Lord of All Realms - Chapter 1420: Reignition

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In the Domain of Flame’s End.

This was a realm that was covered in charred land. A dead, silent mountain range stretched as far as the eye could see.

A very long time ago, these mountain ranges had been filled with active volcanoes that had spewed lava year-round, making this realm a blessed land similar to the Realm of Fire Spirit.

However, the Divine Flame had later returned to retake the flame sparks it had planted in the depths of these realms.

This had rendered the entire Domain of Flame’s End uninhabitable and unfit for cultivation.

All of the Qi warriors that had lived the Domain of Flame’s End had either been burned to ashes or fled from it.


Nie Tian arrived through the wondrous arched gate.

The outermost starlit part of his domain, along with the Heavenly Stars Flower within it, suddenly went dim.

Since there wasn’t a single bright star in the Domain of Flame’s End, the Heavenly Stars Flower couldn’t gather star power here as it could elsewhere.

Fortunately, as far as Nie Tian’s breakthrough into the Saint domain was concerned, the refinement of his star domain was already complete.

His mysterious starlit star domain had finished its transformation from illusory to solid, like a heaven that was filled with miraculous stars.

The Heavenly Stars Flower had played an important role in this process.


Nie Tian’s expression flickered as he suddenly jerked his head towards an area in the dead silent mountain range.


He summoned power and flew towards it like a bolt of lightning.

In an area of the unknown mountain range, he found a cluster of volcanoes that had remained silent for who knew how many years.

However, blazing light could be seen coming from the mouths of those volcanoes now.


Agaz, the flame dragon, took it upon himself to fly out in his flame dragon form.

He seemed unusually excited.

“Master! Wondrous changes are taking place in the earth’s core!” After taking a moment to sense the area with his flame dragon bloodline talents, he suddenly plunged into the mouth of one of the volcanoes, like a stream of divine fire pouring from the highest heavens into the depths of the earth.

Soul messages kept coming from him.

By relying on the bloodline and soul connections he had with Agaz, Nie Tian could see the amazing scenes that unfolded before Agaz eyes.

After flying for a while in the depths of the earth, Agaz suddenly entered a wondrous space that seemed to be the earth’s core, where countless streams of flames interwove like a huge network of rivers.

The space appeared empty of anything other than the interweaving blazing rivers, which seemed to have been brought together by a mysterious power so they could form an incomparably complicated and profound grand spell formation, one that could not only channel flame power from the surrounding areas of the starry river, but from neighboring domains as well!

Agaz was overwhelmed with excitement as he said, “This is fascinating, Master! This network of flaming rivers in the depths of the earth carries the profound truths of flame power! You may not believe this, but even the Holy Flame Mountain, my people’s holy land, isn’t as wondrous as this! I have a feeling that this underground network of flames is not only changing this realm, but the entire Domain of Flame’s End!”

Surprised, Nie Tian asked, “How?”

“The realms in the Domain of Flame’s End may become blazing heaven and earths that agree with cultivators who practice fire incantations again!” Agaz explained. “All the dead realms may become alive and energetic again. As time passes and it continues to gather flame power, this realm we’re in may actually turn into a blessed land that even surpasses my people’s Holy Flame Mountain and the fire element sect’s Realm of Fire Spirit!

“It’ll become the most ideal cultivation location for humans that practice fire incantations and races like flame dragons, flame phoenixes, and flame qilins that rely on flame power to refine their bloodlines and improve their strength!

“Man! This realm will become a treasured land that all fire-attributed beings will dream of visiting!”

Agaz sounded as if he were whispering these soul messages in a dream.

Nie Tian scanned the earth’s core through Agaz’s eyes.

Soon, he saw a boiling underground lava lake with faint smoke rising from it.

For some reason, a strange notion hit him as soon as he saw it.

That lava lake might be the heart of this realm, an incredibly wondrous heart!

As he observed the interweaving blazing rivers again with this notion in mind, he found them to be the meridians that supported the wonders of this realm.

A light of enlightenment flashed across his sea of awareness like a lightning bolt. “I, I think I just found something...”

His sub-soul that had been focused on deriving enlightenment from fire incantations suddenly burst forth with blazing sparks of inspiration.

“This realm is like a living being. That lava lake is like its heart, and those flaming rivers are like its meridians. Life is being restored to this dead heaven and earth.

“Also, it’s spontaneously channeling flame power from the surrounding starry river, and even other domains.

“This may turn it into a holy land that all fire-attributed beings in this starry river will long for in the future!”

As he sorted through this newfound enlightenment, his soul awareness split into a thousand strands.

Some of them mixed with power from his star souls to form so-called Star Eyes, which then plunged into the depths of the earth through the mouths of numerous volcanoes.

In the next moment, he felt as if he had dozens of eyes flying underground, following the rivers of flame.

More of his soul awareness dispersed into the earth like water and spread to every corner of the realm.

Soon, as he tracked the underground rivers of flames to the lava lake, a clear map came to form in his mind.

As this happened, his flame domain quietly changed.

As he continued to scan with his Heaven Eyes and infiltrate the earth with his soul awareness, flame power seemed to condense into blazing lines that gradually made up a complicated drawing of the profound fiery spell formation in the depths of the earth.

“The power derived by the Divine Flame, the divine fiery symbols Pang Bo carved on the inside of that volcano in the Five Elements Sect, and the wondrous power he vested the Flame Dragon Armor with...”

Carried away in thought, he suddenly caught a sense of different truths of flame power.

That was when it occurred to him that the flame spark had seized the majority of the profound fiery symbols and spell formations Pang Bo had left in that volcano in the Realm of Fire Spirit, and transformed into a brand new life form with the help of his Blood Essence.

“The incredible changes in the depths of the earth have a great deal to do with Nie Yan and the Divine Flame’s power!”

This realization calmed him.

He now knew that the wonders of this realm had been the work of the Divine Flame and Nie Yan, who had summoned him here!

“They summoned me here so that I could derive enlightenment from the well-tested truths of flame power during my breakthrough into the Saint domain. Also, the rich flame power underground will help me forge my flame domain within a shorter time!”


His flame domain suddenly burst into raging flames.

Clusters of flames started flying out of the nearby enlivened volcanoes and fusing into his flame domain without meeting any obstacles.

With the infusion of this flame power, the further refinement of his soul, and the perception of his Heaven Eyes, the mysterious fire-drawn spell formation within his flame domain became more and more distinct.

At the same time, his flame power sub-soul continued to observe the underground blazing veins and the lava lake that he viewed as a special heart.

“This is awesome!”

Even though he didn’t sense the Divine Flame or Nie Yan’s aura, he knew they must be somewhere close, perhaps in a nearby realm, or some other realm in the Domain of Flame’s End.

This was their gift to him!


A spatial rift split open, and Pei Qiqi flew lightly out.


Upon entering this realm, she exclaimed in surprise, as she felt that Nie Tian’s aura had filled the entire realm.

It was as if he was everywhere, in the highest heavens and the depths of the earth.

“This is strange. Don’t tell me that his flame domain has some sort of connection to this realm.” Baffled, Pei Qiqi looked around, and soon found Nie Tian.

She saw rivers of blazing light forming and interweaving within his flame domain, as if someone was drawing numerous profound fiery formations with a divine pen.

Each and every spell formation seemed to represent a truth of flame power. Upon closer look, some of the spell formations resembled outsider meridians, while others glittered like Bloodline Crystal Chains, as if they could give birth to mighty bloodline talents and burst forth with raging bloodline power at any moment.