Lord of All Realms - Chapter 1412: A Perilous Situation

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In the Realm of Heaven Span.

The headquarters of the Heaven Span Pavilion, which was one of the four great sects that had jointly ruled the Mortal World for ages, consisted of numerous lofty pavilions that pierced into the highest heavens like divine swords.

A piece of land floated in the air in the midst of the lofty pavilions. On it was a square paved with cyan stones.

Large-scale inter-domain teleportation portals that connected to different domains and realms stood on the square.

At this moment, each and every one of them was running at full capacity, with disciples of the Void Spirit Society watching over them at all times, lest they encounter problems.

Qi warriors continued to arrive through them from various advanced human domains.

Most of them were Void and Saint domain experts, who would be arranged to set out to different battlefields upon arriving.

Qi warriors with lower cultivation bases, however, would be arranged to board different ancient starships that would take them to fight outsiders and Ancientspirits in different realms of the Domain of Heaven Span.

A well-dressed young late Saint domain Qi warrior was standing with a heroic bearing in the middle of the square, with a broadsword behind his back.

Many of the Qi warriors that arrived or left through this place would greet him by nodding towards him, whether they were from the Heaven Span Pavilion or not.

He wore a grave expression and didn’t utter a word. Only when he saw acquaintances would he nod slightly at them.

He was Shang Li, one of Chu Yuan’s stepsons. Compared to He Lianxiong, he had joined the Heaven Span Pavilion and won Chu Yuan’s approval earlier.

Years ago, the Ancient Fragmentary Star Palace’s reputation had plunged due to Ji Cang’s long absence and their repeated losses to the Demons in the Dead Star Sea.

Instigated by someone, Shang Li had then attempted to seize some of the Ancient Fragmentary Star Palace’s subordinate realms.

However, after Mo Heng had broken through into the middle God domain and defeated Grand Monarch Bloodlust, Ye Wenhan had approached and apologized to Mo Heng on behalf of the Heaven Span Pavilion, and punished the one who had instigated him.

One of Shang Li’s subordinates arrived through a teleportation portal and walked to his side. He glanced around at the Void Spirit Society disciples working on the square and said, “Master! Almost all of our realms in the Domain of Heaven Span have fallen into the Phantasms and Demons’ hands.”

Face grim, Shang Li asked, “What about He Lianxiong’s realms?”

“Things are better with his realms,” The man answered nervously. “Miss Pei cut off a fourth of the Realm of Common Heaven when she severed one of Grand Monarch Remote Demon’s arms with her invaluable spatial treasure, the Space Boundaries Crystal. I suppose it’ll be impossible to restore it to its original state.”

Shang Li’s eyes twitched as he said, “The Realm of Common Heaven!”

The Realm of Common Heaven was the realm Chu Yuan had specially assigned to him.

It was rich in a wide array of rare metals, many of which were necessary materials for forging premium spiritual swords.

Now, a fourth of it had been permanently destroyed because of Pei Qiqi and her Space Boundaries Crystal. It was only natural that he was upset.


Dou Tianchen from the Ancient Fragmentary Star Palace walked out of one of the teleportation portals and arrived in front of Shang Li in the blink of an eye. “I need to go to the front line where my junior martial brother Fang Yuan and junior martial sister Wang Meijia are holding. Would you arrange it for me?”

At this point, Dou Tianchen had already broken through into the early God domain with the help of the Heavenly Stellar Stream, the Immortal grade divine tool that had originally belonged to Sikong Cuo.

Shang Li from the Heaven Span Pavilion, who was in charge of this place, didn’t dare to slight him. He nodded and said, “I’ll arrange it for you right now.”

“Oh, right,” Dou Tianchen added, frowning slightly. “I heard that your Realm of Common Heaven was partially destroyed due to a battle between Miss Pei and Grand Monarch Remote Demon.”

Shang Li’s face grew grim. “So I guess everyone knows about it now.”

“Yeah, I just learned about it.” With a smile, Dou Tianchen suddenly leaned towards Shang Li, so close that he almost touched him.

As uncomfortable as this made Shang Li feel, he refrained from backing away. He looked at him and asked with a cold expression, “What do you want to say, Dou Tianchen?”

Dou Tianchen, who was slightly taller than him, looked down at him and said, “Nothing much. As you know, Shang Li, Miss Pei is my seventh junior martial brother’s dear friend. You’d better not try anything funny with her. I know perfectly well what kinds of things you’re capable of doing.

“Be warned. If you dare to stab her in the back, I’ll make you pay. I won’t care that this is the Heaven Span Pavilion.”

