Lord of All Realms - Chapter 1399: Another Soul-devouring Lake

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The tricky situation was already giving Nie Tian a headache. Now that You Qimiao had appeared out of nowhere, his frown grew even heavier. “I can’t believe it’s you.”

Pei Qiqi heart sank as she asked, “What’s the situation over at the portal? What happened to Senior Mo? If you’re here, does that mean he...?”

Both Jiang Yuanchi and You Qimiao were at the middle God domain, which was the same as Mo Heng. Plus, the two of them had entered the middle God domain far earlier than Mo Heng.

She was worried that by teaming up against him, Jiang Yuanchi and You Qimiao might have inflicted serious injuries upon Mo Heng.

You Qimiao let out a snort. “You still don’t get what it means to be able to survive a duel against the Demons’ high chieftain.

“Don’t worry. Even if I joined up with Sectmaster Jiang, we couldn’t possibly kill him. Perhaps only if we had both entered the late God domain would we have a slight chance at killing him.”

Judging from his expression, he didn’t seem to be lying. Instead, he seemed rather frustrated when saying these words.

Relieved, Nie Tian asked, “Then why did you track our auras to this place?”

Luo Wanxiang, who was just about to lay his murderous hands on Nie Tian, came to a sudden stop. At the same time, he asked the Netherspirits through a secret soul magic to wait and see how the situation would develop.

You Qimiao let out a cold harrumph. “Nie Tian, the true purpose of my sect’s invasion of the Realm of Maelstrom was to seize the Seven Stars Realm Sea, so that we could cross into this world. Now, I’m here. I can finally seek the things I want from this world, from the hands of these so-called Netherspirits.”


The Yin Yang Chaos Mirror hung high in the heavens. Glorious light could be seen flowing on its smooth surface as it shone over the earth.

Tens of thousands of wisps of soul awareness that carried two opposite all-pervasive auras flew out of it to infiltrate the depths of the earth and the highest heavens, as well as the Netherspirits that were gathered in this place.

Even Nie Tian and Pei Qiqi felt a warmth inside of them, which was immediately followed by a feeling of coldness.

They immediately realized that You Qimiao had already started sweeping this heaven and earth with his immense soul awareness to look for the things he was after.


As You Qimiao reached out and pointed in a direction, the Yin Yang Chaos Mirror rapidly expanded into a chilly full moon that hung high above everyone’s heads. Then, like a bolt of lightning, it shot off and disappeared into the distant sky.

“It’s going there!”

The three Netherspirits, who had mastered the human language, gasped in shock, looking in the direction where the Yin Yang Chaos Mirror had disappeared.


With a fierce howl, the three of them hastily cast a soul spell formation together.

In the next moment, countless evil spirits and vicious souls climbed out of the earth and rose into the air, along with rich Nether Qi.

As this happened, the evil gods that had broken free from the control of the Spirit Pearl also seemed to be enraged.

The evil gods of despair, rage, and bloodlust were originally going to attack Nie Tian, their former master. However, at this moment, they suddenly changed directions and charged towards You Qimiao instead, their enormous sinister-looking forms surrounded by numerous evil spirits.

The situation took a sudden twist.

Nie Tian and Pei Qiqi had been their primary target. However, You Qimiao’s sudden arrival and surprising action drew all of their attention to him.

“Netherspirits...” The corners of You Qimiao’s mouth rose in a disdainful manner. “I know some of your secrets. I understand that you’re a tough, ambitious people. But it’s too bad that the strongest chief in your history, Grand Monarch Heavenly Spirit, has died, and turned into the Nether River that runs through the three worlds.

“I suppose your current chief can’t ever reach Grand Monarch Heavenly Spirit’s heights, right?”

“It’s still easy for Grand Monarch Thousand Spirits to kill someone like you!” One of the Netherspirits spat in the human language. “Luo Wanxiang! You need to kill these people you’ve attracted here from your world. As long as our five returning grand monarchs gather their lost memories and soul fragments, and return to their peak strength, you’ll be allowed to derive enlightenment from the profound truths within the Nether River.”


