Lord of All Realms - Chapter 1416: A Battle Between Magical Plants

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That eighth grade Goldskin Beast was a metal-attributed spirit beast, its body as hard as a piece of divine metal.

However, it still didn’t seem to be strong enough to resist the Demon Eyes Flower that entangled it. No matter how hard it struggled, howled, and stimulated its bloodline, it couldn’t break free from the Demon Eyes Flower.

Dong Qisong could only watch as the Goldskin Beast vanished into one of the Demon Eyes Flower’s buds.


Golden blood spurted from within the bud like a water fountain.

As Dong Qisong experienced a sharp pain in his chest, a low moan escaped his mouth.

Wisps of his connection with the Goldskin Beast were relentlessly severed.

The beast’s soul will rapidly perished. Soon, he couldn’t sense even the slightest wisp of it.

However, the Demon Eyes Flower’s branches expanded in a devilish manner, rapidly filling a large area around it.


Most surprisingly, it was able to channel mixed energies from its surroundings and turn them into rich dark purple Demon Qi.

“Sorry,” Han Yu, who had partially merged with the Demon Eyes Flower, said with a gray face. Mysterious lights of an awareness that wasn’t his could be seen swimming in the depths of his eyes like fish.

The Demon Eyes Flower suddenly extended its branches in all directions. Each and every one of them looked like an all-conquering sharp blade.


Wherever the branches went, ear-piercing sounds echoed out, as if even space was being cut open, revealing glorious dashing lights.

All of the Void and Saint domain experts of the Domain of Heaven’s Boundaries that saw this were overtaken with fear.

The terrifying aura they were sensing from the Demon Eyes Flower and Han Yu made them realize that the two of them had perfectly merged in both soul and body.

The two of them were a whole now!

At this moment, unusually strong spatial fluctuations came from a berthed starship that belonged to the Bliss Mountain Sect.

A young woman with a veil walked out and floated quietly from the starship. Eyes deep and mysterious, she had an extraordinary bearing.

“Holy Daughter!” A Void domain expert from the Bliss Mountain Sect exclaimed in ecstasy.

The arrival was Mu Biqiong, the Holy Daughter of the Bliss Mountain Sect.

She had been practicing cultivation in the Bliss Mountain Sect’s headquarters when she had received word of what had happened, and teleported here at the first possible moment.

“A Demon Eyes Flower.”

With her deep eyes, she looked at the Demon Eyes Flower, which was brandishing its branches everywhere like sharp blades, and Han Yu, who was clearly not human anymore.

Upon meeting her eyes, Han Yu suddenly sensed strong danger.

“The Demon Eyes Flower is only considered the deadliest plant among the magical plants that grow in the Demon realms,” Mu Biqiong said with a cold look in her eyes. Then, she ripped her veil off with a quick move, revealing the unearthly beautiful face behind it.

A colorful flower and a black flower surfaced on her cheeks.

In the depths of her pupils, the shadows of the devilish flowers also grew more and more distinct.


All of a sudden, the coexisting flowers’ enormous roots shot out of Mu Biqiong’s palms like two raging dragons.

One was pitch-black like a charred pillar, while the other was glorious like a rainbow.

The two roots also exuded different auras, one hideous and the other evil. In the blink of an eye, they entangled the Demon Eyes Flower’s branches.


Many branches of the Demon Eyes Flower that belonged to Han Yu were torn to pieces.

The coexisting flowers that had developed their doubled souls and lodged in her since she had been little suppressed the Demon Eyes Flower in an overwhelming manner.

Seconds later, the black root suddenly shot towards Han Yu.

The ‘Demon Eyes’ surrounding Han Yu then unleashed their bewitching power simultaneously. One demonic voice after another reached the depths of Mu Biqiong’s soul in an attempt to make her lose herself in the illusions created by the Demon Eyes Flower and give up resistance.

However, as a sharp screech came from the black flower of the coexisting flowers, one of Mu Biqiong’s eyes turned into an unfathomable black hole that seemed to be able to devour everything.


Han Yu covered his ears as he suffered a backlash. Blood started streaming through his fingers.


The demonic eye-like buds of the magical plant that was considered the most powerful plant throughout the Demon realms exploded one after another.


As Mu Biqiong gave the order, a pitch-black root and a glorious rainbow-like root extended to munch their way through the Demon Eyes Flower’s branches, like they were a feast to them.

Han Yu was almost scared out of his mind. No longer daring to make any aggressive moves, he hastily shrank into one of the buds of the Demon Eyes Flower.

