Lord of All Realms - Chapter 1425: Suppression

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The Demons and the disciples of the Ancient Fragmentary Star Palace shouted in unison.

“Grand monarch!”

“Nie Tian!”

Grand Monarch Blood Axe’s flesh aura sea immediately scattered after the axe strike.

His gigantic Demon body rushed upwards into the depths of the sea of stars overhead like a stream of rolling purple smoke.

His huge axe spun and flew out of his hand.

Then, the Blood Axe that had concentrated his Blood Essence and strong Demon energy dove after Nie Tian with tremendous momentum.

Unconsciously, everyone looked down.

Nie Tian was so far that, in their eyes, he seemed only the size of a fist even in his enlarged form.


However, the starlight Nie Tian emanated was still blindingly bright.

“Starstrike!” Nie Tian let out a loud cry.

It seemed beams of dazzling starlight were suddenly attracted to Nie Tian from every part of the Domain of Heaven Span.

To be exact, they were attracted to the Heavenly Stars Flower in Nie Tian’s star domain!

The Heavenly Stars Flower that seemed to have taken root in an ancient starry river shone brightly with boundless divine light!


His star domain spread out like a vast sea of stars and floated over Nie Tian’s head. It was dotted with hundreds of millions of dazzling fragmentary stars.

Protected by his star domain, Nie Tian in his giant form jerked his head up to look at the huge axe striking at him.

“Titan’s Wrath!”

Star, wood, and flame power, flesh aura, soul power, and other mixed powers fused into Nie Tian’s right hand like rivers and streams before he suddenly threw a punch.


A brilliant torrent of energies shot up against the axe, like a blast from a cannon.

Because of the punch, the tremendous force and the billowing dark purple Demon Qi that the axe had brought with it scattered and dispersed.

With a gorgeous starry river over his head, Nie Tian splayed his other hand, which then morphed into a palm print.

“Starstrike,” as he shouted, countless streaks of starlight fell into his palm.

His palm instantly seemed to contain a whole sea of stars, with countless tiny stars shining and flying within it, forming a mysterious star array.

The star array flew out of his hand and immediately changed again before wrapping around the Blood Axe like Luo Wanxiang’s All Manifestations Star Banner.

The remaining flesh aura from Grand Monarch Blood Axe on the surface of the Blood Axe was dissolved by starlight, and drops of amethyst-like Blood Essence quickly burned to ashes.

“Nie Tian!” Grand Monarch Blood Axe gave a wail of rage in the depths of the sea of stars, and then summoned his demonic weapon with his strong heart and flesh aura.

The fine bloodline veins in the huge axe suddenly burst forth with dark purple light.

The axe then broke away from the array, broke through multiple starlight barriers, and fell back into Grand Monarch Blood Axe’s hands.

Holding it with both hands, he stared at Nie Tian with his demonic eyes and panted, before shouting in the human language, “You’re a good fighter indeed. No wonder you could defeat Ophelia.

“But you’re still a little too young. Your bloodline hasn’t even reached the ninth grade.

“You can never defeat me by relying on your current cultivation base, which is only at the Saint domain.” Grand Monarch Blood Axe’s every word thundered through the starry river.

Nie Tian grinned. “Oh, really?”


The Star Behemoth bone suddenly morphed into a flash of crimson lightning.

“Bloodline Suppression!”

The Star Behemoth’s all-powerful bloodline from the Primal Era that could overwhelm all living creatures suddenly burst forth. The unique bloodline talent that had allowed it to hunt Ancientspirits and feed on ancient Demons suppressed Grand Monarch Blood Axe.

It was not only Grand Monarch Blood Axe; Grand Monarch Withered Bones also let out a muffled groan.

The two grand monarchs, as well as the other Demons and Bonebrutes, all felt very stifled.


At the same time, a howl that only Grand Monarch Blood Axe could hear rang vaguely in the bone that pierced towards him like a red lightning bolt.

It was the Star Behemoth’s howl!


Due to that howl, Grand Monarch Blood Axe felt a sharp pain in his heart and a sudden jolt in his flesh aura sea, which had just coagulated again.

In that moment, Grand Monarch Blood Axe grimaced, as if he had somehow become slow-minded.


In the next moment, the crimson divine spear that the Star Behemoth had morphed into pierced his back, causing purple blood to spurt from his body.

The blood spurted like streaks of fire and lightning, but died out quickly.

Grand Monarch Blood Axe felt the stabbing pain, and regained consciousness. Then he screamed wildly, chased Nie Tian, and struck at him with the huge axe.

“Come on then!” Nie Tian said with a nasty laugh. His saint domain with three attributes surrounding his enlarged body absorbed mixed energies from the starry river as he drove his exuberant flesh aura to retrieve the bone. Catching it with a swift move, he started fighting Grand Monarch Blood Axe face-to-face.

Almost instantly, the two were bruised and lacerated, their blood splashing.

Many Demons and Bonebrutes turned to observe their battle, and shot angry glares at Nie Tian from time to time.

The Qi warriors of the Ancient Fragmentary Star Palace fighting the Demons and Bonebrutes suddenly felt that their opponents had become weaker than before.

They all felt much less pressure.

Zu Guangyao was swallowing medicinal pills to regain his lost strength. After he took a closer look, a relieved expression suddenly appeared on his face as he said, “Bloodline Suppression! This Bloodline Suppression only targets outsiders!

“Attention, everyone. Because of the Bloodline Suppression of Nie Tian’s tool, all the outsiders are now weakened! You must seize this opportunity to do your best to severely cripple or kill the opponents in front of you!”


In a corner of the starry river, Pei Qiqi suddenly flew out of a spatial rift, but then left quickly.

She just passed by and cast a glance at the situation.

What she saw told her that because of Nie Tian’s arrival, the battle here wouldn’t be uphill.

Therefore, she left for the place that the Void Spirit Society had been guarding, hoping to help its disciples fight the outsiders.

Nie Tian, still fighting Grand Monarch Blood Axe, quietly triggered his bloodline talent. “Life Drain!”

When he triggered Life Drain, many Demons, including Grand Monarch Blood Axe, somehow consumed more flesh power than ever in their battles.


Suddenly, more and more rays of crimson blood light shot out of Nie Tian’s body and bit into Grand Monarch Blood Axe’s flesh aura sea like weird snakes.

Life Drain, which was engraved in the rays of blood light, gnawed at Grand Monarch Blood Axe’s flesh aura sea and devoured his Blood Essence in the simplest, roughest, and most direct way!

Grand Monarch Blood Axe suddenly realized what was happening, his eyes almost popping out. “What a wicked Bloodline Talent!”