Lord of All Realms - Chapter 1430: Parallel Explorations

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The glowing emerald shield that was as thin as cicada wings had been transformed from Grand Monarch Primal Wood’s flesh aura sea.

Thanks to it, the dead realm seemed to be filled with life force again.

Grand Monarch Primal Wood and Nie Tian sat face-to-face. Both of them had their eyes closed and didn’t have any verbal or visual contact.

However, Nie Tian’s wood domain continued to emanate green light. The Tree of Life’s tree patterns continued to swim about within the light screen established by the seventy-two tree branches.

Meanwhile, Grand Monarch Primal Wood had taken on a completely different appearance, handsomely arrogant, with a heroic bearing.

It was just that wisps of his wood power continued to be attracted by the Wood Thriving Formation that was protecting Nie Tian, and absorbed by the tree patterns that belonged to the Tree of Life.

However, Grand Monarch Primal Wood didn’t seem to be angered by it.

Both him and Nie Tian seemed unusually quiet, as if their souls had entered the same arcane realm.


As Pei Qiqi spun her Space Boundaries Crystal, numerous spatial blades condensed into glorious spatial rifts that approached the dead realm, squeezing and crushing space as they did.

“Void Split!”

As the spatial rifts moved closer and closer towards the dead realm, glorious light sputtered on the tracks they took.

Chu Rui’s expression flickered with astonishment as he exclaimed, “Stop!”

Pei Qiqi froze and asked in confusion, “Why?”

Just now, Chu Rui had channeled meteors from the surrounding starry river with a secret magic of the Ancient Fragmentary Star Palace, condensed them into one shooting star, and shot it at the dead realm. Why would he suddenly stop her while she tried to build on his effort?

“Nie Tian and Grand Monarch Primal Wood seem to have entered arcane realms!” Chu Rui said.

“Arcane realms?” Pei Qiqi pondered for a brief moment before her eyes suddenly lit up. “Are you saying they’ve entered their Blood Realms?”

Chu Rui nodded. “Exactly!”

Pei Qiqi immediately canceled her spell.


The swimming spatial rifts instantly split into numerous glowing spatial blades that flew into the Space Boundaries Crystal and disappeared.

Pei Qiqi cast her gaze down and said in a low voice, “Most Ancientspirit and outsider races have their own Blood Realms. However, even though I carry a Voidspirit bloodline, I don’t think I’ve ever sensed the existence of a Blood Realm.”

With a serious expression, Chu Rui explained, “Grand Monarch Primal Wood is at the middle tenth grade. Outsider experts like him can not only enter and exit their Blood Realms whenever they want, but they can also leave the secret bloodline magics they’ve derived in them. It’s a tradition for grand monarchs to imprint their lifetime understanding of their bloodline wonders and the bloodline magics they’ve derived in their Blood Realms. That way, their descendants and later generations will be able to learn from them.”

Pei Qiqi nodded slightly. “So what’s going on between Nie Tian and Grand Monarch Primal Wood?”

With a somewhat bitter smile, Chu Rui said, “Let’s not talk about that yet. The more important issue is that unlike Grand Monarch Primal Wood, Nie Tian is far from being able to enter and exit his Blood Realm freely. An opportunity must have presented itself for him to enter his Blood Realm to learn new bloodline magics.

“It couldn’t have been easy for him to enter it. It won’t be easy for him to come out of it right away.

“As for Grand Monarch Primal Wood, he’ll be able to come out of his Blood Realm whenever he wants. Also, if he wants, he can kill Nie Tian with ease, given how close they are to each other.

“Since Nie Tian is in a trance, he basically doesn’t have the ability to protect himself. That ward formed by those tree branches probably can’t protect him from a strike from Grand Monarch Primal Wood either.”

“I see.” Pei Qiqi realized that Chu Rui was worried that they might awaken Grand Monarch Primal Wood if they bombarded his flesh aura sea over and over. Then, after noticing their arrival, he might try to kill Nie Tian.

“However, it’s very interesting that Grand Monarch Primal Wood and Nie Tian would enter their Blood Realms at the same time.” Chu Rui also found this puzzling. “Let’s not rush into anything yet. We might as well wait and see what they’re up to.”

“Alright,” Pei Qiqi said.

It was hard to explain why Blood Realms existed.

Many races that carried wondrous bloodlines, including titans, Ancientbeasts, dragons, Demons, Phantasms, Floragrims, and Fiends, had their own Blood Realms.

A Blood Realm was like an enormous knowledge base that only members of their race could enter with their soul awareness to seek bloodline magics and the secrets of their race’s origin and prosperity.

For outsider grand monarchs, who represented their race’s peak power, entering and exiting their Blood Realm was effortless.

Not just that, but they could also brand their lifetime understanding of their bloodline power in their Blood Realm using secret magics, so later generations would be able to learn from it.

Inside the Floragrims’ Blood Realm.

