Lord of All Realms - Chapter 1418: From Illusory To Real

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Bright starlight suddenly rushed out from the bottom of the Seven-star Realm Sea.

The whole sea seemed to be filled with bright starlight. When everyone fixed their eyes on it, they felt as if the mysterious sea amid the seven dead stars had become a gorgeous galaxy.

The starlight dazzled their eyes!


The scattered starlight floating around the Seven-star Realm Sea started to converge in one place little by little.

At the portal, Nie Tian slowly floated toward the sea’s surface.

The branches of the mysterious Heavenly Stars Flower in his star domain absorbed the starlight in the sea like a sponge absorbing water.

Its branches and leaves filled the entire star domain surrounding Nie Tian.

Standing on a dead star, Mu Biqiong, the Holy Daughter of the Bliss Mountain Sect, took a look at the Seven-star Realm Sea. The peculiar coexisting flowers in her body immediately sensed something. “Hmm?”

Her expression changed before she secretly communicated with the souls of the coexisting flowers.

Yue Yanxi of the Divine Flame Sect frowned slightly and asked her, “Girl, do you feel anything? Your flowers have a mysterious origin. Which do you feel is stronger, Nie Tian’s peculiar starry flower in the Seven-star Realm Sea or your coexisting flowers? Even the Demon Eyes Flower, which is considered the most powerful plant in the Demon realms, is no match for your coexisting flowers. Nie Tian’s...”

“The coexisting flowers in my body have never heard of that peculiar flower of his that seems to be dotted with stars,” Mu Biqiong said with a bitter expression, “but they feel instinctively uneasy in its presence. That alone makes me believe that Nie Tian’s peculiar flower is stronger.”

“Nie Tian is breaking through into the Saint domain!” Dong Qisong of the Beast-controlling Sect suddenly shouted.

Hearing this, many Qi warriors of the Domain of Heaven’s Boundaries became excited, their eyes shining with fanatical light.

“Nie Tian is really breaking through to the Saint domain!”

“How fast! He cultivates three powers of different attributes, which are star, wood, and flame, and he has a special bloodline, yet he can actually make his attempt to break through into the Saint domain in such a short time! He’s really a genius!”

“If it hadn’t been for this fact, would we have been willing to swear allegiance to him so early?”

“Ha ha! You’re right!”

At the same time, Dong Li gave the black tortoise a stern look. “Get back here!”

The black tortoise had its eyes on the Seven-star Realm Sea after swallowing up the dead bodies that the Demons had left behind.

It intended to make an effort to break through to tenth grade with the flesh aura of the Ancientspirits and outsiders that the Seven-star Realm Sea had amassed for the past hundreds of thousands of years.

After being scolded by Dong Li, the black tortoise immediately became well-behaved, and obediently shrank its body and rubbed against Dong Li’s ankles.

Dong Li snorted. “Nie Tian is trying to make his breakthrough into the Saint domain, which is very complicated and full of danger. He needs the Seven-star Realm Sea because he needs to channel star, flame, wood power, and possibly other forces from it. Be quiet, and don’t make trouble during this time.”

Although it felt wronged, it agreed.


The Star Behemoth bone morphed into a red bolt of lightning and flew out from the Seven-star Realm Sea.

It seemed to know that Nie Tian was on the verge of a breakthrough, and thus didn’t continue to absorb the powers from the sea that would help it continue to grow.


Channeled by the Primal Chaos that Nie Tian had displayed, wood, star, and flame power were cleansed before they merged into Nie Tian’s domain in their purest form.

All eyes were fixed on his domain, which was originally illusory, but was gradually becoming real as the powers continued to pour in.

His star domain, which was in the outermost parts of his domain, surrounded his blazing flame domain like a curtain of starlight.

The vibrant land at the heart of his domain kept gathering wood power with the help of the Godspirit Tree and the seventy-two branches to substantialize the illusory land little by little.

The transformation from illusory to real was the heart of the transformation from the Void domain to the Saint domain.

Combining with wood, star, and flame power, Nie Tian’s soul power also fused into his domain.

Countless wisps of pure and colorless spiritual power from his spiritual sea mixed with the powers of three different attributes and his soul power. As they were refined over and over, his illusory domain could hoard more and more energy.

Time ticked away.

The waters of the Seven-star Realm Sea continued to quietly lower. Nie Tian’s Void domain was continuously kneaded and polished by various forces, giving people a feeling that it was becoming heavier and truer.

A few days later.

Most of the water of the Seven-star Realm Sea had disappeared. In everyone’s eyes, Nie Tian’s domain was quite different now.

“Flame aura, such strange flame aura,” Yue Yanxi of the Divine Flame Sect said as he watched strands of flame aura that seemed to contain the true meaning of fire flying about in the center of Nie Tian’s flame domain like living things, dragging long blazing tails as they did. “The profound truths of flame that he comprehends have a deep connection to the Divine Flame of the Domain of Flame’s End.”

“Who is it?” Dong Li shouted. Her eyes seemed to turn into black holes as she instantly took out the black iron box and stared in one direction, as if she were facing a formidable enemy.

A Floragrim walked out in shock.

The Qi warriors of the Domain of Heaven’s Boundaries took a closer look, and saw his special green skin with tree-like patterns on it. “A Floragrim?”

Knowing the newcomer’s identity, everyone gathered around and surrounded him with gloomy faces.

“I’m Fata of the Floragrims.” After introducing himself, the newcomer said to Dong Li in very fluent human language, “I’m not here to fight you or Nie Tian. Otherwise, I wouldn’t have come alone while I am well aware that Grand Monarch Chaos Devil and Ophelia of the Demons have suffered greatly because of you.”

Dong Li frowned. “Has the news that the Demons arrived been spread?”

Fata nodded. “Even though not many humans know about it yet, word of the newly-made grand monarch Grand Monarch Chaos Devil and the gifted Ophelia of the Demons being defeated here has shocked many in the Spirit World.”

“Why are you here?” Dong Li asked.

“I’m here for Nie Tian,” Fata said bluntly. “The Heavenly Wood Heal that Nie Tian has been cultivating is our Floragrims’ secret spell. His Godspirit Tree and those branches are also deeply related to our clan.”

“But of course, they’re not why I’m here.”

Dong Li was impatient. “Cut to the chase!”

“Sorry, I can only talk to Nie Tian.” Fata was alone, but facing Dong Li, a woman who was famous for being stronger and more vicious than Pei Qiqi in the eyes of the Spirit World, he didn’t have much awe. “The only thing I can say is that I come here with sincerity, and I hope that I can change the situation of the Domain of Heaven Span with Nie Tian’s help.”

Dong Li was surprised. “With Nie Tian’s help?”