked curiously.

“Grand Monarch Blood Axe and Grand Monarch Withered Bones, who retreated from the front line defended by your sect earlier, have made a move against his people,” Pei Qiqi explained. “Apparently, his power was somehow affected by yours when he arrived on the battlefield. Wisps of his power seemed to have fused into your domain, allowing your battle prowess to soar through the ceiling.

“In the Demons’ and Bonebrutes’ eyes, he went back on their alliance by doing that.”

Gloating filled Chu Rui’s face as he said, “Now, those two grand monarchs have attacked the Floragrims and imprisoned Fata. Fata is the son of the Floragrims’ current high chieftain, Grand Monarch Life Wood. What the Demons and Bonebrutes have done will definitely lead to fierce internal conflicts.”

A surprised expression appeared on Nie Tian’s face. “The Demons and Bonebrutes imprisoned Fata?!”