Lord of All Realms - Chapter 1426: Equally Matched

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“Life Drain!” Nie Tian roared inwardly once again.

Streaks of bloody crimson light bit into the exuberant flesh aura sea that surrounded Grand Monarch Blood Axe’s giant Demon body.

An outsider’s flesh aura sea and a human’s domain worked in similar ways.

The difference was that a flesh aura sea was refined and formed by an outsider’s strong flesh aura.


Upon touching Grand Monarch Blood Axe’s blackish-purple flesh aura sea, the crimson light that had surged out of Nie Tian’s body gnawed at the wisps of pure flesh aura from Grand Monarch Blood Axe.

Grand Monarch Blood Axe was finally a little frightened.

He was a grand monarch. His flesh aura sea was filled with billowing Demon Qi, and his bloodline carried various kinds of marvelous powers.

However, gnawed at by that bloody crimson light, the most fundamental flesh aura power that was maintaining his flesh aura sea was being absorbed.

Purple light shone in his Demon eyes like lightning.

“Seventh Son of the Stars, the bloodline you carry is more venomous and wicked than ours!” Grand Monarch Blood Axe shouted furiously as thousands of purple lightning bolts formed and kinked in his flesh aura sea.

There were numerous wisps of crystal light that were as tiny as hairs within every purple lightning bolt. The energy they emitted and released was the core power imprinted in his bloodline.

Grand Monarch Blood Axe snorted. “Origin Demon Power!”


Streaks of crimson light that had flown out of Nie Tian’s body sputtered with purple lightning as they flew back into him.

Upon returning, the bloody light fed his injuries with wisps of pure flesh aura. Then, many gaping wounds on his enlarged body healed at once.

Seeing this, Grand Monarch Blood Axe’s face changed again as he said, “This self-healing ability actually works faster than ours!”

He could hardly believe his own eyes.

Among the outsiders, the Bonebrutes’ Indestructible Form was famous for being unbreakable.

The Demons’ Ancestral Awakening was strong because of its amazing self-healing ability. It allowed Demons like Grand Monarch Blood Axe to recover quickly after being wounded.

But now, while his gaping wounds that had been caused by the battle between him and Nie Tian hadn’t recovered yet, Nie Tian’s had healed already.


While he was stunned, Nie Tian moved horizontally through the starry river with Starshift.

“Come here!” He yelled as he raised his hand. Then, a huge Demon beast that looked like a rhino quickly flew uncontrollably into his hand.

The Demon beast was known as a Black-horned Demon Rhino. It carried an eighth-grade bloodline, so it wasn’t weak.

However, in the hands of Nie Tian in his giant form, the Black-horned Demon Rhino seemed much smaller than it actually was.

The streaks of crimson blood light in his palm that had targeted Grand Monarch Blood Axe earlier pierced the Black-horned Demon Rhino like steel needles.

The Demon beast let out a wail of pain, and its robust body quickly shriveled like a deflated ball.

In a very short time, the flesh aura and Blood Essence of the Black-horned Demon Rhino that had an eighth-grade bloodline was refined by Nie Tian.

Streaks of crimson lightning flew into Nie Tian’s gaping wounds. Together with his wood power, they restored his fighting strength a little.

Savoring the sweet taste of this, he flew to another nearby Demon with Starshift.

He raised his divine spear to penetrate into the back of the Demon, whose bloodline was at the eighth grade.

The Demon’s flesh aura quickly was drained by his Life Drain.

Grand Monarch Blood Axe, who had just recovered a little, flew into a rage. Just as he was about to kill some disciples of the Ancient Fragmentary Star Palace in retaliation, Nie Tian chuckled and suddenly reappeared in front of him.

Nie Tian grinned and said, “Under the influence of Bloodline Suppression, your flesh aura sea can’t seal this area like it did before. However, I still have help I haven’t used yet. Now’s a good time to use it.”

With that, he released his Spirit Pearl.

Once the Spirit Pearl came out, a bright cyan sphere spread around him.

“Ow! Ow!” The five evil gods in the Illusory Ancient Talismans screamed like crazy, as if they wanted to take this opportunity to break free.

In the Void World, the evil gods had been sealed by five Illusory Ancient Talismans, and thus had failed to restore all their soul fragments and memories.

However, because they had gathered part of their soul fragments and memories, their strength had been restored to a large extent.

In the Seven-star Realm Sea, Nie Tian had accumulated abundant flesh aura for his bloodline. After his bloodline had fallen dormant and started advancing towards the ninth grade, he had spent some time communicating with the five evil gods in the Spirit Pearl.

The Illusory Ancient Talismans’ existence was preventing them from breaking free.

However, with their help, their master Nie Tian was still able to use their negative emotions.

All of a sudden, Nie Tian’s eyes were filled with five extreme emotions: hatred, fear, despair, rage, and bloodlust.

He didn’t cast a glance at Grand Monarch Blood Axe.

Instead, his eyes wandered among the Demons and Bonebrutes who were weaker.

Upon meeting his eyes, the minds of those Demons, Demon beasts, and Bonebrutes whose bloodline was at the eighth grade or early ninth grade seemed to have been corrupted by evil powers.

“Ahh! Kill!” The Demons, Demon beasts, and Bonebrutes, whose inner demons had been ignited by the five negative powers of hatred, fear, despair, rage, and bloodlust, suddenly shouted and started fighting whoever was closest to them, whether they were their enemies or not.

Zu Guangyao was the first to see through the chaos, and exclaimed, “Pull back! Stay away from them! Everyone leave those crazy outsiders and let them kill each other!”

After reminding the others, he, who had regained some strength, reactivated his divine dharma idol.


Like a blazing sun, Zu Guangyao emanated light and heat as he joined Dou Tianchen in fighting Grand Monarch Withered Bones.

He even stopped paying attention to Nie Tian.

It seemed that, in his heart, the current Nie Tian had become an expert who was as strong as Grand Monarch Blood Axe, and didn’t need his help anymore.

“Nie Tian!” Grand Monarch Blood Axe yelled in fury as he struck at Nie Tian repeatedly with his huge axe.

Above Nie Tian’s head was his star domain, with the Heavenly Stars Flower gathering beams of mysterious starlight, which then condensed into layers of star heaven barriers. His star domain was like the Nine Star Heavens in the Realm of Fragmentary Star.

As the axe came down, some of its power was offset by the power of the star domain.

After that, most of its power was neutralized by his flame and wood domains.

As the blood axe broke through the three layers of his Saint domain and came to Nie Tian, he threw a punch.


His colorful fist that was full of all kinds of energies gradually expanded, filling the void.

Grand Monarch Blood Axe could see nothing in his eyes except a huge fist that seemed to grow infinitely larger.

The fist was impregnable and unbreakable, like a current of chaotic light.

The fist slammed into the huge axe. The axe shook violently, as if some ancient Demon soul was shivering and sending a message of complaint to Grand Monarch Blood Axe.


The drops of Blood Essence that Grand Monarch Blood Axe had bestowed upon the Demon soul with the axe exploded like thunderballs.

The huge axe whirled and was suddenly sent thousands of miles away.

“Go!” Almost at the same time, the seventy-two sparkling mysterious branches in Nie Tian’s wood domain morphed into streaks of green lightning that penetrated Grand Monarch Blood Axe, making him look like a hedgehog.

“Heavenly Wood Thorns!” Nie Tian shouted as he activated Heavenly Wood Heal, controlling the branches to pierce deeper Grand Monarch Blood Axe’s Demon body.