Lord of All Realms - Chapter 1415: A Newly-made Grand Monarch

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In the Seven-star Realm Sea.

An ancient starship that clearly belonged to the Demons suddenly arrived.

Dong Qisong’s expression suddenly changed as he called loudly, “Demons! Quick! Send word to the Realm of Maelstrom to ask the Ancient Fragmentary Star Palace to send people here as soon as possible! Get Mo Qianfan and Yu Suying here too!”

Because of the battles that were taking place in the Domain of Heaven Span, the experts who had originally gathered here to protect Nie Tian had long since left.

Pei Qiqi, who was out of secluded cultivation, also went to the Domain of Heaven Span, and hadn’t come here again.

Since the Domain of Heaven’s Boundaries was remote and separated from the Domain of Heaven Span by numerous domains, no one expected that a Demon ancient starship would suddenly arrive here.

A male and a female Demon walked out from the front of the starship, which looked like an ancient Demon beast when observed from afar.

The female was Ophelia, who was a ninth grade grand patriarch and the wielder of the Doom Blade.

The man was the human traitor, Han Yu, who was now neither a human nor a Demon, as he had fused with the Demon Eyes Flower.

Behind them were nearly a thousand Demon warriors from various Demon clans from different Demon realms.

Staring at the endless darkness above the Seven-star Realm Sea, a Demon from the Astarte Clan of the Sixth Demon Realm gritted his teeth and said, “That area enshrouded in utter darkness… The dark stone that belongs to our Sixth Demon Realm and Astarte Clan is in it!”

His name was Wilkes, and he had an eighth-grade bloodline. As a member of the Astarte Clan, his bloodline contained dark power.

Back when the Sixth Demon Realm had been invaded and the Astarte Clan had been wiped out by the humans, he had been out fighting Ancientspirits, and thus hadn’t been killed.

The Astarte Clan’s dark bloodline flowed in his body, so as soon as he arrived, he felt the purest power in the darkness-enshrouded area.

His eyes instantly blazed!

Wilkes was about to dash into the darkness-enshrouded area to get the dark stone that Dong Li had seized when a hand gripped his shoulder.

He couldn’t budge, and said in shock, “Grand Monarch Chaos Demon!”

The Demon holding him down was nearly five meters tall, even though his body wasn’t demonized. The dark purple scales around his belly and midriff emitted a cold light.

Grand Monarch Chaos Demon was a new grand monarch.

In the past, like Grand Patriarch Cardy, he had also been regarded as one of the most promising grand patriarchs whose bloodline could reach tenth grade, but unfortunately, Grand Patriarch Cardy had been killed by Feng Beiluo of the Heavenly Corpse Sect in the Domain of Forbidden Heaven.

Grand Monarch Chaos Demon had successfully reached the tenth grade due to the battles he had fought against the Ancientbeasts away from home, along with some other opportunities.

The Demons had six grand monarchs, including him. The other five were Grand Monarch Primal Demon, Grand Monarch Bloodlust, Grand Monarch Blood Axe, Grand Monarch Remote Demon, and Grand Monarch Illusory Demon.

In the history of the Demons, the emergence of six grand monarchs in an era was a sign of prosperity.

“Idiot!” Grand Monarch Chaos Demon spat with a ferocious expression. “Do you want to die? Take a look at what’s below!”

Wilkes looked down, and saw the Seven-star Realm Sea.

The first thing he saw was the black tortoise.

In the Seven-star Realm Sea, the dark magic patterns on the shell of the mountainous black tortoise seemed to be constantly changing and forming profound arrays representing the true meaning of darkness.

Wilkes was dazzled as he looked at the dark magic patterns on the black tortoise’s back.

“Those patterns, those patterns seem to imply the true meaning of dark power!” He was instantly delirious, staring unblinkingly at the dark patterns.

Grand Monarch Chaos Demon took a deep breath and said, “A spirit tortoise that is gathering flesh power and is about to break through to the tenth grade! But as for the dim figure at the bottom of the sea, I can’t see it clearly.”

