Lord of All Realms - Chapter 1405: A Heavy Blow

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Nie Tian was as stiff as a board.

His flesh aura, spiritual sea, and all of his senses were compromised by countless wisps of purple lightning.

However, he could still hear the female Devil and see every move she made.

“I look like someone she’s met...” he thought to himself as he gradually fell into a trance.


More wisps of purple lightning flew out of the female Devil into Nie Tian’s chest.

They quickly found their way to his heart.


His strong heart immediately started pounding heavily, as if it was somehow stimulated.

Drop after drop of the Blood Essence that was stored in his heart were ignited, bursting forth with an immense flesh aura.

Countless Bloodline Crystal Chains suddenly lit up within the green aura that carried the profound truths of life.

An irrepressible surge of pure flesh power rushed out of his heart like a dragon charging out of the depths of a lake, dispersing through his whole body.


Numerous wisps of purple lightning that were swimming in his flesh and internal organs exploded after being attacked by the surging flesh power.

The female Devil was taken aback. “What?!”

She fixed him with a curious gaze and said, “You’re different indeed. I really didn’t expect you to be able to resist my imprisonment spell given your current bloodline grade. However, what you’re doing is far from enough...”

With a slight twist, she took a circular badge that seemed to have been forged from purple metal off her high-rising chest. It seemed to be wreathed in an enchanting scent as she pressed it on Nie Tian’s chest.

It felt as heavy as a mountain peak to him!

As soon as the small badge was placed on Nie Tian’s chest, all of his surging flesh power and ignited Blood Essence were suppressed.

Not a single wisp of power stirred inside of him anymore.

The wisps of Nie Tian’s flesh power that were running inside of his body were rapidly overtaken and dissolved by the wisps of purple lightning released by her.

The female Devil fixed him with a deep look and asked, “What’s your name?”

A bewildered look appeared in her gem-like purple eyes, as if she remembered something she treasured. “I know a man... who looks very much like you. He doesn’t belong to any of the races in our world either. Like you, he’s also from the Mortal World.

“He spends most of his time in the region that separates our world from the Mortal World, but he’ll also go deep into our world from time to time to find secrets of my people, the Netherspirits, and the Bonedrudes.

“I viewed him as prey at first.

“However, he was cunning and strong. And he grew stronger very fast. Every time I injured him badly, he was able to escape from my hands. Then as time passed, he became so strong that not only could I not defeat him anymore, but I had to run from him instead of him from me.

“Eventually, I was defeated and captured by him. Like you right now, I wasn’t even strong enough to break free from his imprisonment.

“However, he didn’t kill me. Rather, he talked to me about his dreams, and how he was notorious in the Mortal World and targeted by all sides.

“He told me that he believes what he’s been doing is right, and even though there are myriad different species and races in this starry river, there might be a way for them to all live together in harmony.

“He travels across the Mortal World, the Void World, and the Spirit World, and is trusted by many.”

The devilishly charming female Devil seemed to be lost in her memories. Gradually, she started to have an intoxicated look in her eyes as she looked at Nie Tian.

Nie Tian was dumbstruck.

Judging from this female Devil’s manner of speaking and the look in her eyes, she was clearly in love with the man she was talking about, whether she knew it or not.

Also, there was a great chance that... that man was his father whom he had never met before.

Even though he was full of questions and dying to ask them, he couldn’t utter a word due to the restraint of the purple lightning bolts.

“Seriously, you really look like him,” The female Devil muttered as her peculiar air-transportation spiritual tool traveled through the dim starry river at a speed who knew how many times faster than any human or outsider starship. “Eventually, he let me go for some reason.

“And he left and continued to build up his name in that region between the two worlds. Many years after that, we met a few times, but every time, we were on opposing sides. We even had to fight each other sometime. However, he always held back...

“Then one day, a woman appeared by his side, a woman of his kind. Only when I saw him with that woman did I realize that I was already...”

With these words, the female Devil gave a sad smile. “Well, how laughable is that? He’s the leader of an alien kind for god’s sake. All hybrids who don’t have their place in the three worlds view him as their wise leader.

“Also, his hands are covered with the blood of my people, the Netherspirits, and the Bonedrudes. Countless have died at his hands.

“Many of us don’t know the names of any powerful experts from the Spirit World or the Mortal World, yet his name long resounds in the ears of the experts in our world.

“After all, he’s the heavy wall that stands between our world and the Mortal World. For ages, we’ve made many attempts to go through that region that separates the two worlds, but all of our attempts have been frustrated by him.

“Shouldn’t I hate him? Why... Why do I think about him day and night, and do everything I can to learn how he’s doing?”

The female Devil cast her gaze down, her face filled with sadness and frustration.

The devastating battle prowess and overwhelming capturing skills she had displayed earlier were completely gone.

She shook her head and continued, “How funny is this? I’m telling you all this just because you’re part-human and you look like him… Perhaps all humans look similar to us. But again, your eyes, nose, and...”

Nie Tian didn’t know what to think.

Lying on his back on the floor of the air-transportation spiritual tool, he looked into the dim void. Not a single star was in sight.

“Who is it?” The female Devil suddenly called out and looked vigilantly around, as if she sensed danger.

“Stop!” Mo Heng’s resounding voice rumbled through the void as waves of raging spiritual power madly converged on the air-transportation spiritual tool from all directions.

The Devils’ unique air-transportation spiritual tool, which was originally traveling at an astounding speed, suddenly slowed down like a lassoed wild horse.


Mo Heng’s dharma idol suddenly flew over and stopped in front of the air-transportation spiritual tool.

“It’s you?!” The female Devil said with a frown upon seeing Mo Heng, as if she knew him. “Shouldn’t you be guarding that portal? The Netherspirits put together armies of evil spirits and formed all sorts of soul formations just to breach your defense. How come you have time to come here?”

Without any pleasantries, Mo Heng said with a stern expression, “Agatha, give your captive to me, and I’ll let you go. Otherwise, don’t blame me for using force.”

“You came for this one?” The female Devil who Mo Heng referred to as Agatha said as she looked down at Nie Tian. “It was ‘him’ who persuaded you to come all the way from the Mortal World to guard that portal. I’m starting to understand your relationship with him. This hybrid kid looks a lot like him. Don’t tell me that...”

Agatha’s gorgeous eyes gradually lit up.

“Is this his child?” Agatha asked.

After a moment of hesitation, Mo Heng nodded and said, “Yes.”

Agatha, the female Devil, had a complicated expression as she said, “My instincts are as accurate as always. So this is their child, who came from the Mortal World...”

Her voice grew lower and lower.

The badge she had placed on Nie Tian’s chest suddenly shone with purple light, and increased its pressure on Nie Tian’s chest bones so much that bone-cracking sounds echoed out.

Agatha looked expressionless.

However, several of Nie Tian’s ribs were already broken. Wisps of purple lightning that were many times fiercer than before flew out of the badge and pierced into his heart like sharp blades.

Nie Tian’s face distorted as he almost fainted from the excruciating pain.

Even so, he couldn’t make a single sound. He could only watch the female Devil before him looking down at him with a calm but scary look in her eyes.

“Agatha!” Mo Heng flew into a rage. “You’ve only lived to this day because he held back every time he faced you on the battlefield! Don’t you forget his kindness and try to kill this young man who you know is his child!”

“He needs to die,” Agatha said with a profound, icy look in her eyes. “If this child of his inherits his power, he’ll surely grow into a formidable foe of my people, and even the entire Void World. For my people and my world, I have to kill him. This is not personal.”


Blood spurted from Nie Tian’s chest under the badge’s crushing pressure.