Lord of All Realms - Chapter 1417: The Dark Aureole

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Dong Li opened the black iron box, and thick darkness immediately poured out.

At the same time, something that looked like a black sun flew out of the box.

By simply looking at the aureole, all of the Demons that had come with Ophelia couldn’t stop trembling.

It was a deep reverence and fear that inferiors had towards superiors, which had been branded in the deepest parts of their bloodlines!


All of the Demons present, including Grand Monarch Chaos Demon, the newly-made grand monarch, experienced unusual heart palpitations.

Their hearts pounded more and more violently.

A ninth grade grand patriarch gasped with astonishment and pointed at the aureole that floated over Dong Li like a black sun. “My... my bloodline power is leaving my body and flowing towards that thing!”


Grand Monarch Chaos Demon’s three heads howled at the same time.

He found that as long as he looked at the black aureole, he couldn’t summon his bloodline power. He couldn’t even approach Dong Li.

Ophelia’s expression also flickered drastically, as she wasn’t sure what was happening. She only knew that all of the Demons she had brought here started behaving strangely after that black aureole appeared and started floating over Dong Li’s head.

The Doom Blade, which was connected to her on a soul level, was the only thing that didn’t seem to be affected.

A ninth grade Demon grand patriarch trembled nonstop as he said to Ophelia. “I somehow feel terrified by that black aureole. This feeling is similar to what I felt when I met the high chieftain and sensed his aura for the first time.”

The petals of the Demon Eyes Flower suddenly came back together, revealing Han Yu, who then advised Ophelia with a very serious tone, “We’d better get out of here as soon as possible. The power that black aureole emanates is even more ancient and terrifying than that of your Doom Blade.”

“Ophelia!” Grand Monarch Chaos Demon’s enormous body started shrinking in size as his bloodline power left him. “I think it’s time for us to leave. This woman who took the dark stone from us is quite hard to deal with!”

Aside from Dong Li, they were also facing the black tortoise, which was only a step away from entering the tenth grade.

Grand Monarch Chaos Demon couldn’t help but look at the black aureole from time to time. However, every time he looked at it, his eyes felt sore and painful.

This newly-made grand monarch lost his fighting will before a battle even truly broke out.

“No, I’m not leaving!”

Ophelia took a deep breath, and fused drops of purple Blood Essence into her Doom Blade to awaken the Demonic Doom Spirit inside.

“Doom, doom...”

As Heaven-destroying, earth-extinguishing cries echoed from the famous demonic blade that had been used to fight Nie Tian and Pei Qiqi, it morphed into an extremely long streak of light that slashed towards Dong Li.

As it did, blackish-violet flames flew out of it, along with countless black lightning bolts.

A corner of Dong Li’s mouth twitched as she yanked the aureole that looked like a black sun down and cast it towards Ophelia’s Doom Blade.

Endless darkness rapidly engulfed all of the lightning bolts and blackish-violet flames released by the Doom Blade.

Ultimate darkness soon devoured every last bit of light in the area between Dong Li and Ophelia.

That was when Ophelia sensed fear from the Demonic Doom Spirit for the first time.

The Demonic Doom Spirit let out soul screams that only she could hear as it madly drew wisps of soul power from her in an attempt to escape from the darkness, no matter the cost.


The Doom Blade shot out of the darkness and fled directly towards the Demon ancient starship that was berthed in the distance, despite Ophelia’s obstruction.

“Retreat!” Ophelia finally cried out in fear.

The Demons that had snuck here from a secluded region in the Domain of Heaven Span through a special means were first dumbfounded by the order, but started running for their lives immediately afterwards.

Dong Li floated over the Seven Stars Realm Sea like a dark god. Eyes like bottomless black holes, she pointed at the fleeing Demons and said expressionlessly, “Darkness: Encroach.”

The complete darkness spread like a sea, engulfing the Demons that didn’t flee fast enough.

It didn’t matter whether they were at the seventh or the eighth grade. As long as they disappeared into the spreading darkness, they disappeared for good.

“Han Yu and the Demon Eyes Flower...” Dong Li let out a low chuckle. “Since you’ve decided to join the Demons and killed so many of your own kind, it’s about time you died. And since your master, Wu Ji, doesn’t have the heart to do it, I can only do it for him. I hope Nie Tian won’t blame me for this after he returns from down there.”

