Lord of All Realms - Chapter 1400: Temporary Alliance

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“Luo Wanxiang!”

The Netherspirits grew anxious after seeing that, even after joining up, the three evil gods were losing their battle against You Qimiao.

“Got it!”

Wearing the All Manifestations Star Banner like a cape and standing on a river of stars, Luo Wanxiang’s dharma idol seemed to defy the distance between them, and instantly appeared in front of You Qimiao.

“Infinite Star Transformation!”

The glorious All Manifestations Star Banner morphed into a giant broad axe that shone with dazzling starlight. As it scraped across the sky and hacked towards You Qimiao, it left a trail of stars in the air.

“Even though you’re a vice sectmaster of the Ancient Fragmentary Star Palace, you’re worthless in my eyes,” You Qimiao said with a derisive expression. “Only people like you would rely on outsiders to make breakthroughs in cultivation. How pathetic! As a Son of the Stars, you used to contend against brilliant cultivators like Ji Cang, but now you’ve actually descended so low that you’d collude with outsiders!”

With these words, he held out his arm to point his cuff towards Luo Wanxiang.

His cuff emanated auras of various attributes, as if it was connected to different realms. As it rapidly bloated, remote and heavy metallic clanking sounds came from within it, as if an ancient deity were swinging a metal hammer to forge some divine weapon.


Fiery and icy light poured out of the sleeve at the same time, causing the three evil gods and numerous evil spirits and vicious souls to let out panicked cries.

“Heaven-earth Sleeve!”

You Qimiao took a step forward and swung his sleeve. Torrential mixed energies similar to those Nie Tian had once taken for his own slammed into the huge axe transformed from the All Manifestations Star Banner.

“Nie Tian, these chaotic mixed energies, like those you took from me before, are from a Realm Sea,” You Qimiao said with a surprisingly calm tone. “The only difference is that they\'re not from the Seven Stars Realm Sea. I, on the other hand, can’t refine them into myself to use them to strengthen myself.

“So I can only cast them at others like a weapon.”

His voice was filled with frustration, as if he were standing on a mountain of various treasures, but couldn’t take any of them away.

He suddenly turned to Luo Wanxiang and raised his voice. “Even so, they’re more than powerful enough to be used to fight you!”


Like a misty gray dragon, murky mixed energies that belonged to another Realm Sea slammed heavily into the huge axe transformed from the All Manifestations Star Banner immediately after flying out of his so-called Heaven-earth Sleeve.

Upon impact, the shiny All Manifestations Star Banner, whose sub-grade had been lifted recently, instantly went dim.

You Qimiao chuckled derisively as he switched to another incantation, controlling the current of murky energies to stretch into the distance to engulf the three evil gods, along with the Netherspirits and the evil spirits and vicious souls surrounding them.

The murky energies You Qimiao had gathered from another Realm Sea seemed to rapidly morph into a strange mire that bogged down every living being within it.

The evil gods, Luo Wanxiang, and the Netherspirits all had their bodies and souls corroded by the murky energies. Their situation continued to worsen.

A wisp of excitement suddenly appeared in Nie Tian’s eyes.

With the help of Primal Chaos, which he had learned from the magical land, he had successfully seized similar murky energies You Qimiao had released before.

Then, by relying on those violent energies, he had devastated three domains, shattered the Realm of Jade Billows, and defeated Song Chequan.

Upon seeing Nie Tian’s glittering eyes, You Qimiao became flustered, and hastily said, “Don’t! Don’t ruin my efforts like you did the last time! Here, we’re not enemies, but people who can mutually benefit! If we work together, I can get the things at the bottom of the Soul-devouring Lake, and you can regain control of those three evil gods with your Spirit Pearl.

“I’ve tracked and observed you the whole time. I know you can do it.

“This way, we can both get what we’re after. Isn’t that a happy ending for both of us?”

As he spoke, he had already spared a wisp of soul will from his true soul to control the Yin Yang Chaos Mirror to sink towards the bottom of the Soul-devouring Lake.

He had already put his hand to it.

The murky energies he had gone to great lengths to gather from another Realm Sea were his trump card, with which he was overpowering Luo Wanxiang, the evil gods, and the Netherspirits.

Nie Tian was the only person he knew that could and actually had defeated it.

“Now that I know what lies at the bottom of that Soul-devouring Lake, I want a share of it!” Nie Tian said with determination.

You Qimiao looked exasperated. “Nie Tian! Don’t be too foolish and not appreciate my favor! You killed many of my subordinates in that battle in the Realm of Maelstrom. I haven’t settled that account with you yet!”

“Monk Goldbone from your sect also killed many of my people!” Nie Tian said with a cold expression. “I’m fine with it if you want to settle accounts with me. As for those three evil gods, now that you’ve weakened them, I’ll have no problem recapturing them myself. But if I take these mixed energies from you...”

“Alright! You got it!” You Qimiao stopped him before he could finish. “I’ll give you thirty percent of the things at the bottom of the Soul-devouring Lake!”

“Thirty percent?” Nie Tian asked, frowning.

“I know what lies at the bottom of that Soul-devouring Lake too,” Pei Qiqi said, tilting her chin. “Shouldn’t I be entitled to a share as well?”

You Qimiao’s mild expression grew a bit twisted as he said, “Alright, Nie Tian gets thirty percent. You get ten percent! Don’t you two mess with my plan again!”

Nie Tian nodded. “Deal!”

Clutching the Star Behemoth bone in one hand, Nie Tian suddenly appeared in his enlarged form above the mire of murky energies You Qimiao had released. With his other hand, he lifted the Spirit Pearl and started condensing an Illusory Ancient Talisman. “The three of you have had your fun. Time to come home.”

An Illusory Ancient Talisman then floated towards the evil god of despair.

Having its power restricted by the mire of murky energies, the evil god of despair couldn’t possibly resist Nie Tian’s flesh aura and soul will within the Illusory Ancient Talisman, and was quickly tied down again.

Then, its enormous body was forcibly dragged into the Spirit Pearl.

Upon seeing this, the other two evil gods howled furiously and struggled violently in an attempt to free themselves from the mire of strange murky energies You Qimiao had released.

“It won’t work,” You Qimiao said. “No one other than that freak Nie Tian can maintain their strength and break free from these energies.”

Even You Qimiao himself stayed far away from the area engulfed in the strange energies, where he fixed Nie Tian with a baffled and envious look and said, “I really don’t understand why you can adapt to it so easily.”

“Sorry, I can’t tell you that.” After giving a cold response, Nie Tian went on to condense a second Illusory Ancient Talisman, which he felt was more difficult than the first one.

After consuming a large amount of different powers, the second Illusory Ancient Talisman finally came to form, and pulled the evil god of rage into the Spirit Pearl.

“One more to go!”

Just as Nie Tian was about to exert himself to condense the last Illusory Ancient Talisman, he suddenly felt a bit lightheaded. “Damn it! The condensation of multiple Illusory Ancient Talismans is causing me to run low on my soul power.”

Pei Qiqi sensed the anomaly. “What’s wrong, Nie Tian?”

“I need soul crystals! I need them to recover my soul power so I can capture the last evil god.” With these words, Nie Tian jerked his head towards You Qimiao. “About the soul crystals we agreed upon, which your magical mirror is mining from the bottom of that Soul-devouring Lake, can you give me some in advance?”

“Huh? You only wanted soul crystals?” You Qimiao asked, looking surprised.