Lord of All Realms - Chapter 1431: Waking Up

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In the dead realm, Grand Monarch Primal Wood suddenly opened his eyes.

His soul awareness had just returned from the Floragrims’ Blood Realm, and he looked confused.

Frowning, he murmured, “No. The memories left by Grand Monarch Heavenly Wood have nothing to do with the humans. In the era he lived in, the humans… were still our slaves. The human world hadn’t even been explored at that time. How could he have possibly gotten involved with a female human in the human world?”

“So it isn’t Grand Monarch Heavenly Wood. Nie Tian had no presence in the Blood Realm, which means that the bloodline of this hybrid before my eyes isn’t from our race!”

At the thought of this, Grand Monarch Primal Wood looked at Nie Tian with cold eyes.

Since Nie Tian wasn’t his clansman, he definitely wouldn’t act for the good of the Floragrims.

As someone who wasn’t a Floragrim, Nie Tian could somehow cultivate the Floragrims’ Heavenly Wood Heal and obtain the branches that were closely related to them.

These anomalies suddenly made Grand Monarch Primal Wood instinctively detest Nie Tian.

“Oh?” He looked up at Pei Qiqi and Chu Rui, who were ready for action outside his flesh aura sea.

He chuckled.

Pei Qiqi and Chu Rui were extremely nervous, as if they were facing a formidable enemy.

“What should we do?” Pei Qiqi asked Chu Rui with a worried look in her eyes.

Chu Rui frowned tightly, feeling powerless. “They’re too close, and he was the first one to wake up. If he wants to kill Nie Tian, there’ll be nothing that we can do to stop him.”

Pei Qiqi had a headache.

It was impossible for them to penetrate Grand Monarch Primal Wood’s flesh aura sea in an instant.

If Grand Monarch Primal Wood attacked Nie Tian now, how could Nie Tian, whose soul was still wandering in his Blood Realm, resist?

“So he’s just someone whose bloodline isn’t from our Floragrims,” Grand Monarch Primal Wood whispered to himself in the Floragrims’ language as he slowly rose to his feet.

As he looked at Nie Tian again, his eyes were filled with an icy look. “You refined my flesh aura that I used to explore your bloodline, and took the opportunity to step into the source of your bloodline. Hehe, you can’t monopolize all the good things in the world.”

As he spoke, he suddenly made a grabbing motion towards the light-green curtain of light formed by the seventy-two branches with his hook-like fingers in an attempt to grasp the patterns of the Life of Tree and tear up the light shield that was protecting Nie Tian.

Meanwhile, as he changed his blood flow, no wood energies could leave him anymore.

Neither the Godspirit Tree nor the Wood Thriving Formation could absorb wood power from him anymore.

“Bloodline, Essence Backflow.”

Wisps of light-green energies that had entered Nie Tian’s Wood Thriving Formation, wood domain, and Godspirit Tree suddenly condensed into crystal-clear green light pearls that flew out one by one.

That was the power that Grand Monarch Primal Wood had deliberately released earlier.

If he didn’t do this, the energies that had flown out of his body would naturally be slowly refined and become a part of the Godspirit Tree in Nie Tian’s wood domain, and a source of power for the Wood Thriving Formation.

Grand Monarch Primal Wood had been under the impression that Nie Tian’s bloodline and his shared the same origin. Therefore, he had allowed some of his flesh aura to be channeled away to help Nie Tian.

However, at this moment, the wisps of energies that had previously fallen into Nie Tian’s wood domain, Godspirit Tree, and Wood Thriving Formation were reclaimed by Grand Monarch Primal Wood.

The wood power lined up in the Wood Thriving Formation, like green light pearls.


The green light pearls fused with each other and became a green light ball that then fluctuated and morphed into a doppelganger of Grand Monarch Primal Wood that was less than a meter tall.

Just like this, it appeared in the Wood Thriving Formation and floated above Nie Tian’s head, looking down at Nie Tian with a gloomy face.

Chu Rui couldn’t wait anymore. “Attack!”

He activated Nine Heavens Starfall to summon meteors from all directions to bombard Grand Monarch Primal Wood’s flesh aura sea.

Pei Qiqi fully activated her bloodline. With her spatial power, she reopened the spatial rifts and controlled them to slashed at the green flesh aura sea wrapping the dead realm. “Void Shatter!”

Both of them could see that Grand Monarch Primal Wood intended to kill Nie Tian. They couldn’t just sit back and watch.

“Can we stop him in time?”

Outside of the Wood Thriving Formation, Grand Monarch Primal Wood’s true self looked up at Chu Rui and Pei Qiqi with cold eyes. “Nie Tian is far too special. If I let him live, all races will suffer!”

His doppelganger suddenly plunged toward Nie Tian’s head like a powerful sharp sword.


Just then, Nie Tian exhaled and slowly woke up.

A gorgeous shield of starlight instantly surged out of his star domain. The mysterious Heavenly Stars Flower within it seemed to suddenly expand.

The doppelganger condensed from Grand Monarch Primal Wood’s flesh aura ended up stomping on the shield of starlight instead of Nie Tian.

All of a sudden, the shield of starlight warped!

A mountainous power suddenly burst forth, causing even the light of the Heavenly Stars Flower to grow a little dim.

Nie Tian, who was somewhat disoriented and caught up in the secret bloodline magics that he had gained from the endless sea of blood, was completely woken up by the mighty strength of Grand Monarch Primal Wood’s doppelganger.

Nie Tian looked up and quickly understood what was going on. “Grand Monarch Primal Wood! A doppelganger condensed from his flesh aura?”

With a wave of his hand, strands of his flesh aura poured into the Wood Thriving Formation made by the seventy-two branches.

As soon as his flesh aura melted into the patterns of the Tree of Life, the light-green shield suddenly burst forth with dazzling light!


Branches flew out of the hard stones below and penetrated Grand Monarch Primal Wood’s doppelganger like rainbows.

Nie Tian looked at Grand Monarch Primal Wood with a sneer in the eyes and said, “This is only a doppelganger condensed from a little flesh aura, and you think you can kill me with it? But since you’re so generous, it’ll be rude if I don’t take it.”

Immediately afterwards, he activated his Life Drain.

Grand Monarch Primal Wood’s doppelganger, which had been penetrated by the branches, dissolved quickly like a burning candle, and turned back into green light pearls in the blink of an eye.

The light pearls dropped one by one and were absorbed by the Godspirit Tree, becoming the most basic nutrient in Nie Tian’s wood domain.

All of a sudden, Grand Monarch Primal Wood found that he was no longer able to contact the flesh aura that had left his body.

The eyes of Pei Qiqi and Chu Rui, who were outside worrying, lit up as they yelled in unison. “Nie Tian!”

As they repeatedly bombarded Grand Monarch Primal Wood’s flesh aura sea, forcing him to redirect his flesh aura to contend against them, Nie Tian activated a magic recorded in his fragmentary star marks. “Starshift!”

In a flash, he disappeared from the Wood Thriving Formation and reappeared ten miles away from Grand Monarch Primal Wood in the sky, quickly approaching Pei Qiqi and Chu Rui so that Grand Monarch Primal Wood wouldn’t be able to attack him again.

The branches that were engraved with the patterns of the Tree of Life flew away after him.

“Where on earth did you go earlier?” Grand Monarch Primal Wood asked, staring at him. “Your bloodline has nothing to do with the Floragrims! I didn’t sense even the slightest hint of your aura in our Blood Realm!”