He turned to look at Ophelia.

Ophelia didn’t seem to care about what was in the sea as she said, “Let’s take the dark stone and kill Dong Li. As for Nie Tian, if we can find him and kill him, then good. But if we can’t, we can’t. Pei Qiqi of the Void Spirit Society has chopped an arm off Grand Monarch Remote Demon in the Domain of Heaven Span. We must do something.”

Grand Monarch Chaos Demon’s lips curled in disdain. “Grand Monarch Remote Demon is the weakest of our grand monarchs. Even I, who has just reached tenth grade, would not have such a miserable ending as he did if I were to fight that girl from the Void Spirit Society. Because he underestimated his enemy, he brought disgrace on our race. He must be punished!”

Ophelia snorted and said, “Enough of that, let’s not forget our goal here. You and I have fought together for years, and I know your strength. You’ll enter that darkness-enshrouded area. Wilkes, you’ll go too. Show him the way through the darkness-enshrouded area, find Dong Li, and bring out the dark stone.”

After a pause, she shot a glance at Dong Qisong in the distance and said, “I’ll stop and kill the humans that stand in our way.”

Grand Monarch Chaos Demon nodded. “Good!”

Then, he grabbed Wilkes and threw him into the darkness-enshrouded area. “Show me the way, idiot!”

“Come with me, Grand Monarch! I’ll help you find Dong Li in there. Trust me!” Wilkes said hastily.

Grand Monarch Chaos Demon grinned. Instead of displaying the Demons’ Indestructible Form, he enveloped himself in his flesh aura sea and casually moved into the darkness with Wilkes.

Ophelia warned him, “You’d better take this seriously. Don’t have your arm cut off by a human junior like Grand Monarch Remote Demon!”

His arrogant voice then came out from the darkness. “Ha ha ha! My arm cut off by a little girl from the Domain of the Falling Stars? The Domain of the Falling Stars has been our pasture since ancient times. If the spatial passages hadn’t been sealed, we could have gone there at any time and slaughtered every single human there.”

“Demons, Demons.” Looking at the Demons coming out of the starship, Dong Qisong, who was only at the early Saint domain, looked very grim.

“When I perceived that Demon with my soul awareness, even my soul shivered,” Yue Yanxi said with a dejected face as he pointed at Grand Monarch Chaos Demon, who had just entered the darkness, “If I’m right, he should be at tenth grade. But he doesn’t look like any of the legendary grand monarch Demons we know.”

“What shall we do?” a Qi warrior from the Bliss Mountain Sect asked in a loud, panicked voice.

Dong Qisong was filled with uneasiness in his heart as he said, “Let’s first wait and see if any God domain experts can come to help us. I heard that the situation in the Domain of Heaven Span is also very serious. I’m afraid…”

“Han Yu, go wipe out the humans over there,” a Demon behind Ophelia ordered maliciously.

Ophelia frowned slightly.

Han Yu, who was neither a human nor a Demon, looked at her, and saw her nod somewhat unwillingly.

He sighed inwardly, and summoned the Demon Eyes Flower that was ranked first among the mighty plants in the Demon realms. By virtue of the Demon Eyes Flower’s uniqueness, he floated between the darkness-enveloped area and the Seven-star Realm Sea, aiming at the leaders of the Domain of Heaven’s Boundaries like Dong Qisong and Yue Yanxi.

The petals of the Demon Eyes Flower opened like demonic eyes that fixed on the souls of the human experts, causing them to tremble with fear.


All of a sudden, the Demon Eyes Flower, which was connected to Han Yu’s flesh aura, crossed the space between the darkness-enveloped area and the sea, and appeared in front of Dong Qisong and the other humans.

With a growl, the eighth-grade Goldskin Beast that Dong Qisong rode charged at the Demon Eyes Flower like a golden bolt of lightning.

“Entangle,” Han Yu said as he held out a hand toward it, and the Goldskin Beast was entangled in the Demon Eyes Flower’s branches and leaves, and pulled towards one of its buds little by little.