Lord of All Realms - Chapter 1421: The Ifrits’s Domain

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The flame dragon Agaz flew out of a crater like a streak of light.

Fiery light merged into his dragon body little by little. His crimson body stretched and writhed, his bloodline condensing and strengthening quietly and slowly.

“Hmm?” Suddenly, a confused look appeared on his face, and he said, “My bloodline and heart seem to have just jumped. Who? Who resonated with my bloodline? Only when my father or his bloodline aura is close will I have such a violent reaction!”

With this thought, he was shocked. “Father?”

He sent a peculiar bloodline message that was too secret for others to discern.

In another realm that had been dead for years in the Domain of Flame’s End.

In this realm, there was a deep pit in the earth, so deep that there was no way to know where it led.

Pei Qiqi’s expression flickered with astonishment. “There’s unusual spatial power there!”

Before Agaz could confirm her discovery, she turned her Space Boundaries Crystal and suddenly vanished from the realm where Nie Tian was. In the next moment, she appeared with perfect precision in the deep pit in that other realm.

The pit was dark, and even with her eyes and soul perception, she couldn’t see its true appearance.

However, distinct spatial power and spatial fluctuations came from the depths of the pit every now and then.

“A secret realm passage?” Pei Qiqi hesitated briefly, then dropped her Space Boundaries Crystal into the bottomless pit. However, she didn’t sink with it.

Agaz suddenly appeared out of nowhere and cried, “There! My father’s flesh aura is coming from down there!”

“You go.” Pei Qiqi was well aware that the flame dragon Agaz was the Flame Dragon Armor’s true form. She had helped Agaz leave the realm where Nie Tian was for the pit in this realm upon noticing a leak of a special flesh aura in the pit below.


Agaz morphed into a streak of fiery light and flew into the pit after the Space Boundaries Crystal.

Fifteen minutes later.

The Space Boundaries Crystal and Agaz both flew out of the pit.

Pei Qiqi frowned and said, “A hidden realm passage set up in the Domain of Flame’s End. Even I didn’t sense this realm passage at the beginning. It only manifested because your bloodline interacted with it.”

Agaz nodded and said, “It’s my father. He’s been to the human world several times. He also went to the Realm of Fire Spirit to take revenge on Shao Tianyang and the fire element sect for my death. It’s just a pity that every time he attacked, he lost.”

The Four Manifestations Flame Soul Cauldron and Shao Tianyang, who was at the late God domain, had protected the Realm of Fire Spirit.

Even though Baptista was a late tenth grade grand monarch and the high chieftain of the flame dragons, he hadn’t been able to defeat Shao Tianyang in the Realm of Fire Spirit.

As a special domain in the human world, the Domain of Flame’s End had caught his attention, and he had found a special location to establish this hidden realm gate.

“Perhaps you can return to the Flame Dragons through this realm gate,” Pei Qiqi said with an indifferent expression. “Agaz, you were revived because of Nie Tian. And when you were made into the Flame Dragon Armor, your bloodline was altered because of the numerous secret flame patterns that were engraved on it.

“I know you’re grateful to Nie Tian, and you want to fight alongside him.

“But things have changed. You and Nie Tian have been in his storage ring and the Seven-star Realm Sea for too long. You may not know that your clansmen have invaded the Domain of Heaven Span. Your people and the humans are enemies now.”

“We’ve been enemies all along,” Agaz said after being silent for a while.

She shook her head and said, “No. It’s different this time. You haven’t been to the Domain of Heaven Span, so you don’t know how terrible the situation is there. Perhaps...”

She frowned. “Perhaps you should go back to your clan. Also, we want to know why your clansmen are so crazy and desperate this time.”

Agaz was at a loss.

Fata of the Floragrims suddenly appeared. “No need for that, I can tell you why.”

Surprisingly, he was much faster than Dong Li, Dong Qisong, and the other human experts.

Pei Qiqi looked at him.

Fata felt a chill in his heart. “Miss Pei, I have great respect for you! Even though we, the Floragrims, are combatants, we are relatively conservative. I’m here to tell you the truth.”

She snorted. “The truth?”

He sighed and said, “We didn’t have a choice. We need to survive, and our race needs to continue.”

“Tell me in detail,” she said sternly.

Fata immediately explained things to her carefully.


In the depths of the earth in the other realm.

The Heaven Eyes Nie Tian had formed entered the lava lake at the earth’s core.


All of a sudden, his heart beat violently.

“Nie Yan!” Nie Tian, who was comprehending the flame’s true meaning and copying the structure of the flame spell formation in the earth’s core, suddenly had a strong feeling.

One of his Heaven Eyes noticed that a naked young man was slowly rising from the lava lake.

The young man showed only his head.

He was bald, his eyes as clear as crystals, without the slightest impurities.

Every time his eyes moved, mysterious flame patterns would instantly emerge.

His wisps of soul awareness instantly connected with Nie Tian’s Heaven Eye.

The two people communicated without difficulty!

“The Domain of Flame’s End will rekindle flames and become a flame domain that’s more prosperous than it ever was. This flame domain will become home to the Ifrits, where new Ifrits will be born. And you will be their ancestor, leading them to establish themselves in this starry river as a new race of life.”

Through their soul communication, Nie Tian immediately learned from Nie Yan what he and the Divine Flame were up to.

Nie Yan’s soul messages continued to enter Nie Tian’s mind.

As this happened, Nie Tian’s soul awareness that had penetrated beneath the land gradually returned.


Numerous streaks of fiery light flew out of volcanoes all over the land and poured into Nie Tian’s saint domain to complete the eerie complicated flame array that was gradually forming in it.

All of a sudden, Nie Tian found that his flame domain had started drawing the flame power scattered in the starry sky at a very fast speed.

“I’ll engrave my saint domain with the flame’s true meaning, and the flame power that you and the Divine Flame have comprehended,” Nie Tian said, filled with emotion.

He freed himself, and let the flames rain down.

His flame domain was watered by the purest fire, which would even lay a solid foundation for his breakthrough to the God domain in the future after being thoroughly tempered.

Since it had been completed on this land, it and this land also formed a magical connection.

It was like the Realm of Fire Spirit that had been made by Pang Bo, which could dramatically increase his strength.

This was similar to the volcano he had left behind, which could increase Pang Chicheng’s strength and allow him to reach the God domain.

Nie Tian built his domain on this land, and copied the wonders of the flame formation below, so he now had a resonance with it.

According to the flame dragon Agaz, this land was destined to become the most coveted land for the races that cultivated flame power throughout the starry river.

“This will be my foundation, too.” After a few days, Nie Tian’s Saint flame domain no longer absorbed flame power from the land under his feet.

Without releasing his Heaven Eyes or using his bloodline, he could still shrewdly sense the underground heart-like lava lake beneath him, and could clearly perceive the numerous flaming streams that connected to the pool.

His aura had a perfect rapport with this realm.

He even felt that this realm had developed its own independent consciousness and life, like a mysterious peculiar tool.