With an icy look in his eyes, Shang Li said, “Dou Tianchen, do you think you’re so powerful now just because you’ve entered the God domain?”

“That’s right,” Dou Tianchen said, smiling. “Surely more powerful than you. Of course, if you compare me to Miss Pei or my seventh junior martial brother, I don’t seem so impressive. But I’m a sensible and grateful man. The fact that I was able to enter the God domain has a lot to do with my seventh junior martial brother.

“It’s only right that I keep an eye out for Miss Pei as a favor to him. After all, Miss Pei has a simple mind, and doesn’t understand how terrible people can be.”

Shang Li seemed angered. “I understand the big picture. I don’t need you to lecture me.”

Dou Tianchen let out a cold harrumph. “So what was with you trying to seize our domains right after my sect suffered heavy losses from the Demons in the Dead Star Sea? If you hadn’t done those despicable things before, I wouldn’t have had to warn you.”

At this moment, a group of people walked out of another teleportation portal, their leader being Hou Chulan from the Five Elements Sect.

The Divine Daughter of the wood element sect looked exhausted, her emerald green dress covered in blood that had yet to dry.

With a deep frown, she looked at the two and said, “You two...”

Shang Li’s expression flickered with astonishment as he asked, “How are your people holding up?”

“Many of my subordinates had their domains ripped apart by enormous Ancientbeasts,” Hou Chulan said, grief filled her eyes. “The Ancientspirits, Demons, Phantasms, Fiends, and Bonebrutes have never been so united.”

Dou Tianchen’s face grew grim.

Hou Chulan turned to him and said, “Things aren’t much better with those from your sect. From the look of it, we’ll most likely lose this war if things don’t change soon. So if you two want to be at each other’s throats, would you please do it after this war? Most of the God domain experts of the four great sects are currently engaged in bitter battles against the Ancientspirits and outsiders in the starry river and different realms of the Domain of Heaven Span.

“Shouldn’t you be putting your energy and focus on killing those Ancientspirits and outsiders?”

Hou Chulan had just fought a bitter battle, and was going to be teleported back to the Realm of Wood Spirit through the Heaven Span Pavilion’s headquarters to replenish her stocks of medicinal pills. She was very down when she saw the tension between Shang Li and Dou Tianchen upon arriving, which was why she had lashed out at them when she normally wouldn’t.

Feeling ashamed, Dou Tianchen nodded and said, “You’re right, Miss Hou.”

With these words, he prepared to teleport to the area that the Ancient Fragmentary Star Palace was helping defend.

“Senior Martial Brother Dou, is your seventh junior martial brother Nie Tian... still at the Seven-star Blue Sea?” Hou Chulan asked, looking concerned. “Is he okay?”

A surprised expression appeared on Shang Li’s face.

He had recently noticed that many well-known beauties that had come from different human domains to join the battles against the outsiders and Ancientspirits seemed to have a strong interest in Nie Tian.

Many young women that were both gorgeous and talented had asked about Nie Tian after arriving from different advanced domains. Among them were Hou Chulan, Lou Hongyan, and Lin Yaoyao.

They had all asked him whether Nie Tian had come to the Heaven Span Pavilion to join the battles against the outsiders and Ancientspirits.

Shang Li found this baffling.

It was as if Nie Tian had already become the most popular man of this generation before he realized it.

“According to word I received from my sect before I came here, my seventh junior martial brother is still at the Seven-star Blue Sea,” Dou Tianchen said with a warm smile. “ He seems to be trying to break through into the Saint domain in the depths of the sea. Perhaps he’ll be at the Saint domain when you see him next time.”

Shang Li’s expression flickered with astonishment.

Hou Chulan’s eyes lit up. “Saint domain! That’s fast, unbelievably fast. I still remember the time when he came to the Realm of Wood Spirit to help me with my breakthrough into the Saint domain. I can’t believe he’s making his own breakthrough into the Saint domain already.”

With a smile, Dou Tianchen said, “Not just him, but Dong Li who runs his three domains for him seems to have found an amazing opportunity too.”

“What amazing opportunity?” Hou Chulan asked curiously.

“I can’t tell for sure,” Dou Tianchen said. “But her understanding of dark power should have risen to a brand new level.”

After a short pause, he laughed and added, “Both Miss Pei and Dong Li are amazing women. It seems you’ve got to put in some extra effort, Junior Sister Hou.”

Hou Chulan gave him a nasty look before flying lightly into a teleportation portal and saying, “Take me to the Realm of Wood Spirit.”