Then, the whole Demon Eyes Flower shrank at an alarming rate before splitting into numerous purple petals that escaped in different directions.

“The coexisting flowers inside of me tell me that plant of yours is a joke, even though people say it’s the deadliest magical plant throughout the Demon realms,” Mu Biqiong said in a surprisingly calm voice towards the fleeing petals, in one of which Han Yu must be hiding. “I’m sure it’ll take a very long time for it to recover after this battle.

“It may take decades, or centuries. Since you attach your cultivation base and hope of becoming powerful to it, its decline is bound to affect you a great deal.”

Han Yu didn’t give any response.

However, most of the fleeing petals of the Demon Eyes Flower flew towards Ophelia of the Demons.

Yin Yanan from the Beast-controlling Sect also arrived after receiving word of what had happened. Seeing that Dong Qisong was unharmed, she said, “It’s nice to see that you’re safe, Sectmaster. Why did those Demons suddenly come here instead of joining the battles against our main force in the Domain of Heaven Span?”

Dong Qisong secretly let out a sigh of relief and said, “Who knows?”

“You’re the best, Holy Daughter!” The disciples of the Bliss Mountain Sect cheered.

Like Yin Yanan, who had just arrived, Mu Biqiong was also only at the late Soul realm.

She hadn’t even entered the Void domain yet.

Even so, she, who had the coexisting flowers lodged inside of her since she had been a little girl, was quickly growing into the strongest Qi warrior of the Bliss Mountain Sect.

Her battle prowess was already higher than that of most Saint domain cultivators.

The mysterious coexisting flowers inside of her were the reason.

The speed at which they grew stronger had surpassed the speed at which she herself grew. However, thanks to the counterbalance between the two flowers, she was able to benefit from them, even though she was relatively weaker.

It was the coexisting flowers that had convinced her that even the Demon Eyes Flower, which was ranked number one among the deadliest magical plants in the Demon realms, couldn’t match her in battle.

After all, its so-called number-one ranking was only among the magical plants that grew in the Demon realms.

The coexisting flowers, however, were considered one of the most powerful magical plants throughout the Mortal World and the Spirit World. The Demon Eyes Flower didn’t even come close to that.


Almost at the same time, a purple lightning bolt ripped through the vast darkness that had enveloped the area above the Seven Stars Realm Sea.

The darkness seemed to be split open by a giant purple blade.

The newly-made Demon grand monarch was revealed in his Ancestral Awakening form, like an enormous low-tier Demon from the Desolate Antiquity Era.

Shockingly, Grand Monarch Chaos Demon had three giant heads and nine robust arms, yet his chubby body was filled with explosive power.

He roared up into the void. However, his roars were filled with fury and a hint of confusion.

Meanwhile, Wilkes, who carried a dark bloodline and had led him into the darkness, had his blood completely drained by the dark power from the Sixth Demon Realm.

He floated in midair like a shriveled corpse.

Dong Li’s laughs came from the depths of the darkness.

The darkness rapidly rushed into her body like an ebbing black sea.

Everyone looked up and saw the endless darkness being absorbed into her body within a very short period of time, along with the dark stone.


Dong Li held out a finger, and wisps of black lightning shot out of it. As they flashed across the void, Wilkes from the Astarte Clan was cut into a thousand pieces that rained on the dead star she was standing on, giving rise to quiet sounds as they hit the ground.

All of Grand Monarch Chaos Demon’s three heads had purple horns growing out of them. All of those horns shone with icy light as he exclaimed in shock, “This dark aura is identical to that of the legendary Grand Monarch Utter Darkness, who was from the Sixth Demon Realm!

“I can’t believe you, as a human, have actually refined the dark stone!”

“I doubt that you know the true origin of this dark stone,” Dong Li said with a derisive smile, clutching the black iron box given to her by that mysterious woman. “Of course, you don’t need to know. All you need to know is that as a newly-made grand monarch, you don’t get to do whatever you want in the Domain of Heaven’s Boundaries.”

With these words, she cast a glance at Ophelia from afar. “The same goes for you.”

As she spoke, the enormous black tortoise that had been absorbing flesh power from the Seven Stars Realm Sea suddenly rose from under the sea’s surface, giving rise to a loud crash.

At this moment, it was three times larger than Grand Monarch Chaos Demon, and the aura it exuded was every bit as strong as his own.

“Do you really think you can come here and retake the dark stone while our God domain experts are consumed with the battles in the Domain of Heaven Span?” Dong Li asked rhetorically, with a mysterious smile. “Get this: that dark stone has long since become a part of me. You’ll never be able to retake it.”