Lord of All Realms - Chapter 1404: Captured

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Purple lightning bolts that were thin as hairs flew out from the ropes and rushed to every corner of Nie Tian’s body, stopping his flesh aura fluctuations and numbing his spiritual sea.

His expression flickered violently.

He took a closer look, and noticed that countless purple lightning bolts were scattered in every part of his flesh, blood, and bones.

His flesh aura, blood flow, and even heartbeat seemed to be bound by invisible cages.

Even his spiritual sea was filled with purple swirling mist.

Due to the presence of the purple mist, the connection between his soul and his three spiritual cores of wood, star, and flame power was broken, preventing him from condensing the three kinds of power to display his void domain.

After a moment, the weird purple lightning bolts reached his sea of soul awareness, filling it with purple mist. Even his true soul seemed to be wrapped in thick purple smoke.

His fleshly body, spiritual sea, and true soul were all under the influence of the purple lightning.

“Nie Tian!” Noticing that something was wrong, Pei Qiqi drove all other concerns out of her mind and activated the Space Boundaries Crystal, as she planned to move across the space to Nie Tian’s side and take him out of this place.


The female Devil gently punched an empty area in the air.

The empty space suddenly collapsed and exploded. Pei Qiqi let out a dull groan as a trace of blood appeared at the corner of her pretty mouth.

The female Devil chuckled, looked at her playfully, and said, “What? You don’t want to part with your lover, do you? I’m in fact more interested in your Voidspirit bloodline. Well, if you give up resistance, I’ll let go of your little lover.”

Frowning, Pei Qiqi didn’t speak.

Nie Tian opened his mouth in an attempt to speak, but suddenly found thick purple-black Devil Qi gushing out from his mouth.

Clusters of Devil Qi seemed to be coming out of his internal organs.

What he was going to say came out as strange sounds. No matter how hard he tried, he couldn’t speak clearly.

“This pearl...” The female Devil’s eyes glittered with unusual light as she said, “It’s gathering five different negative emotions on its own. Strangely enough, none of the Netherspirit grand monarchs of this generation seem to have mastered these five unique negative emotions. Don’t tell me it’s the Netherspirits’ five legendary evil gods who were under the command of Grand Monarch Heaven Spirit?”

Her eyes suddenly lit up.

“You Qimiao!” Pei Qiqi screamed at the Soul-devouring Lake and her Space Boundaries Crystal. Then, gritting her teeth, she exerted the crystal’s power to crack open a spatial rift, and shouted into it. “Senior Mo!”

One facet of the Space Boundaries Crystal connected to the battlefield where You Qimiao and Luo Wanxiang were fighting.

The spatial rift led to the portal where Mo Heng was.

She was proficient in space power, carried a space bloodline, and owned a priceless space treasure, but it overburdened her to forcibly use the Space Boundaries Crystal again and again.


A mouthful of blood gushed out of her mouth uncontrollably and sprayed on that facet of the Space Boundaries Crystal.

The female Devil’s bright eyes twinkled. She suddenly snorted and said, “Little wench! You’re proficient in space power and carry a special bloodline. You’re a little difficult to deal with indeed.”


She suddenly rose into the heavens with Nie Tian, who she had captured. In a flash, they completely disappeared from the dead realm.

Before she left, she sensed You Qimiao’s horrifying aura that was scattered in the dead realm, and detected another stronger aura from within the cracked spatial rift.

Even though she was very strong, it was impossible for her to kill Pei Qiqi, who held the Space Boundaries Crystal, within a short time.

Even though Pei Qiqi seemed to be her primary target, Nie Tian was the one who she wanted to capture first.

“Nie Tian!” Pei Qiqi stared at the dark heavens, worried and anxious. However, she couldn’t go after them right now.

Once she left, You Qimiao and Mo Heng wouldn’t be able to cross the boundary of space and reach here in a moment, especially Mo Heng.

Even an expert like him couldn’t travel to the dead realm from the portal within a short time.

Only with the help of the spatial rift she had torn open could he get here in an instant.

She waited anxiously.


Soon, Mo Heng crossed the spatial rift and stepped into the dead realm, looking grave. “What happened? The portal may face new attacks at any moment. Why did you summon me so urgently?”

“Nie Tian was captured by a female Devil,” Pei Qiqi said quickly. “She has the bloodline grade of an early tenth grade grand monarch. But she’s much stronger than Demons like Grand Monarch Blood Axe that we know of. I was able to avoid her capture and pursuit, but I couldn’t save Nie Tian.”

“I see,” he said with a solemn face. “Where is she? Can you locate her and take me there?”

She shook her head. “I tried, but I couldn’t locate her.”

Mo Heng’s expression changed slightly. “Which direction did they go?”

She held out her finger to point in a direction. “That way.”

“Why don’t you leave a wisp of your aura on me?” he said.

Following the direction in which the female Devil had left, he flew quietly away, like a wisp of weightless smoke. “Don’t worry about Nie Tian. You’ll always be able to locate me. I’ll search for him and that female Devil. As long as I can sense his aura, or locate her, I’ll definitely be able to bring him back.”


Soon after Mo Heng left, You Qimiao of the Remote Beginning Heavenly Sect also arrived. “What’s the matter? Why did Mo Heng suddenly come here? Does he want a share of the Soul-cleansing Origin Elixir?”

“A native female Devil captured Nie Tian and left in that direction.” Pei Qiqi explained, pointing up. “I summoned Senior Mo Heng here. He even had to abandon the portal temporarily.”

“Oh, I see.” You Qimiao said, her face expressionless. “No matter what happens, I’ll fulfil my desires. This dead realm is not vast. Even without the help of your Space Boundaries Crystal, it won’t take long for Luo Wanxiang to track me down here.”

“Sorry, I won’t interfere in Nie Tian’s affairs, I came to the Void World for the Soul-cleansing Origin Elixir.”

With that, he plunged into the Soul-devouring Lake, regardless of her thoughts.

At the bottom of the Soul-devouring Lake, his huge yin-yang fish became unusually cheerful upon sensing his arrival.

All of a sudden, astonishing waves rose up from below the Soul-devouring Lake.

“Damn it!” Pei Qiqi cursed under her breath, as she knew she couldn’t count on this man to help Mo Heng bring back Nie Tian. “He... will be alright, won’t he?”

In the starry river in the Void World.

After the female Devil flew into the starry river with Nie Tian, they landed on a small flying tool that was flexible and fast.

Casually, she threw Nie Tian to the floor. Examining him with narrowed eyes, she sent out strands of purple lightning to check the flesh aura fluctuations within him. “You look like someone I’ve met before.”