You Qimiao suddenly activated his dharma idol.

Two currents, one frigid and the other blazing, then shot out of his cuffs. Slithering like dragons, they met in front of his chest and morphed into a magnetic field that was filled with mixed energies.

“Remote Chaos Soul-shattering Incantation!” You Qimiao exclaimed, one of his pupils icy like a frozen crystal and the other blazing like a sun. Sparkling soul strands flew out of him, fusing into the magnetic field in front of his chest.

Numerous evil spirits that were being manipulated by the Netherspirits fell into the magnetic field, where they were instantly torn to pieces that scattered in the wind like willow blossoms.

“Almost there... Almost...” You Qimiao said to himself as he cast anticipating gazes in the direction where the Yin Yang Chaos Mirror had vanished from time to time. “I can’t be mistaken. That must be it. My chance at safely advancing to the late God domain to stand abreast with Ji Cang, Chu Yuan, and Qu Yi lies with this!”

A vast deep lake sat quietly in the southwest of the dead realm.


You Qimiao’s Yin Yang Chaos Mirror shot over and stopped right above the lake.

If Nie Tian were here, he would have been able to recognize the similarity between this lake and the Soul-devouring Lake he had been to and gathered soul crystals from years ago.

The only difference was that this lake was wider, and had more soul shadows looming in its depths. There was probably a larger reserve of soul crystals lying at the bottom of the lake.

The flames of excitement filled You Qimiao’s eyes as he exclaimed softly, “Such a large number of soul crystals!”

Then, he flung his large sleeves and went into a fierce battle against the evil gods of fear, rage, and bloodlust, his enormous dharma idol wreathed in silver white and golden red power ribbons.


The three evil gods channeled their seas of negative emotions that were scattered in this world as they attacked You Qimiao’s seas of awareness. However, they met strong resistance from his unique magnetic field.

Surrounded by silver white and golden red power ribbons, You Qimiao’s dharma idol seemed as tough as iron, but at the same time as absorbent as cotton. No matter how hard the three evil gods tore at him, they couldn’t cause him any actual damage.

After observing for a while, Pei Qiqi whispered to Nie Tian, “The three of them haven’t recovered their peak strength yet, with their memories and souls incomplete. Also, I think I know what the sectmaster of the Remote Beginning Heavenly Sect is after.”

“What is it?” Nie Tian asked curiously.

“Look.” As Pei Qiqi spun the Space Boundaries Crystal, one of its many facets showed the mysterious deep lake, with the Yin Yang Chaos Mirror hanging high above it like a bright moon. “This lake is very similar to the Phantasms’ Soul-devouring Lakes, but it contains more wonders. I believe a large number of premium-grade soul crystals are lying at the lake bottom.

“Soul crystals are precious treasures that Void, Saint, and God domain experts all dream about having. Outsiders yearn for them as well!

“My master told me that premium-grade soul crystals will even play a crucial role in cultivators’ breakthroughs into the late God domain. However, those kinds of soul crystals are extremely hard to find. They have only been known to exist in Phantasm realms, but not our human heaven and earths.

“As the race that created Phantasms, the Netherspirits in this world have the greatest chance at having the things You Qimiao needs.

“So he came for premium-grade soul crystals.” Nie Tian felt enlightened. “If it’s a lake that’s even more wondrous than the Phantasms’ Soul-devouring Lakes, the quality of the soul crystals that form at its bottom will be understandably high.”

Since he had the Spirit Pearl at his disposal, he had been able to obtain the soul power he had needed to complete his breakthroughs in cultivation from it.

After all, the Spirit Pearl was the Phantasms’ invaluable treasure.

For others, if they wanted to make rapid advances in their cultivation, their soul power accumulation was more significant than their accumulation of spiritual power.

For God domain experts like You Qimiao, if their soul cultivation fell short, the chances of their breakthroughs failing would increase tremendously.