Lord of All Realms - Chapter 1402: You Are Outsiders to Us!

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The fifth Illusory Ancient Talisman was successfully created.


The evil god of bloodlust, which had reached the strength of an early tenth grade grand monarch after gathering a tremendous amount of soul and memory fragments, somehow managed to break free from the mire of murky energies and charged off into the void.


Under the Netherspirits’ control, numerous soul symbols that had been transformed from evil spirits and vicious souls flew into the evil god like a rain of lights.

Each and every soul symbol was a condensation of soul power and Nether Qi, and even perhaps a drop of the Netherspirits’ Blood Essence.


After absorbing the soul symbols, the enormous evil god of bloodlust somehow split up into seven smaller versions of itself that shot off in different directions like seven streaks of light.

Nie Tian went blank for a moment before saying, “I didn’t expect you to be able to split into multiple doppelgängers. From the look of it, the soul and memory fragments you’ve gathered from this world have actually helped you awaken some of the exquisite spells you mastered in your previous life. But you might have forgotten that after you split up, you’ll become weaker individually.

“Also, I have a spatial power expert with me!”

With these words, Nie Tian controlled the Illusory Ancient Talisman with his true soul, and cast Starshift to appear face-to-face with one of the doppelgängers.

“Come on.”

As soon as he released the Illusory Ancient Talisman, the doppelgänger flew uncontrollably into it.

“Senior Martial Sister Pei,” Nie Tian called softly.

Pei Qiqi quickly arrived by his side with her Space Boundaries Crystal, and located the other doppelgängers of the evil god with wisps of soul will she released.

As the Space Boundaries Crystal spun, the two of them traveled between different locations.

One after another, the doppelgängers of the evil god of bloodlust were pulled into the Illusory Ancient Talisman, where they merged back together.

Finally, the evil god of bloodlust was also sealed within the Spirit Pearl.


Nie Tian didn’t put the mysterious Spirit Pearl away immediately after capturing the last of the evil gods.

The Spirit Pearl floated high above Nie Tian’s head.

None of the evil spirits and vicious souls controlled by the Netherspirits dared to come near due to its existence.

After all, the Spirit Pearl was a mighty soul tool, with a powerful soul and five evil gods inside.

As lowly as they were, they instinctively feared and kept their distance from it.

You Qimiao let out a sigh of relief. “With the evil god gone, a heavy weight is lifted from my shoulders. Nie Tian, why don’t you two take care of the rest of the Netherspirits? I’ll deal with Luo Wanxiang.”

“Gather!” As he raised his arms and called out, the scattering murky energies rapidly gathered back together.

Since You Qimiao had found an opportunity to take a handful of medicinal pills, his damaged dharma idol also rapidly recovered, and glittered with divine light again.

“Luo Wanxiang!”

Wreathed in frigid and blazing auras, his dharma idol suddenly rammed into Luo Wanxiang’s dharma idol, which was surrounded by countless dazzling fragmentary stars. The two of them clashed like two enormous dragons from the Desolate Antiquity Era. Blasts from their clashes even scattered the Nether Qi in the area.

“Nine Twists Void Slash!”

Pei Qiqi spun the Space Boundaries Crystal, and dazzling spatial blades shot out of its many facets. They zigzagged among the Netherspirits to reap lives.


Weaker Netherspirits were cut in two at the waist one after another, though wisps of their souls managed to escape.

With a cold look in her eyes, Pei Qiqi said in a low voice, “Soul Split.”

Struck by mysterious ripples of spatial power, the Netherspirits’ fleeing souls were instantly ripped apart and sucked into spatial rifts that manifested out of nowhere and connected to unknown parts of the starry river.

“These Netherspirits are a bit too weak,” Nie Tian said with a derisive tone.

Clutching the Star Behemoth bone, he also started reaping lives in his enlarged form. The devastated Netherspirits wailed and shrieked as they fled in every direction.

“I can’t believe these Netherspirits actually want to invade the Spirit World and the Mortal World. How laughable!” Nie Tian thought to himself as he slaughtered Netherspirits. “They don’t have a single grand monarch among them, yet they aspired to defeat Mo Heng and breach the portal with their army of evil spirits.”

He found this hard to believe.


The fleeing Netherspirits let out sharp cries, which fell into the illusory Nether River like tangible musical notes.

After receiving those notes, the illusory Nether River suddenly started twisting, with countless strange shadows wriggling within it, as if to send out messages.