Wisps of black light seemed to dance at her fingertips as she guided the darkness.

Eventually, Han Yu, who was neither human nor Demon, was devoured by the darkness as well.

As fierce as he was, he couldn’t let out even the slightest sound.

Even that Demon Eyes Flower, which was the so-called deadliest magical plant in the Demon realms, seemed to be annihilated soundlessly.

The darkness continued to spread.

The remaining Demons fled to their ancient starship with Ophelia. However, before they could even start the starship, the darkness came.

“Abandon the starship!” Grand Monarch Chaos Demon’s panicked shout echoed out.

However, as the other Demons looked around for him, he had already canceled his Ancestral Awakening form and flew off like a streak of demonic light.

Ophelia and her Doom Blade flew after him, abandoning their ancient starship.

After that, the aureole that looked like a black sun, which had been released from Dong Li’s black iron box, expanded and devoured the Demon ancient starship.

A quarter hour later...

The black aureole shrank and flew back into the black iron box, which Dong Li then put away.

As the endless darkness faded, numerous Demon corpses were revealed floating over the Seven Stars Realm Sea.

The dark power within them seemed to have been picked clean. All that was left were wisps of faint flesh power that had yet to dissipate.

Seeing them, the black tortoise let out an excited cry.

Like an enormous black cloud, it flew out from behind Dong Li’s back to swallow the dead Demons that floated over the Seven Stars Realm Sea, one at a time.

It didn’t take it long to clean the floating Demon corpses out.


With its pillar-thick feet, it smashed the ancient starship the Demons had left behind to pick at and swallow the dead Demons within it.

Gathered at the perimeter of the Realm Sea, many Qi warriors from the Domain of Heaven’s Boundaries were flabbergasted.

Earlier, when the darkness had spread out to cover a large area, they had only sensed the black tortoise’s aura, from which they had realized that it was growing stronger at a shocking speed. Never had they expected that Dong Li, who had remained hidden for a long time, had already become so devastatingly strong.

Grand Monarch Chaos Demon, Ophelia, a ninth grade Demon grand monarch, and a troop of seventh and eighth grade Demons...

After releasing the black aureole from the black iron box, she had smashed through them as if they were dry weeds and rotten wood.

Such battle prowess rendered Dong Qisong and all of the Void and Saint domain experts from the Domain of Heaven’s Boundaries speechless.

They found it unbelievable.

Dong Li let out a breath. “As the spiritual tool used by the Dark King of the Void World, this Dark Aureole is mighty indeed.”

She had to take out some of the soul crystals Pei Qiqi had given her previously to recover her soul power.

Before leaving the Seven Stars Realm Sea, Pei Qiqi had left the Soul-cleansing Origin Elixir and soul crystals Nie Tian had earned from You Qimiao to her.

She had also explained the Void World and the origin of the dark stone to Dong Li.

From her, Dong Li had learned that the dark stone she had refined was actually one of the Dark King’s eyes.

Later, a mysterious woman had given her that black iron box, which contained the Dark Aureole. From the unique aura connection between it and the dark stone, she had realized that the Dark Aureole had also belonged to the Dark King, a mighty Devil who had transcended the limits of the tenth grade.

“The fact that Ophelia and Grand Monarch Chaos Demon had to retreat was probably because the Dark Aureole was stopping them from manifesting their bloodline power,” Dong Li thought to herself. “The Dark King of the Devils was the mightiest existence throughout the Void World in his time. The bloodline origin of the Demons of the Spirit World lies with the Devils in the Void World.

“That’s why the magical tool left by the Dark King can be used to suppress all Demons.

“If it were the Phantasms, Bonebrutes, and Fiends that sought trouble with me this time, instead of the Demons, the Dark Aureole probably wouldn’t have been able to suppress their bloodlines.”

With these thoughts, Dong Li couldn’t help but turn to look at the dead star she had left.

“Who was she? She could even get her hands on the Dark King’s magical tool. And she simply gave it to me, as if it was nothing to her.”

Dong Li couldn’t find an answer.