Grand Monarch Primal Wood’s soul awareness floated around in what looked like a boundless green sea.

In fact, it was a sea of innumerable emerald green leaves that could only be detected by soul awareness.

Each and every leaf had been branded with a profound understanding of power from some wise Floragrim ancestor, along with the mysteries of the Floragrims’ origin and the rises and falls in their history.

Grand Monarch Primal Wood’s soul awareness morphed into a soul shadow that slowly rose above the sea of leaves.

He had been here countless times.

He had already come to a deep understanding of this Blood Realm of the Floragrims.

The countless green leaves here seemed to form a huge heaven-reaching tree that was identical to the Tree of Life in their ancient records.

All of the leaves were connected to veins that even one’s soul awareness couldn’t perceive, which served as branches.

Grand Monarch Primal Wood had known the whole time that the existence of those veins represented some profound law and meaning.

After breaking through into the tenth grade, he had also concentrated his soul awareness and branded bloodline magics he had derived on leaves that he left in here.

Each and every one of them carried knowledge about the Floragrims and their bloodline magics.

The Blood Realm was a race’s true vault.


Grand Monarch Primal Wood’s soul shadow continued to fly and scan the Blood Realm that he was already very familiar with for any strange auras.

Every once in a while, he would detect soul auras from his clansmen in different parts of the Blood Realm. However, none of them belonged to Nie Tian.

Grand Monarch Primal Wood got more and more confused. “No, none of these auras belong to Nie Tian. That first one belongs to Cheelie, and those following ones belong to a few young ones of my clan.

“If Nie Tian’s here, I should be able to sense his existence, given the coverage of my soul awareness. But if he’s not here, then what he was able to do earlier...”

As a middle tenth grade grand monarch, he had a profound soul connection with their Blood Realm that allowed him to detect every wisp of soul awareness that was in it within a short time.

Now, after searching it over and over, he could locate the soul awarenesses of the few talented youngsters of his clan precisely.

However, Nie Tian’s soul awareness was nowhere to be found.

“Am I wrong? Does he have no connection to Grand Monarch Heavenly Wood?” He thought to himself. “Even if he isn’t his direct descendant, the origin of his bloodline should lead him to our Blood Realm. If my speculation is wrong, then why can he practice Heavenly Wood Heal and the Wood Thriving Formation?”

He didn’t plan to give up. As soul power-consuming as it was, he conducted another thorough scan of the Floragrims’ Blood Realm.

His effort turned out to be in vain.

“Still no sign of him!” After he pondered for a long while, something suddenly occurred to him. “Why don’t I go through the memory fragments Grand Monarch Heavenly Wood left in the Blood Realm before he died? Perhaps I can find some clues there.”


Like drops of water, his soul awareness flew to the top part of the Blood Realm, where the emerald green leaves had been branded with Grand Monarch Heavenly Wood’s profound knowledge.

As the first Floragrim who had been born from the Tree of Life, Grand Monarch Heavenly Wood had left behind many leaves full of pieces of his memories. Grand Monarch Primal Wood now browsed through them carefully with his soul awareness.


In the endless blood sea.

Nie Tian’s soul shadow waded towards the depths of the blood sea, where lay its origin that emanated the essence of life.

This place was completely different from the Floragrims’ Blood Realm.

If Grand Monarch Primal Wood had been here, he would have discovered that this endless blood sea was made of countless drops of translucent and sparkling Blood Essence, instead of the tree leaves that made up the Floragrims’ Blood Realm.

Each and every drop of Blood Essence here contained the purest life power!

If he could come here, he would instantly realize that there was an essential difference between Nie Tian’s Blood Realm and the Floragrims’ Blood Realm.

Beams of life light shot from the depths of the blood sea to penetrate Nie Tian’s soul shadow from time to time.

Every time a beam of light shot through his soul shadow, a piece of knowledge about life power would be infused into him, even though many of them were too profound for him to understand yet.

“The origin of my life bloodline must lie in the depths of this blood sea!”

After putting forth a tremendous amount of effort, Nie Tian found it hard to sink any deeper.

That was because with every inch he sank, his soul had to bear excruciating pain, along with a terrifying feeling that his soul shadow might be scattered and sent back to his body in the next moment.

Most importantly, the deeper he went, the more profound the truths of life the curious lights contained, so profound that he couldn’t possibly understand them.

“I’d better learn the secret bloodline magics that are within my abilities before I burn out my Blood Essence!”

After making up his mind, his cluster of soul awareness finally came to a stop.

Then he opened up his mind and let out a soul call. “I, Nie Tian, am at the eighth grade. I seek bloodline magics that my grade allows me to practice. I also yearn to learn the origin of my bloodline to get the things I’m entitled to.”


Beams of life light shot out from the depths of the blood sea.

Like lightning bolts, they shot through Nie Tian’s soul shadow, leaving pieces of brand new information that his soul could instantly understand.

“Got it!”

Nie Tian’s soul shadow shuddered violently.