“Nie Tian, even though that Nether River is merely an illusion, it seems to contain wonders,” Pei Qiqi reminded him.

“You don’t have to stay here anymore.” You Qimiao’s ethereal voice echoed out. “Go to the Soul-devouring Lake. My Immortal grade divine tool will harvest all that it has to offer. Then, when it tells you to leave, come back here, and we’ll leave together.”

A suspicious look appeared in Pei Qiqi’s eyes as she said, “You seem to be afraid of something. What is it?”

“Do you really think that Netherspirits are a weak people?” You Qimiao said with a stern expression. “They’re a race that has seen leaders like Grand Monarch Heavenly Spirit in their history. That’s a mighty figure who transcended the limits of the tenth grade. Even after his demise, his sea of awareness morphed into the Nether River that runs through three worlds.

“Their current high chieftain, Grand Monarch Thousand Spirits, is a figure who’s every bit as strong as Grand Monarch Nether River of the Phantasms, if not stronger.

“If he’s to come here, I’ll definitely be the losing one.

“In fact, even if I join up with Mo Heng and Jiang Yuanchi, we might not be able to match him in battle!”

You Qimiao seemed very vigilant. By telling Pei Qiqi and Nie Tian this, he didn’t want them to take the Netherspirits as a weak people just because they had killed a bunch of their weaker members.

Pei Qiqi nodded. “Got it.”

“Now go!” You Qimiao said. “Something seems to be going on over at the Soul-devouring Lake. Help my divine tool if it asks for it. We might be enemies in the Mortal World, but I hope we can cast our differences aside and work together here in the Void World.”

“I can do that,” Nie Tian said.

The Space Boundaries Crystal spun once again.

In a flash, Nie Tian and Pei Qiqi arrived above the Soul-devouring Lake.

A devilishly beautiful figure was standing quietly by the lake, her purple hair cascading to her perky bottom like a waterfall. Curiosity filled her purple crystalline eyes as she cast a glance at Nie Tian and Pei Qiqi, and asked in what sounded like awkward Demon language, “Who are you? Where are you from?”

“A Devil!” An exclamation escaped Nie Tian and Pei Qiqi’s mouths as they saw the female being that had a ninety percent resemblance to a high-tier Demon.

“She’s an early tenth grade Devil grand monarch!” Nie Tian whispered to Pei Qiqi.

The bloodline origin of the Demons in the Spirit World lay with the Devils in the Void World.

This curvaceous female being with purple hair and pupils was clearly a Devil. Dressed in a semi-transparent silk dress, her every move and smile seemed to be exceedingly charming.

Plus, she was at the early tenth grade.

Nie Tian, who understood the Demons’ language, warned Pei Qiqi in the human language, “Such profound flesh aura and strong power fluctuations. She seems to be much stronger than Grand Monarch Blood Axe of the Demons, who I once fought in the Spirit World. This Devil grand monarch can’t be taken lightly.”

Pei Qiqi nodded and said with a grim expression, “If anything goes wrong, I’ll take you away from here immediately.”

“Where are the two of you from?” The female Devil asked, her pupils devilishly purple. “From the look of it, you don’t belong to any of the higher races in our world. And your flesh auras are very special, especially you...”

She ran her eyes up and down Pei Qiqi. “You seem to carry the Voidspirits’ aura, but it’s not the same.”

“Which part of your world do the Voidspirits live in?” Pei Qiqi asked in well-pronounced Demon language.

“Such a strange language you speak. It’s very similar to ours but, again, not the same.” The female Devil pondered for a brief moment before her eyes suddenly lit up. She chuckled and continued, “So you’re not from our world. Are you from the Spirit World or the Mortal World?”

“The Mortal World,” Pei Qiqi said.

The female Devil was taken aback. “Very curious. As far as I know, the humans from the Mortal World lack fleshly strength, and don’t carry particular bloodlines. But you two exude rich flesh auras, and your bodies seem to be well-tempered and exceptionally strong.

“Oh wait! You must be from that region between two worlds!

“Many hybrids of humans and races from the Spirit World live there!”

With these words, she paused and took a glance at the Soul-devouring Lake. “You came for what lies at the bottom of this lake, right?”

“What if we did?” Nie Tian asked.

“If you did, then I’ll have to kill you,” The female Devil said casually. “After all, you’re outsiders to us.”